SML V3C49 A Loving Touch

If he could, Mo Fang would have gone in immediately but knowing Li Ming, he knew that he still needed to give him at least a few more moments. He continued to pull down his pants and then threw them to the ground before he looked up at his boyfriend. He didn’t bother to say anything and just reached out to gently massage his thighs and waist.

Li Ming sucked in a breath. He had worried about what to do when they did have sex but now that the moment had actually arrived, Mo Fang had completely taken over control. He felt like it would be best to just go with the flow of whatever Mo Fang did. And right now, just lying there, letting him go ahead seemed to be alright.

He tried to keep still but with Mo Fang’s fingers rubbing his skin, he became restless. His hips twitched and he had to force himself back under control. God, he had known that Mo Fang had a beautiful pair of hands and they had been holding hands often enough that he had thought he was used to the tender skin. He had been completely wrong.

Mo Fang smiled and leaned down slowly, his breath brushing over Li Ming’s briefs, his stomach, his chest, and finally hitting his face before he gave him a peck. He chuckled and pulled back, his fingers reaching for the top of the briefs.

His eyes held a smile as he pulled them down and then took a good, long look at his boyfriend. He wasn’t surprised by what he saw. In any case, they had been together for a while and he had had the chance to discreetly test the waters before so he had had a good guess before.

But seeing was believing after all and he was quite satisfied with what he saw right now. It wasn’t the biggest dick he had had but it was around average. And anyway, he wasn’t into choking. This was really nice.

He pulled the briefs down the rest of the way and then gave his boyfriend a smile. This wasn’t the coy one he usually put on for Li Ming. Instead, it showed his own anticipation. At this kind of time, there was no use in hiding.

Li Ming looked at him and gulped, his mouth dry. He didn’t know if it was because his last time had been some time ago or because Mo Fang was just completely different from his previous partners but that gaze alone was enough to make him feel hot. He took a shaky breath and reached out, grasping onto his neck and pulling him back down for another lingering kiss.

Mo Fang made a satisfied sound and got to work with his hands again. He might like kissing but right now, there really was something else he wanted to do with his mouth.

Li Ming wanted to get up but Mo Fang immediately pushed him down again, making him raise his brows. He opened his mouth to ask but Mo Fang already leaned down again, his lips brushing over the tip of his dick, his hot breath caressing his skin.

Li Ming stared at him, his own breath hitching. He had … well, he hadn’t expected this. While he had guessed that Mo Fang would take more initiative, he hadn’t thought things would be like this. Before he had time to think though, Mo Fang’s lips already started to wander up and down, his tongue flicking out in-between.

Li Ming clung to the edge of the couch, closing his eyes with a sharp inhale. He didn’t know if it helped. To be honest, seeing Mo Fang kneel between his legs was a visual he found all too stimulating but not looking just meant that the sensation was so much more intense.

God, he had known that Mo Fang’s lips were soft from kissing him but those feather-light kisses were driving him crazy. He wanted to reach out to … to do something, anything really. But just when he cracked his eyes open, Mo Fang opened his lips, taking things to the next level.

Li Ming flinched, unwittingly freezing afterward because he realized that that would probably be uncomfortable for Mo Fang. To his surprise, Mo Fang didn’t look as if he had even noticed. He just continued, his tongue sliding over his skin while his hands were massaging his thighs just like before.

Li Ming exhaled faintly and then tried to relax. He lay back down, just propping the upper part of his body up slightly on the end of the couch. Looking down, he carefully reached out, brushing through Mo Fang’s hair, down his neck, and then his bare shoulders.

He knew he didn’t need to do anything — Mo Fang looked as if he was enjoying himself well enough — but he still wanted to. He wanted to be close, he wanted to show him how much he meant to him and right now, he couldn’t do so with words. His hands though … they were fine. A loving touch was all that was needed right now.

Mo Fang glanced up, a little surprised at Li Ming’s reaction. Seeing his boyfriend’s gaze, he just gave him another look before he focused on the task at hand again, pulling a little back to switch things up. He definitely couldn’t let things become boring.

He made use of his hands to give himself a break while still staying between Li Ming’s legs. In the meantime, he glanced up at his boyfriend’s face. Judging from the way that Li Ming looked back at him, he probably wouldn’t need much longer to reach a happy ending.

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