SML V3C36 You Can Do It If You Put Your Mind to It

When they went inside this time, Li Ming had a closer look at the clothes that were hanging on the rack. As it turned out, all of them were actual historical costumes or at least exact replicas of them instead of just something fantastical modeled after them.

He had already guessed that this might be the case after seeing the Yat-sen uniform but he was quite happy when he realized that the same was true for the others as well.

Even though he could imagine that Mo Fang might enjoy something extravagant more, he himself wasn’t really into things like that. He preferred realistic things more. He felt that there was a beauty in being able to gain an understanding of cultures and people long past just based on something they left behind and being able to spot how all of that had led to where they were today awed him.

He had to admit that even when it came to TV shows, he had the same preference. While he had to agree that those xianxia dramas looked stunning, the ones that were truer to life fascinated him more. For this kind of photoshoot while he would go along with everything Mo Fang wanted, it still inwardly delighted him to be able to put on something that had existed in real life at one time like these scholar robes or the different dresses from the Qing era when the Manchu had established their dynasty and brought about many changes.

When Mo Fang saw him look at the clothes, he was quite satisfied as well. He had already figured that Li Ming would probably like this when they had gone to the exhibition last week but there had still been some doubt at the back of his mind.

Now, it seemed that he had worried too much. Li Ming was completely happy with this and if things continued like this, they would even get a beautiful souvenir of this day which would connect them with the day last week as well. The effect would be double than what just one of them could’ve achieved. It had really gone well.

Since he had chosen the last costume, he sidled up to Li Ming and motioned at the clothes to let him choose. “Which one would you be interested in?”

Li Ming looked at him, not quite sure what to say. “Didn’t you agree on some kind of order with your friend? After all, he’ll have to prepare the setting, right?”

Mo Fang gave him a smile and leaned forward, kissing his cheek. “You’re worrying too much. Bro Bian knows what costumes there are and he already prepared all the sets beforehand so that he wouldn’t have to waste time on them today. So you can just choose whatever you feel like and then we’ll go to the set that he chose for that.”

Li Ming nodded and then indeed pulled out the robe with the scholar’s cap. This probably wasn’t very exciting but he figured that it didn’t necessarily have to be. In any case, the first one hadn’t been either. And he did feel like this kind of robe should look good on both of them.

Mo Fang gave a hum when he saw him choose that one and then picked the corresponding one that was made for his size, exchanging the Yat-sen uniform for it. “Good choice! With that, we don’t even need to worry about our hair.”

Li Ming raised his brows and then glanced up, realizing that with their hair cut short, some of the historical costumes would probably look rather strange on them.

“Don’t worry. If you’re really interested in any of those, then we also have some wigs. I just figured that it might be a bit too much.”

Li Ming gave a wry smile, feeling that Mo Fang was probably right about that. “Well, I have never worn one. I wouldn’t mind giving it a try but I guess it would be easier to choose something like this.”

Mo Fang nodded and then walked back to him, helping him put on the robe and the cap when he saw that Li Ming was once again lagging a little behind. Brushing over his chest, he looked up at him and his lips curved up into a smile. “Well, how do I look as a scholar? Do you think I could’ve made it back then?”

Seeing his cheeky grin, Li Ming couldn’t help but feel his heart pound fast. “I’m sure that you can do anything that you put your mind to.” This was something that he genuinely believed.

Even though Mo Fang seemed to be focused on his looks, that was also because this was something that he liked to do. If there was something else that he took an interest in, he was sure that Mo Fang would also be able to do that. He just was that kind of bright person. He would find a way if it was important to him.

Mo Fang gave another hum and then gently cupped his cheek, leaning forward to give him another kiss, on the lips this time. “You’re such a sweet-talker!”

Li Ming pulled him into a half hug and shook his head. “I’m not sweet-talking you. I really believe that you can do everything if you want to. You’re the type of person who — if you put your mind to something, even if it is hard — I’m sure that you will persist for as long as you need to, to succeed. Maybe I don’t know you well enough yet to make this kind of judgment but that is what I believe after the short time that I have known you.”

Mo Fang wrapped his arms around his neck, feeling that Li Ming knew him all too well if he was able to see that after just two weeks. Yes, he really was like that. After all, if it was different, would they really be in this situation? Since he had seen him and wanted to be together with him, he had made it possible. Now, they already were in a relationship and everything else would certainly follow soon if he just kept at it. Yes, if there was something that he wanted, he could get it. He was sure of that as well.

Thinking of that, he grabbed Li Ming’s hand and pulled him out of the room and back over to where he could already see Bian Huan make sure that the lighting on set was alright.

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