OMF V8C136 He Had to Keep a Close Eye on It

In another palace in the Nine Heavens, the Heavenly Emperor Rong Su was staring at a small disk made of transmission ore with his brows furrowed.

This type of transmission disk was used together with an array that incorporated at least three transmission stones. The array provided the transmission stones with spiritual energy so that it wasn’t necessary for a person to power the connection from the other side. Instead, it was enough as long as the person with the disk imbued some spiritual energy. Then, the transmission would start up, showing everything that happened between the transmission stones on the other side.

Usually, this type of transmission disk wasn’t used very often. In any case, who would need something like this in their everyday life? Sometimes, business owners would set them up so that they could make sure that nobody was breaking into their stores or storage but save for that, they didn’t have that much of a use.

Right now, the Heavenly Emperor felt that this thing’s value was really underestimated though. He really didn’t trust that ascended deity. Since his life was only borrowed from Jing He, he might hold some hatred for his son. Who knew if that wouldn’t prompt him to try and attack his defenseless body?

Naturally, Rong Su wouldn’t let any harm befall his beloved son. Thus, he had silently set up a transmission array in Jing He’s palace and was keeping a close eye on the situation from afar. As soon as he saw anything suspicious, he would be able to rush over there and help his poor son out.

Originally, it had only been meant to catch Zhong Jing Yi. Now though, while Zhong Jing Yi hadn’t appeared even once, he was already seeing the dragon king for the second time. His feelings on that matter … were complicated.

On the one hand, he had never accepted that Qiu Ling was interested in Jing He. In his mind, his beloved son deserved so much better. He really thought of Qiu Ling as nothing but a dandy, somebody who had somehow gotten lucky and become the king of the dragon race. It wasn’t strange that Rong Su would think like this. After all, he had never seen him do any work and felt that he was quite rude. His advisers weren’t bad but Qiu Ling himself … No, not in a million years would he even consider letting him be with his son no matter how many pretty words he spewed.

Because of that, he naturally wasn’t happy to see Qiu Ling come over so often. He especially didn’t like seeing that Qiu Ling dared to just sit down at his bedside and even take his hand. This just wasn’t right. Rong Su was of half a mind to go over and tell this guy just what he thought of his behavior but he finally held back.

Between telling Qiu Ling that he was audacious and should return to the dragon realm and making sure that he could still have some kind of surveillance over Jing He’s bed-chamber and make sure that nobody would be up to anything even more nefarious, he would reluctantly choose the latter. He didn’t want his son to suffer even more because he couldn’t stomach the small things. As long as this guy didn’t put his hands on him any further, he would tolerate it.

Also … as much as he hated to admit it, the dragon king was clearly more serious about his son than he had given him credit for. No matter what he said, they were words of love even though he didn’t know that there was anybody listening. He was pouring out his heart and soul, not for some kind of show or getting benefits but because he felt like it.

Rong Su had to admit that that made him feel a little better about Qiu Ling. Still, it was out of the question that he would allow these two to be together. His son deserved so much better.

He narrowed his eyes at the transmission that clearly showed Qiu Ling still holding onto Jing He’s hand and quietly sitting with him, and his mind couldn’t help but churn. Clearly, the dragon king believed that he could really just marry his son. And with how things stood and that Jing He had actually carved his own soul for the trial, it seemed that it would be quite difficult to talk some sense into his son as well.

But since he couldn’t allow it, he had to find some way. He wasn’t sure how to do it but something had to be done. Maybe if he was able to find a good alternative, it would be helpful. But that was a matter that didn’t need to be decided immediately. In any case, the dragon king hadn’t gone too far yet. He could still stomach this much.

In the future, Jing He could probably also look back on this and tell himself that there was no blame to be laid at his own feet. This would’ve just been the foolishness of youth. When he had a fine husband at home and maybe even a child, he could still laugh about this. He would make sure of that.

Ah, but there still was the question of where to find that kind of god. From what he had seen, there wasn’t anyone good around. And he couldn’t go with somebody lesser just because he felt that the dragon king wasn’t good enough. Getting rid of one pest just to invite another definitely wasn’t his style.

No, instead, it would be best to find somebody really good. Somebody who could make his son happy in the long-term and wouldn’t just be used to tide him over those feelings for the dragon king that he had foolishly developed. Yes, that would certainly be for the best.

It seemed that for the rest of Jing He’s trial, he would have to keep a close eye on the younger gods. Surely, there had to be at least one or two that would be good enough for his son. He didn’t believe that there was really nobody like that around.

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