SML V3C51 Pillow Talk

While Li Ming was in a state of pure bliss, Mo Fang was quite satisfied as well. He had finally managed to not only get Li Ming to go out with him but now, he had successfully pulled him into bed. And while there were definitely some things that could still be improved on, he had to say that he had no bigger complaints about his boyfriend’s performance.

He smiled to himself and then glanced up at Li Ming’s face. Seeing his smitten expression, he had trouble holding back a laugh. Ah, he had known that this would completely sell Li Ming on their relationship. Now, he really wouldn’t need to worry anymore. Although … it was still better to be safe than sorry.

He craned his neck and gently kissed Li Ming’s cheek, the touch as light as a feather.

Li Ming’s eyes cracked open and the corners of his lips hooked up. He craned his neck as well and gave Mo Fang a slow kiss. Right now, he really felt as if he was floating. This was … too beautiful for words.

Mo Fang held onto him tightly, his eyes shimmering. “How about going to the bedroom?”

Li Ming’s brows climbed up and there was some honest confusion in his gaze. Mo Fang wouldn’t want to …?

Mo Fang chuckled at that look, although he felt a bit aggrieved inside. Even if he wanted to go to the bedroom to continue, would that be so bad? Don’t tell him Li Ming’s sex drive was really this low? They had done it for the first time today after more than a month of dating. Was that already enough for him?

Still, he kept those thoughts to himself and playfully slapped Li Ming’s chest. “Silly! Your couch is too narrow. How are we going to cuddle like this?”

Li Ming’s gaze softened immediately when he heard that. Right now, they were indeed lying a bit uncomfortably. There wasn’t enough space to lie next to each other so Mo Fang was half-lying on top of him. And, well, even though he had the stature of a typical model, he also had the height of one. Sooner or later, it would become too heavy.

“Let’s go then.” Li Ming gently helped him up, not without giving him another peck on the lips and a bright smile.

Mo Fang just held onto his hand and pulled him over to the next room, jumping straight into bed. When he was lying down, he chuckled to himself. Ah, this was the second time he had managed to get in here, and this time, it really was because Li Ming wanted him here and not because he was dead drunk and Li Ming was a good guy. This wasn’t just a step forward, it was a leap.

Soon enough, he would probably be able to move back in. The fact that he had needed to return home to his parents was still bothering him. If he could spend the whole day with his boyfriend, why would he want to sit around at his parents’ place?

Anyway, right now wasn’t the time to bring that up yet so he just rolled back around and stretched out his arms, hugging Li Ming tightly. “Do you feel like it was worth waiting for so long and worrying so much?”

Li Ming laughed. “Are you teasing me?”


Li Ming’s gaze softened even further. “Well, it was … I don’t know. I don’t even have the words to describe it.”

“You could give it a try for my sake.” Mo Fang showed him a coquettish smile, hoping to get some praise out of him. Also, he felt like Li Ming was definitely the type for pillow talk like this.

Li Ming was indeed very much into this type of conversation. He had always felt that being open and honest about your feelings would help tremendously in having a good relationship no matter who it was with. So being asked like this, he naturally thought about it seriously. “Well, please don’t misunderstand this but I don’t regret waiting.”

Mo Fang raised his brows but didn’t respond immediately. He knew that Li Ming was different from him in regard to these things so he couldn’t say that he was completely surprised. Certainly, there would be a good explanation following.

Needless to say, Li Ming was indeed sorting his words to give that explanation. “You know how, in the beginning, we talked about me needing some time? I just … I’m afraid I still can’t explain it well but I need that time. It helps me be comfortable with everything and making sure of what I want. And if I were to force myself to do something sooner, then there would always be that nagging feeling of ‘what if I am doing the wrong thing?’ at the back of my mind. That isn’t something that I would have wanted today.”

He reached up and brushed through Mo Fang’s hair, his gaze traveling over his features. “Being with you … was beautiful. I enjoyed every single moment of it and I didn’t doubt even once that it was the right thing to do. Being sure of that was part of what made it so beautiful to me. So, that’s why I don’t regret waiting. I … I want this to last.”

His words immediately made a smile blossom on Mo Fang’s lips that melted Li Ming’s heart further. He leaned closer and gave him another slow kiss while pulling him further into his arms.

There would have been so much more he could say but he still felt like words couldn’t begin to describe the feelings in his heart. Or maybe that was just him not being eloquent enough. In any case, he could show his appreciation differently. A kiss like this might be able to tell Mo Fang much more of what he wanted to know.

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