OMF V8C189 One of His First Memories

When Jinde reminded him just who this name belonged to, Leng Jin Yu understood the meaning behind it. Jinde’s father had been a guard. And on that one day, he was the one who had saved Longjun Gao Huan’s life, unfortunately losing his own.

This life-saving grace was what Jinde’s mother Zhi Yu had used as leverage to finally make his Master accept Jinde as a disciple as well even though he had never intended to take in a second one.

Yes, it could indeed be said that the reason why they had gotten to where they were now was ultimately because of what Jinde’s father had done. His actions had given them the opportunity to meet, to live together for all those years, and fall in love in the first place. It really wasn’t a bad name.

“Jiang Li. Yes, I think I could get used to that.”

Jinde nodded and pecked his lips before he pulled back again. “Well, it’s almost unfortunate that I won’t get to use a new name for you. That also would’ve been exciting.”

Leng Jin Yu chuckled. “Well, you can still call me senior martial brother. I certainly wouldn’t mind.”

Jinde couldn’t help but laugh. “Be honest with me: Back then, you really liked hearing that, didn’t you?”

Leng Jin Yu raised his brows. “Do you want to tell me that you didn’t use it on me deliberately?”

“No, I certainly bit. I was just thinking … Did it actually work?”

Leng Jin Yu gave a hum and his eyes narrowed. “I would say it worked perfectly well. To be honest, that was one of the first memories I regained after coming to the Yun Zou Sect so it must’ve left quite the impact. Even more than I myself would have thought.”

Jinde couldn’t help but feel proud of himself. Clearly, he had done quite a few things right if even such a little thing was able to have such a big impact. Him trying hadn’t been in vain. Even though it hadn’t worked out as well as he had hoped it would, he had still been on the right way. It was just that the circumstances hadn’t been good.

Thinking of that, he cupped Leng Jin Yu’s cheeks and then gave him a lingering kiss. When he pulled back, he smiled brightly. “I’m so happy. Back then, we didn’t manage to achieve what we wanted. There was always somebody working against us and we weren’t open enough to make it work despite that.

“But now, things are different. Jian Heng is gone. And there are people on our side that are willing to help us. And even if not, I think we would both be able to give up anything if that meant that we could be together. Now, I don’t doubt that we’ll have the future that we wish for.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and hugged him tighter, leaning his forehead against Jinde’s. “Yes, I don’t doubt that either. Soon enough, we’ll have a real home again and a child. To be honest, I really can’t wait for that.”

Even though, contrary to Jinde, he hadn’t really been longing for a child whether it was in his last life or in this one, he was also looking forward to it. And to be honest, when Qiu Ling had been born, what he had regretted most was that he had to raise him with a person other than Jinde.

If he could’ve taken that child and been together with Jinde, then everything would have been different. He really would’ve been happy about that. But in the end, things hadn’t turned out like that.

Now though, there would be a chance to finally experience that. He just hoped that Qiu Ling would be able to take it well when it really happened. It was easy to say that he didn’t mind before the child had been born but when it finally arrived, his tune might change.

Jinde could see that his thoughts were drifting somewhere else but he didn’t mind. He kissed his cheek and then let go, sitting down at the table and taking out some paper and brush. “Anyway, after we get there, we shouldn’t start to prepare for the child immediately. Let’s take enough time to settle down first. I can work on this matter with Xin Lan and maybe there will be some kind of breakthrough on Qiu Ling’s side with this trial. It would be nice if he could be there when his sibling is born. I think it would mean a lot to him.”

Leng Jin Yu followed him over, his agitated mood clearly visible. “Yes, that’s still the point that troubles me the most. I hope he will be able to take it well. That would be great.”

“To be honest, I don’t think you need to worry too much about that. Qiu Ling’s perspective has probably changed a lot in these years. It might have been different before he met his lover but now, I don’t think it’ll be a problem. A lot of his wounds … I think they’re healed. Maybe not completely and maybe they never will but he is in a much better place. And after this trial is over, he will be even more so. So don’t worry about that. Everything will work out.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded even though he still had his doubts deep down. In any case, while he had to agree that Qiu Ling was probably in a better place now, seeing them raise another child and being happy would inevitably cause him some pain.

They just couldn’t change that. And he really didn’t want to hurt him so naturally, he would be worried about that. Even though he wasn’t actually his father, after attaining Chun Yin’s memories, he also couldn’t pretend that he completely wasn’t. He owed him because of what had happened in his past life. And he wanted to do better by him. Qiu Ling deserved that.

But right now still wasn’t the moment for that. He would have to see how things developed in the future first. Then, he would surely find a way just like he and Jinde had found a way.

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