SML V3C48 Not Needing to Wait Any Longer

Li Ming indeed had no trouble picking up on Mo Fang’s intentions. If it had been before, he might have tried to somehow get out of the situation but right now, they had talked things through. What should he wait for?

He gently hugged Mo Fang and kissed him back, one hand traveling up his spine and into his hair. He wasn’t sure how exactly to go about this so, for the moment, he just wanted to see how things would go.

Mo Fang gave a hum when he realized that Li Ming didn’t pull back even after several moments had passed. He inched closer, his fingers brushing over his boyfriend’s cheek, down to his jaw before trailing over the side of his neck. Even though they had gotten this far, he knew he couldn’t go too fast or Li Ming would be scared off again so he held onto his shoulder instead while leaning even closer.

Li Ming was actually pushed back a little and tightened his grasp around Mo Fang’s waist, only for his boyfriend to push closer. He raised his brows, feeling like he wanted to ask but not having the words for it.

Their lips separated but Mo Fang just shot him a smile before he went back in for another kiss. He gently pushed against Li Ming’s shoulder as well, making him fall back onto the couch. Mo Fang chuckled and followed suit, his fingers reaching back up to cup Li Ming’s cheeks while he knelt on top of him.

Li Ming gazed at him, pulling back a little to reach up as well, brushing his cheek with his fingertips. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Mo Fang leaned closer again but Li Ming still held onto him.

“I …” He didn’t actually know what to say but he felt the need to pour his heart out. He wanted Mo Fang to know just how happy he was, how much he loved him, how he wanted to spend every single day with him from now on and never be apart. But looking into his eyes, he was unable to form any coherent thought.

Mo Fang just smiled knowingly. “It’s alright. I know already. It’s not like I feel any different so … let’s not waste any time talking. There are much more interesting things we could do.” Saying so, he leaned down to give him a quick peck and then reached for Li Ming’s shirt. His fingers flew over the buttons, undoing them one by one.

Li Ming faintly raised his brows. He had thought that things would take a little longer but apparently, he had already made Mo Fang wait too long. He pushed his torso off the couch and threw the shirt off before grabbing Mo Fang around the waist. His mouth actually felt dry. He wasn’t somebody for casual sex so it had been a long time for him. Now, with Mo Fang so close and obviously willing, his heartbeat couldn’t help but speed up and his breath was a little heavier than usual.

Mo Fang requited his gaze, his lips curving up even further. The type of look Li Ming was giving him right now was the type he was used to. It made him feel that he was back in familiar territory. He used the opportunity and straightened back up, slowly unbuttoning his own shirt, exposing his skin bit by bit.

Li ming took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. He really didn’t want to rush him but … well, actually, he very much wanted to rush him right now. He reached out and undid the two buttons at the bottom, his fingers touching Mo Fang’s when they both finished the last ones at the same time.

Their fingers interlaced and Mo Fang leaned back down to him, almost coming to lie on his body. His breath brushed Li Ming’s face before their lips met again. Li Ming closed his eyes and took his hands back. His fingers wandered up Mo Fang’s back, pushing the shirt up at the same time.

Mo Fang smiled and pulled it off his shoulders to help, throwing it down to the ground next to Li Ming’s. He made sure not to pull back too far though, continuing to kiss him.

Finally, Mo Fang pulled back slightly but his lips just wandered from Li Ming’s lips to his jaw while he started to caress his chest with his fingers.

Li Ming sucked in a breath and hugged his waist. Once again, he wanted to say anything but not only was he missing the words, he also didn’t trust his voice. He could only shift slightly, rubbing Mo Fang’s side in the hope of inspiring even just half the satisfaction in him that he was currently feeling.

Mo Fang glanced up and smiled before he lowered his head again. He kissed his way down over Li Ming’s skin and finally reached down to his pants. He gave him another look, trying to gauge if this was too fast for him. Clearly, Li Ming wasn’t the type to rush into things so the easiest way to mess this up was by starting something he wasn’t ready for. If he wanted this to be the kind of memorable experience that Li Ming would never forget his whole life, then he’d better take care.

Reminding himself of that, he didn’t immediately open his pants and instead just brushed over the fabric with his fingers and then his lips. Li Ming sucked in another breath, making Mo Fang almost chuckle again. Well, it seemed he had worried too much. His boyfriend clearly didn’t need him to wait any longer.

He shot him another look and this time, their gazes actually met. Mo Fang pursed his lips and blew him a kiss before he finally opened his pants, pulling them down slowly. His gaze became a little deeper while he looked at Li Ming’s briefs. Ah, he had been waiting for this moment much too long.

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