IRL C71 Good-Looking and Polite

Ao Jing tensed up under her gaze. Usually, he wouldn’t mind meeting Shangguan Yu’s family. In fact, he might not even have minded meeting them right on the first day. After all, he had known Shangguan Yu for some time and it wasn’t like that was a secret to his family. So really, this was a little as if they had dated for quite a while before he actually met them.

But now, the situation really was strange. Not only had today been their first date, but he had also just tackled Shangguan Yu’s brother-in-law to the ground, resulting in him being injured and Shangguan Yu’s sister crying, and he had even seen all of that go down first-hand. He really didn’t know how he could justify himself in this situation.

Ao Jing awkwardly cleared his throat before he stepped forward and nodded. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m … I’m very sorry about this situation with your husband. I swear I had no bad intentions.”

Shangguan Xin just continued to look at him but the corners of her mouth slightly curved up. He was looking so awkward, she really couldn’t help it. Anyway, he was just as good-looking as his photo had suggested. That was definitely a plus for her brother. And from what her husband had texted her before, the date had gone quite well as well. “It doesn’t matter. If I understood that right just now, you did that for my brother. I guess if you don’t mind attacking my husband for him, then you wouldn’t mind attacking a stranger either if Xiao Yu was ever in danger. That’s a good thing in my book.”

Ao Jing stared at her with his mouth hanging open and then turned to Shangguan Yu. Was his family really this relaxed?

Shangguan Yu could only shrug his shoulders in embarrassment. “Anyway, come meet my mom.” He pulled him over to his mother, feeling a bit like he had done something wrong. Well, he had, so that was no wonder. “Mom, this is Ao Jing. I already told you about him.”

Madam Shangguan gave him a once over, very much like her daughter had just done. Seeing that he was good-looking, she nodded to herself. Really not bad, ah! Her children had quite good taste. Well, this wasn’t surprising. Hadn’t she and her husband also had good taste? This was basically running in the family.

Ao Jing felt a little self-conscious under her scrutinizing gaze and hurriedly bowed his head. “Hello, auntie, I’m sorry for coming over without notice. I also didn’t bring any presents. I promise to make up for it if you’ll let me.”

Madam Shangguan felt even better about him when she heard that. “Aiya! What are you even saying? It’s nice that you could drop by at all. I was originally really worried when Xiao Yu told us that he wanted to go on a date with somebody he hadn’t met before. But I can see that you’re a good person.” She glanced at her son and then motioned to the house. “Why don’t we go inside?”

Shangguan Xin grabbed her husband and the two of them went ahead with Madam Shangguan and the other two following behind.

Madam Shangguan couldn’t help but glance at Ao Jing a few more times, still continuing to nod to herself. Really not bad, not bad at all! She couldn’t wait to ask her son about all the details of their date. Hopefully, it had gone really well until this incident and they would be officially a couple very soon. She really liked this boy! He was good-looking, polite, and willing to defend her son. What more could she expect? Yes, she felt that this was the right one for her son.

When the five of them were inside, Yu Lan went to wash up to get rid of the blood while Shangguan Xin sat down on the couch.

Shangguan Yu pulled Ao Jing with him to sit down opposite his sister, giving him a faint smile. “Come sit with me.”

Madam Shangguan smiled at the two of them and then went to the kitchen to get some food. Shangguan Xin looked from her brother to his boyfriend and back again, smiling at them. “So, how was your date?”

Shangguan Yu pursed her lips. “What are you asking for? Didn’t brother-in-law already tell you everything?” And anyway, how could she ask this in front of Ao Jing? Wasn’t that embarrassing?

Ao Jing did indeed just smile wryly and looked around, being curious on one hand while feeling embarrassed on the other. Was he really supposed to just sit here and listen to Shangguan Yu and his family gossip about their date? That seemed a little out of the ordinary.

Shangguan Xin didn’t seem to have any worries about that though. “What are you saying? He might’ve told me a bit but that is all just secondhand information. Actually, you don’t have to tell me every little detail either. Just tell me if you’re together now or not.” Once again, she looked from one person to the other.

Shangguan Yu and Ao Jing also turned to look at each other as if on cue, both not quite sure how to answer that question. They … probably were? Anyway, it was a bit hard to say with everything that had happened. And they could hardly just discuss that in front of Shangguan Xin, could they?

Before they could answer, Yu Lan already returned from the bathroom, sitting down next to his wife and putting an arm around her. “Even if they didn’t say anything, I can tell you that they definitely are. You don’t jump a stranger like that for somebody who isn’t your boyfriend.”

Shangguan Xin looked up, smiled, and patted his cheek. “It’s good then that you let him jump you. At the very least, my brother can be sure now that he has a boyfriend. Who knows how awkward it would be for the two of them to figure it out on their own?”

Shangguan Yu felt like crying. “Sis … the two of us are still here, alright? Could you not talk like this in front of us?”

Just at that moment, their mother returned, piling dishes on the table. “Xiao Yu, don’t argue with your sister. Anyway, she’s just had such a shock. Isn’t it good that you brought your boyfriend home? Who cares about how you realized? Now, just have a bite. You must all be hungry.”

She sat down on the other side of the table, smiling happily at the two couples. Ah, this really was nice. It was just a pity that her husband wasn’t able to see this anymore. He probably would’ve liked this just as much. Having the house full of people was always great.

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