IRL C77 Writing Sneakily

The person in question was currently strolling through merchant Wang’s estate, looking for the servant. He had seen that guy several times so he was pretty sure that he would be able to recognize him. He indeed didn’t take long to find them. The servant was currently in merchant Wang’s study, standing to the side while his master was pacing up and down in a clearly agitated mood. Yet another man was sitting at the desk, his back slightly hunched over and his hands slightly quivering while writing. Every now and then, he would glance at merchant Wang.

Shangguan Yu pursed his lips, watching the scene for a while. It was great that he had managed to find the servant so soon but it was problematic that there were other people around. After all, how was he supposed to lure him out of the building alone now? Even if luring him out didn’t work, he normally could’ve just struck the guy unconscious, thrown him over his shoulder, and would’ve been done with it. Now though, that was out of the question as well.

He sighed and then looked around for something he could do. First of all, he would need some kind of distraction. Then, either merchant Wang would leave or the servant would go out to check on what was happening. Both would be a win. After all, dealing with one or two people was still better than dealing with three. And while he didn’t dare to do anything to the merchant since they needed him for Liangqiu Huang, the other person inside the room could also be knocked out in the worst case.

After a while, Shangguan Yu looked up at the roof. That … was probably a good vantage point for doing something? After all, not only would he be able to see what was going on around him, he could also act from a place where people were rather unlikely to look. Yes, he should definitely give this a shot.

Shangguan Yu activated his lightning skill and then jumped up, finally landing without making much noise just like he had managed to do back at the Mo family’s estate. He crouched down to make sure that the guards wouldn’t spot him and then crawled to the place that should be directly above the study.

Just like before, he loosened one of the tiles and picked it up, peering into the room below. Things were still the same so he raised the tile and then threw it down into the courtyard.

The man that was writing at the table flinched, smearing the characters on the piece of paper.

Merchant Wang whirled around, his face scrunching up at the sight of the ruined characters. “What are you doing?! Do you have any idea what you just did?!”

The man started to sweat profusely, his hands shaking even more. “I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. I promise it won’t happen again! Please, have mercy!”

Shangguan Yu slightly raised his brows and watched what happened, forgetting about the servant for a moment.

The man continued to apologize but Merchant Wang wasn’t happy and didn’t seem to want to calm down.

“Won’t happen again, won’t happen again! How often have you told me that already? The letter still isn’t finished! Do you think we have all year?!”

Shangguan Yu tilted his head, wondering just what kind of letter it was to make merchant Wang react like this. He tried taking a look but never mind the smeared part, he couldn’t even make out what the other characters were. It was just too far away.

He pursed his lips. What a bummer! Honestly, he didn’t believe that this was something simple. Those three weren’t actual people but NPCs. If they were in the same room, acting all sneaky, and writing a letter, then that had to be part of some quest and considering that he was currently doing one that involved merchant Wang … It might be that this was one of the keys to solving the quest.

Shangguan Yu pondered this possibility for a while and felt that it was quite likely: Either you first went and checked out the house of the Mos and found the story of the guard there that you could follow or you came here and would become aware of the letter that would then lead to the next part of the quest. Ao Jing and he were just lucky that they were two people so they could follow both parts simultaneously.

While they were lucky in that regard, Shangguan Yu still had the same problem that he already had with getting the servant to where Ao Jing and the others would pass by though. How was he supposed to separate these three people?

Shangguan Yu sighed and then turned to look at what was going on with the servant right now in case that problem had solved itself already. Unfortunately, it hadn’t. The servant had gone over to the window and was looking out but still hadn’t left the room. So it seemed that he wouldn’t be able to take him away yet either.

Ah, it would be best if merchant Wang left. Then he could swoop in, strike the man writing that letter unconscious, grab both the servant and the letter, and book it. Unfortunately, the one most likely to check what was going on outside was the servant so that was a pipe dream.

He pursed his lips again. Before trying anything else, he opened the chat window and wrote a message to both Zhou Ming and Ao Jing: [Merchant Wang is having somebody write a letter. I can’t see yet what it’s about but it should have to do with the mission.]

After that, he grabbed another tile and flung it down from the roof as well. Anyway, he might as well give it a try. Maybe the servant would run out and he’d have an opportunity to solve this matter. It was at least possible.

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