SML V3C45 A Push in the Right Direction

Even though Mo Fang had said no without hesitation, he was still curious about the photos. Just how good did they have to be for Bian Huan to beg him like this? Ah, well, not that he wouldn’t do that for everything he liked.

He was the type of person that couldn’t deal with it when he was told no. Most likely, he’d be calling him regularly for the next couple of weeks or even months to try and make him reconsider. Unfortunately for him, Li Ming was involved so the answer wouldn’t change.

Mo Fang set his phone to silent so Bian Huan’s incessant calls wouldn’t bother him as much and then opened the link to take a look at the photos. There was quite a lot. Bian Huan had always been the kind of guy who would rather take a few more and delete than to just have a couple that might not turn out as well as he had imagined. Most likely, what he saw here was already the presorted collection, the pictures that Bian Huan had deemed best. And, well, this did remind him of why he had asked him to take those photos in the first place.

They were indeed gorgeous. Each and every one was. They were artistically beautiful but also very intimate, exactly the type of thing he had wanted. These photos could show how they were perceived as a couple by other people and they might be able to dispel whatever doubts Li Ming still had that were holding him back.

A quick glance revealed that most of the photos were from the bamboo set but Bian Huan had included some from the two sets before that as well. Surprisingly enough, Mo Fang especially liked the ones from the first. He didn’t know what it was at first but after thinking for a while, he figured that it was probably because it came much closer to life.

He was used to dressing up in different clothes or costumes but Li Ming wasn’t. Even though he had the body and the face to rock something like the scholar’s robes, a uniform just seemed so much more natural on him because that was how he had met him. It really hadn’t been wrong when he mentioned yesterday how he liked his boyfriend’s every day-look the most.

But because of that, these photos might also not be too suitable for his goal. No, they clearly showed their intimacy but they might as well have been good friends. It was only the second and third set that showed that there was definitely something more to it. And while neither of them was explicit, the message contained was still clear as day. That was precisely the type of photo he needed!

He went through the two sets, trying to decide on which photos to send over. He definitely couldn’t share all of them immediately. No, this was too good of an opportunity to waste it by just showing it off all at once. He had to prepare diligently and find the best opportunity to use them one by one or maybe in small sets. Only then would they make the biggest impact.

He finally decided on a set of three with two pictures from the first bunch and one from the second. The third one was the most explosive so he should keep those for later. Just when he wanted to type a message to accompany the photos, he hesitated though.

Li Ming hadn’t even hinted at wanting to sleep with him. While his gaze seemed to change, his actions didn’t. Just sending him these might not be enough to change that. No, he had to be careful. He needed a better opportunity and a better way of showing him. In any case, if the photos worked as intended and made him want to get in-between the sheets with him, then he needed to be directly next to him. So texting wouldn’t work.

Mo Fang closed WeChat again and put his phone to the side, leaning against the wall. No matter how eager he was, he had to keep in mind that his best bet right now was to wait. Only when Li Ming was almost far enough to want to do it could these pictures really work. They couldn’t do the whole work, they could only give him the last push. And right now, Li Ming needed more than just that push to get into bed with him.

He sighed and then saved the photos one by one, finally deleting the message with the link Bian Huan had sent him to erase any traces that he had gotten them earlier. He’d just pass this off as Bian Huan needing more time to work on them. He could even use it as an opportunity to tell Li Ming more about his work. From what he had seen, he liked to hear about that. In fact, he should probably show him some of his other works so far. That might pave the way for using the other photos later on as well.

He gave a hum when he thought of that option and then went to sort through everything he had from previous jobs. There were quite a few that might work: some tasteful nudes, some fashion shoots he had done with other guys, and even some more artistic photos.

He didn’t intend to show Li Ming all of them. In any case, he had an objective and he shouldn’t bog this whole matter down by doing too much. No, he only chose the photos that would help in reaching his goal, finally gathering them all in one folder so he could sit down with Li Ming and look through them. It would be best to sit close and maybe he could throw in a suggestive word or two. Yes, that seemed like the perfect plan to get things rolling.

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