IRL C83 No Unsolvable Task

Back in the front hall, Liangqiu Huang quietly sipped the tea that the servant girl had brought over before she hurried away again. After walking through the estate once, he didn’t feel anymore that something big had occurred here. After all, there had been no traces of destruction, no screams for help, nothing.

It seemed he had thought too much. There had to be another explanation as to why that servant had been lying out there unconsciously. Well, at the very least, he could tell merchant Wang that he had found him. After that, he could just go from there.

It only took a moment longer until merchant Wang arrived. “Young Master Liangqiu, what a nice surprise to see you! Actually, I already wanted to send somebody to look for you.”

Liangqiu Huang slightly raised his brows. “The person you sent wouldn’t have happened to be the servant that was with you the last time we met, would it?”

Merchant Wang was startled at that question and sat down with his face showing a little bit of the daze he was in. “That servant?” He actually hadn’t sent anybody yet even though he had intended to do so soon. So he really didn’t know where that question came from. “Oh, well, he normally does all the important tasks for me. Why is Young Master Liangqiu asking?”

That response was vague enough that Liangqiu Huang didn’t notice what was going on while Ao Jing who was in the know furrowed his brows in front of the door. This guy really was a weasel.

“Well, I happened to find him outside of your estate. He was unconscious. I didn’t quite know what happened so I didn’t bring him back yet.” He had a bit of a guilty conscience because he had had the man tied up despite the help that merchant Wang had rendered him the last time but then again, this was merely merchant Wang’s servant and not merchant Wang himself.

Maybe he had actually gone behind his master’s back when he colluded with the servant of the Mo family. That was a possibility. It wasn’t one that he liked to think about but it was possible. They would certainly have to get behind this.

Merchant Wang slightly furrowed his brows when he heard that. “Unconscious? That is quite strange.” Hadn’t he only sent him to investigate what was going on out there that had startled the forger? Why did he suddenly appear outside of the estate unconscious? This didn’t make any sense.

Since the merchant didn’t mention anything else, Liangqiu Huang left the issue alone and instead focused on what the merchant had said before: “What was it that you wanted to talk to me about?”

Merchant Wang was a little startled that Liangqiu Huang didn’t explain anything else but then decided that it was just as well. Whatever had happened with that servant, he could still take care of that later on. It was much more important to continue with his grand plan.

“Well, I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened to your brother. I find it appalling that something like this can actually happen here. Thus, I had my people investigate and found some clues.” He reached into his robe and pulled out the letter, handing it to Liangqiu Huang with a grim expression. “This seems to be related to your brother’s death. I wonder what you think about it?”

Liangqiu Huang’s expression turned grim as well and he took the letter out of the envelope, looking it over. As for the content … His hands shook the longer he read and there was fury in his eyes when he finally reached the end. “That is to say, the head of the Mo family is the one who paid somebody to kill my brother?”

Merchant Wang raised his hands and shook them defensively. “I wouldn’t want to go that far. To be honest, this is just one letter. It isn’t conclusive evidence at all. I wouldn’t want to condemn the Mo family based on something like this. Maybe it is just somebody with the same name.”

Liangqiu Huang looked at him and then lowered his head back to the letter, still seething with rage. Just somebody with the same name … Merchant Wang might be a good enough person to believe something like this but he knew that that couldn’t be the case.

The Mo family knew his brother. Their daughter was even engaged to him. That was just too much of a coincidence for this letter not to have anything to do with the Mo family. No, he did not believe that things were that simple as that. It just wasn’t possible.

“Merchant Wang, would you mind if I took this with me?”

Merchant Wang hurriedly shook his head. “Of course not! If this can be of help to find the murderer, then I’m very happy that I could play a small part in it. I really hope that you won’t have to have any doubts about this for much longer.”

Liangqiu Huang nodded and then got up, putting the letter into his robe. Then, he nodded at merchant Wang. “Since nothing seems to be wrong here I hope merchant Wang won’t mind if I go and investigate this right now.”

“Of course not! Please, don’t mind me.”

Outside of the front hall, Ao Jing shook his head, and then went to the gate to meet up with the others. He could hardly believe that Liangqiu Huang had actually believed that. But, the game just was like that: On the one hand, the NPCs would be overly suspicious when it concerned the players but, on the other hand, they might also be this dumb when it concerned other NPCs.

It was likely a method to make things more exciting for players if they really had to fight for their ‘lives’ but sometimes, he really felt that it would’ve been nice if they always applied common sense and not just when it fit their needs.

Anyway, it wasn’t over yet. If Zhou Ming had found something, then they could still convince Liangqiu Huang that merchant Wang was lying.

And he was pretty sure that there had to be clues around here. No task in the game was unsolvable. It was just a matter of whether you were able to find all the things needed to solve it or not.

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