SML V3C33 An Unexpected Location

Li Ming was still confused but Mo Fang seemed to be quite sure about this so he didn’t ask any further and just followed him up to the fifth floor, where they stopped in front of a door that finally gave some indication as to what exactly they were going to do here.

The door itself didn’t seem any different from the ones that he had seen on the other floors when they passed by. It was a glass door with tinted glass that didn’t let you look inside but instead threw your image back at you. But next to the door was a small sign. While Mo Fang opened the door Li Ming had a quick glance. He couldn’t be completely sure but he felt like he had seen the word ‘photography’ on there before it was already time to go in.

He raised his brows, surprised at this. This time, he really hadn’t had any idea what Mo Fang might’ve planned for their date. But this was definitely something that he wouldn’t have been able to come up with no matter how long he thought about it.

Then again, it probably wasn’t strange. Mo Fang should know quite a few photographers. And taking pictures was something that he liked and was certainly quite good at as well considering that he was a model. Not to mention that last week they had taken some photos as a memento even though it hadn’t even been their original date anymore. Now, maybe Mo Fang was looking to get something more to remember these things by. It wouldn’t be too strange.

Mo Fang pushed open the door and walked in, waving for Li Ming to follow him. Upon entering, it was as if they had stepped into a new world. Li Ming couldn’t help but take a look around, wondering how things outside and inside could differ so much.

This building had very much seemed like an office building from outside which had made him wonder even more just what they were going to do here. But inside this place, things were different.

There was some kind of reception to the left side which still seemed pretty standard for an office but behind that, things really weren’t what he’d have expected even when he found a hint of what this could be about.

First of all, the place was huge. This could definitely rival a huge office space. If he had been told that just this studio took up half the floor, he wouldn’t have been surprised. The space was being used for different sets, some with uni-colored backgrounds, others with more realistic-looking backgrounds that consisted of both photos of landscapes as the backdrop and props that ranged from plants to animal replicas as an accompaniment. There were even some fantastical or futuristic sets. Li Ming didn’t know where to look first.

From somewhere inside the studio sounded the click of a camera and then Mo Fang already rushed out. “Brother Bian! We’re here! I hope we didn’t come over too early.”

Li Ming also spotted the other person when he followed Mo Fang further inside. There was actually only this one person around it who seemed to be the photographer. What he was taking pictures of was clearly a fake fox in some kind of forest set-up.

When he heard Mo Fang’s voice, the man put down the camera and showed a bright smile. “Xiao Fang, darling! I’m so happy to see you!” He also rushed over, opening his arms wide and pulling Mo Fang into a hug, holding onto him for a good minute.

Li Ming watched them, a little surprised. It seemed that these two hadn’t just worked together but were also friends.

Bian Huan stepped back after a moment and then looked behind Mo Fang, his eyes starting to glitter. “This is … your new boyfriend? Well, he’s a looker as well!”

Li Ming gave a faint smile in return, inclining his head. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Li Ming.”

The photographer reached over to shake his hand and introduced himself. “My name is Bian Huan. And this studio is mine so just feel at home but Mo Fang probably told you all of that already.”

Li Ming glanced at his boyfriend, not quite sure what to say.

Mo Fang wrapped around Bian Huan’s arm and shook his head. “I didn’t tell him anything. It was supposed to be a surprise, didn’t I tell you? He didn’t even know where we were going before we arrived here.”

Bian Huan raised his brows but then nodded. “Well, I hope you’re not shy in front of the camera.” He looked Li Ming up and down, clearly quite happy with what he was seeing. “Well, if you don’t have any questions, I guess the two of you can go and get dressed.”

Li Ming raised his brows, not quite sure what to expect. Taking photos was one thing but getting dressed differently seemed a little strange. “Did you forget to bring anything?” He looked at Mo Fang but his boyfriend already shook his head and just waved for him to follow.

They went to a small door at the side and Mo Fang walked right in, apparently feeling quite at home here. It was pretty clear that he had worked together with Bian Huan quite a few times before.

Behind the door was a room that was quite a bit smaller than the studio outside but still big enough for several rows of clothes racks.

Mo Fang didn’t even need to look twice and immediately pulled Li Ming over to one that stood close to the door with a few sets of clothes already prepared. Apparently, this whole matter for today had already been planned up to the smallest detail. He definitely didn’t need to worry at all that something would go wrong here. As long as he followed directions, it seemed that everything would go off without a hitch.

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