SML V3C31 An Exhausting Evening

Since he was already introduced, Li Ming immediately nodded and greeted Mo Fang’s mother. “It’s my pleasure to meet you, Madam Mo. I hope I’m not here at a bad time considering that you’re just returning home today.”

Madam Mo still smiled brightly and walked over, patting his shoulders, and taking a closer look at him. “Aiya, how can it ever be a bad day? Mo Fang’s boyfriend is naturally welcome at our home every day. In fact, you should come by more often in the future.”

Li Ming nodded but he couldn’t help his hair from rising when she was staring at him like that. Mo Fang’s mother … she really paid a lot of attention to looks, didn’t she? He suddenly felt like he understood Mo Fang’s hangups more and more.

Mister Mo who had gone to put away the bags also arrived and nodded happily when he saw that his wife was satisfied with Li Ming. In any case, this time, they were actually of the same opinion for once. That was great. He really didn’t want his wife to tell Mo Fang to drop Li Ming just because he wasn’t good-looking enough. Then, would their son ever find a decent boyfriend?

Those really good-looking youngsters often weren’t worth it. It was just that with their looks, they somehow made their way through life by relying on others doing them favors. That definitely wasn’t the type of son-in-law that he wanted. No, rather than that, he wanted somebody hard-working who would be faithful and was able to support his son. That was the most important.

Looks … well, it would be good if he also had that but it wasn’t the most important requirement. In any case, who knew what happened in the future? Not looking good wasn’t the worst thing and he couldn’t be sure that somebody who was handsome now would stay handsome in the future either.

He couldn’t help but pat his belly, feeling that in regard to that, maybe it was that his wife actually had some regrets. Compared to those youngsters like Lan Heng or Li Ming, he naturally couldn’t keep up.

In any case, his wife was happy, he was also happy, as was Mo Fang. The whole family liked Li Ming. This was a good sign. Thinking of that, there was a bright smile on Mister Mo’s face. He hurriedly got another set of tableware and spread it out before pulling back the chair for his wife. “My dear, you sit. Have a taste of the food. I made it myself!”

Madam Mo’s expression immediately fell when she heard just who had made the food. Li Ming couldn’t help but fear that there would be another rendition of the argument he had heard between the father and son before. He really wasn’t sure if he could take it if the wife joined in now as well. In any case, this part of the Mo family … he’d have some trouble getting used to it.

Thankfully, Madam Mo didn’t feel the need to disparage her husband like that. “Well, I already ate on the way back. But I’ll have a taste.”

Her husband happily gave her a little bit of everything and then watched her eat while Mo Fang and Li Ming took their seats again as well. For some time, the atmosphere was really harmonious. If it could’ve always been like this, Li Ming definitely would’ve been happy.

Thankfully, it seemed that Madam Mo’s return indeed helped the situation a little. Mo Fang and his father weren’t arguing over food or boyfriends any longer and save for the time she had come in, Madam Mo also didn’t show any strange behavior. Instead, she was pretty focused on Li Ming, putting some food into his bowl, and asking quite a bit about him.

Most likely, this could be regarded as a much more traditional dinner of meeting the parents now. Maybe the problem before had really been that Mister Mo was a bit too comfortable in front of him because they had worked together for several years already. With Madam Mo, everything was news so she had reason to inquire further.

Being asked about his work, his family, how he had met Mo Fang, what the two of them had done already, … it was still kind of draining. By the end of the evening, Li Ming wasn’t sure what to even think anymore. It probably didn’t help that not only had Mo Fang given him food before, Madam Mo had also stuffed him quite a bit. If he had to eat even one more bite, he probably wouldn’t be able to take it.

He bid farewell with an expression that looked a little exhausted, and then went back to his own apartment, not knowing what to think about this evening for a long time. Only when he was lying in bed at night, staring up at the ceiling that he couldn’t even see in the dark, did he finally calm down a little.

This matter … Thinking about it probably wouldn’t help but in any case, he could probably count himself lucky that both Mo Fang’s parents seemed to like him. So no matter what, even if they were a little strange with each other, that was a good sign for his relationship with Mo Fang.

As for everything else … if they stayed together longer, then maybe that talk about boyfriends or looks would also dwindle. He really hoped so, not only for his own sanity but also for Mo Fang’s sake. After all, it couldn’t be nice to be told this kind of thing all the time. Even though Mo Fang was able to stand his ground against his father, that didn’t mean that it wouldn’t hurt at all to always be treated like that. At the very least, that was how he saw things.

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