SML V3C32 A Tight Schedule

With the dinner being finished, Li Ming calmed down a lot and their relationship went back to their previous routine. The next morning, the two of them met up again and since Mo Fang really didn’t want to pretend to be homely every day, they went for another jog before they made their way over to the railroad station. This daily schedule continued for the next two days until, finally, their next free day had arrived.

Mo Fang was excited about the opportunity. He had already planned this day a week ago to ensure that nothing would go wrong. Yesterday, he had even messaged Li Ming, reminding him that it was his turn to choose a date, and then went to sleep early so he could get up early as well and make sure that he adjusted himself to the best state.

Today, it was time to completely awe his boyfriend to the point where he wouldn’t know where else he could look. The preconditions had all been met by now so he really had high hopes for today’s outcome.

He turned a few times in front of the mirror, and then put on a slightly wider T-shirt on top with a pair of tight-fitting pants at the bottom. This way, he could strike a good balance between what Li Ming liked and what showed off his body the most. Then, he went to put on some makeup, making sure to highlight his eyes. When he had finished, he gave himself a smile, and then went out to pick up his phone, looking whether he already had new messages from Li Ming.

As it turned out, there was indeed one. It was a bit later today than the days before, so Li Ming had texted him a simple good morning message.

“He’s so sweet. That’s really the kind of guy you should get.” Mo Fang slipped the phone into his pocket, grabbed his keys, and then went outside, making his way over to Li Ming’s apartment. They probably could have met at the place they wanted to go to today but he felt that it would seem more intimate if they instead met up at Li Ming’s place. Also, just in case his boyfriend suddenly thought he was irresistible now already, he wanted to have a place where they could tumble in the sheets immediately.

He rang the doorbell and didn’t even need to wait half a minute before the door was opened by Li Ming with a smile. Mo Fang immediately stepped closer, gently grabbing his boyfriend by the waist and giving him a quick kiss. “Ready for today?”

Li Ming nodded and motioned inside. “Do you want to come in first?” He still didn’t know what exactly Mo Fang had planned so he wasn’t sure if it would be alright to first go in and have a quick breakfast or something.

Mo Fang seemed to hesitate and then took out his phone, checking the time. “Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt. There’s still some time.”

Li Ming raised his brows and then stepped to the side, letting him in. “So … the thing we’re doing today is something where we need to be on time?”

Mo Fang shot him a glance over the shoulder and smiled. “But of course. But I’m still not going to tell you what exactly it is.” He reached out and caressed his cheek before folding his hands behind his back and walking away with a laugh. He slumped down on the couch, and then looked at his boyfriend, clearly teasing him.

Li Ming couldn’t help and walked over, sitting down next to him. He really wanted to pull him into his arms but they might really be on a tight schedule today, so they’d better get to eat right now. “How much time is left until we need to leave?”

“Mn … maybe twenty minutes.”

Li Ming raised his brows and then quickly got up, walking over to the kitchen. “You wait a moment then. I’ll just make your something to eat real quick.”

Mo Fang smiled but indeed stayed seated on the couch, not bothering to follow him over. In any case, Li Ming had already seen that he wasn’t the fastest in the kitchen the other day so when they were pressed for time, he definitely wouldn’t expect him to help out.

Li Ming did indeed not have such expectations. In fact, even if there had been time, he wouldn’t have expected anything. After all, while Mo Fang was willing to try it for him, it wasn’t something that he liked doing. That may change with time after he had gotten a bit more practice and didn’t take as long but he didn’t think that that was something that would happen overnight. Also, it wasn’t like he definitely needed help. He enjoyed cooking after all.

A while later, Li Ming walked out with a big bowl and a set of smaller ones and put everything down on the table. “It’s nothing much, just some salad but I thought maybe you’d like it.”

Mo Fang nodded, actually quite happy to get something like this. They couldn’t eat too much now or later on, they might be too full to do a good job.

The two of them quickly ate and Mo Fang checked the time again, making sure that they wouldn’t be too late.

“Alright, I think that we can go over then.”

Li Ming nodded and followed him out of the apartment. He couldn’t help but ask again. “Where exactly are we going then? Or when am I going to find out? Only when we arrive?” Mo Fang had done the same last week so it really wouldn’t surprise him but he still couldn’t help but be curious. With how Mo Fang had insisted on planning the day today, he felt that there had to be something special about it.

Mo Fang reached back to take his hand, interlacing their fingers. “Yes, you will only find out when we’re there. But I promise you’ll like it. It’s a very special surprise that I planned just for you.”

He took the time to step back and gave him another quick kiss before they finally made their way over, reaching a modern-looking building that didn’t give anything away this time around as to what their date would be about.

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