SML V3C30 Top-Notch Taste

Mister Mo’s thoughts actually didn’t differ too much from Li Ming’s. He was completely stunned when he opened the door and saw his wife in front of him who clearly hadn’t opened the door herself and only rang the doorbell because there was an assortment of bags hanging from her arms.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen scenes like this before but it was still always a surprise. She usually came just like she went: Completely unexpected and with some surprise in tow. This time, she had actually gotten a slight tan from the days that she hadn’t been at home and if he saw things right, then there were even more bags in the car that was parked on the street.

He gave a strained smile and then stepped to the side, hurriedly taking one half of the bags from her so she could step in more easily. “It looks like you had a nice vacation.” He just wished she would have told him about it beforehand. Coming home to your wife having left without even writing you a note really wasn’t a good feeling. Even after all these years, he just wasn’t used to it.

Madam Mo didn’t notice her husband’s tangled expression at all or even if she did, she at least didn’t acknowledge it. “Oh, it was lovely! The weather has been so bad here recently, I just couldn’t take it any longer.”

Mister Mo put the bags over his arm and took the other ones from her, keeping his gaze on the ground. In fact, the last couple of weeks, the weather here had been really good. It had clearly been thirty degrees and sometimes even higher, the sun shining the whole day. How could she say the weather had been bad? Clearly, she just hadn’t known what to do with her time and wanted a change of scenery. But what could he say? If that was what his wife wanted, then that was what she would do.

Having gotten rid of the bags, Madam Mo took off her shoes and put on a pair of slippers before she ventured further into the house. “How about our baby?”

“Oh, he broke up with Lan Heng.”

“Ah, he did? Such a pity!” Madam Mo stopped in her tracks and turned back to her husband, her expression not too good. “It wouldn’t have been because you trash-talked him again, would it? In any case, Lan Heng was so handsome. I feel like Mo Fang really wouldn’t lose out by being with him. I have no idea what your problem with him was.”

Back in the other room, Li Ming’s heart sank even lower. So Madam Mo had actually been in favor of Mo Fang and Lan Heng being together. He didn’t know if she had no idea how he had treated her son or if she really only cared about how he looked but it really wasn’t a nice thing to hear.

Back in the corridor, Mister Mo wanted to explain himself. “Oh, well, he already —”

At that time, Madam Mo wasn’t interested in hearing that though. “Well, no matter what. Our baby is so pretty, he can still find somebody better. Although I have to say, with every man that he had, it’s getting more difficult. In any case, I can still somewhat see about Lan Heng being a problem. But what about that the Si Tao before him? He was good-looking and also rich. That would’ve been a very good match for Mo Fang.”

“His family wouldn’t let him though.” Mister Mo only mumbled under his breath. In any case, both he and his wife knew that Si Tao was going out with men and women alike. Since that was the case, while Si Tao’s family would be alright with him playing around with somebody like Mo Fang, they still expected him to marry a wife and have children in the future. Most likely, that was also what Si Tao would prefer for himself. They didn’t have any illusions about that.

On the other hand, that problem hadn’t existed with Lan Heng. And Madam Mo also wasn’t that concerned with money since her own family had more than enough. Good looks were definitely what was the most important in her mind.

But Mister Mo really didn’t feel like this was the time to bring that up or have a discussion. Rather than that … there was still a little detail he had to explain. Unfortunately, his wife had always had that habit of passing off her luggage to him and then rushing ahead in front, jabbering on about everything she had experienced on her vacations while interspersing that report with questions about the life at home, and getting angry when he couldn’t keep up and answer them in time. Not that she really cared about his answers. At the very least, that was how he usually felt.

This time as well, before Mister Mo could explain what was currently going on, Madam Mo had already reached the next room and was faced with not only her son but also another man standing next to him who looked at her with a slightly tangled expression.

Madam Mo’s gaze immediately zeroed in on Li Ming’s face while she reached out her hands, waving Mo Fang closer. Her son immediately rushed into her arms, clearly happy to see her. “Baby, who is that handsome man?”

Mo Fang beamed and then left his mother’s side to go back to Li Ming, sidling up to his side. “Mom, this is Li Ming, my new boyfriend. You probably heard about him already. He’s working for daddy.”

Madam Mo nodded even though she couldn’t remember any Li Ming but this face, it definitely had a high value! Just looking at him, she felt that she wouldn’t lose out by making this man her son-in-law. Well, as expected of her son, he had inherited her top-notch taste.

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