SML V3C29 Deepen Their Feelings

With Li Ming having said that he actually thought Mo Fang was good, the pair of father and son finally seemed to calm down and weren’t arguing any longer.

Mo Fang’s expression instantly became better and he started to put some food into Li Ming’s bowl. “Bro Li, you’re really too good to me. I don’t even know how to make it up to you. Here, since you don’t dislike my father’s food, you should take some more. In any case, your job at the railroad station is really difficult. All day, you’re always on your feet and have to run around. You need some more nutrition so you won’t lack energy.”

Li Ming watched him, his heart melting a little more when Mo Fang behaved like this. Being shown so much care was definitely precious, even though he felt like Mo Fang was worried for nothing. “What are you even saying? I’ve been doing this job for a long time already. I don’t mind it. In any case, staying on my feet is what I prefer.”

Boss Mo watched the two of them interact and felt even better about the situation. He had never worried about Li Ming’s part but even his usually incorrigible son was actually putting in so much effort! It really made him believe that there was a chance for these two to be together for more than just a couple of weeks. How great was that?

The family finally started to eat a bit more harmoniously when suddenly, there was the sound of the doorbell ringing. Mister Mo and Mo Fang looked over their shoulder while Li Ming also stopped eating for a moment.

Mo Fang raised his brows. “Daddy, did you call for takeout after all?”

Boss Mo was quite puzzled as well. “No, I didn’t. At that time, Li Ming had just arrived so I felt like it wouldn’t make sense anymore. I also don’t know who it could be.” Saying so, he still got up. “In any case, I’ll go and take a look. The two of you just sit and continue to eat. I’m sure I’ll be back in a moment.” He got up and then went to get the door while the two youngsters stayed behind. Well, he didn’t mind. It was good to give them some time to deepen their feelings.

Maybe Boss Mo’s plan was actually working. At the very least, Li Ming couldn’t help but turn to Mo Fang, faintly raising his brows. “Is it alright to just continue eating?” He felt that it would be a bit impolite.

Mo Fang didn’t think much of it though. He picked up a couple of vegetables and put them in Li Ming’s bowl again. “Don’t worry about it. In any case, my father seems to like you quite a bit, not just as an employee but also as my boyfriend. Just feel at home and consider him your family.”

Li Ming stared at his boyfriend, his heart once again bubbling with happiness. Consider him your family … That was precisely what he wanted. A partner he could be really close to. Preferably with a family that could accept their relationship and him and that he could also have a good relationship with.

On the other hand, he also hoped that his own family would come around with time and accept whoever he brought home. If that was Mo Fang … Maybe it was too early to say this but it sure looked like they could achieve this.

Also, both today and yesterday, he had seen yet another side of him. He felt that the glamorous image that he had seen in the beginning wasn’t the only thing about him. Maybe it was even just a kind of facade that he put up because he was afraid to get hurt. This kind of Mo Fang who was willing to cook with him and pick out food … he really was weak against that.

At that time, there were suddenly voices audible outside when the door at the entrance was opened. “My dear, I’m back!” This was accompanied by the sound of a loud smooch, attention-grabbing enough for Li Ming’s ears to go a bit red. He didn’t need to think twice. The person who was speaking just now had clearly been a woman and addressing Mister Mo like this … well, it needn’t be said twice.

Mo Fang looked over his shoulder, his expression lighting up. “Ah, it seems my mom is back! This is great! You can meet her as well.” He reached out and excitedly grabbed Li Ming’s arm, his eyes shimmering.

Li Ming nodded but suddenly, he had a bit of a sinking feeling. He knew Boss Mo from work and he had a bit of an idea of how his relationship with Mo Fang was. When it came to Madam Mo, things were different though.

Save for the fact that he had seen a photo of her and heard from Mo Fang that she had always wanted him to be a model because she herself had also dreamed of that, he had no idea who this lady was. So now, he felt like he was back to that moment before when he needed to worry about meeting Mo Fang’s parents.

And after having calmed down once, the nervousness actually hit him even harder. It didn’t help that Mo Fang was clearly excited and even jumped up as if he wanted to rush out and have the two of them meet right this instance before his mother had even managed to really step into the house. That made him wonder just what was the right cause of action here.

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