IRL C70 A Little Revenge

When she got another message, Shangguan Xin raised her phone, expecting it to be another update about her brother’s date. Instead, she actually found a message from her brother himself.

“Huh? That’s strange. It couldn’t be that his date isn’t going well and he’s messaging me to save him, could it?” She opened it and then leaped to her feet with a yelp.

Her mother who had gone back to the kitchen poked out her head, raising her brows. “What is it? Did something happen?” Looking at her daughter, she couldn’t help but feel afraid. The color had drained from Shangguan Xin’s face and her hands were shaking. Something serious had to have happened.

Madam Shangguan came over, finally prying the phone from her daughter’s hands to have a look herself.

[Sis, the hospital from the other side of town just called, saying that brother-in-law had an accident! Ao Jing is bringing me over there.]

Madam Shangguan’s eyes widened and she lowered the phone. Her son-in-law had gotten into an accident? She reached out and grabbed her daughter’s shoulder, sitting back down on the couch with her. “I’m sure he’s alright.”

Shangguan Xin bit her lower lip and took the phone back from her, sniffling while she texted back: [What happened?]

Back in the car, Shangguan Yu tensed up. He glanced at his brother-in-law next to him who had a bloody face. Originally, they had wanted to bring him over so this wasn’t such an exaggerated lie. Somehow, he still felt bad though.

He forced himself to continue with the lie and wrote her back: [I don’t know what happened. We’re not there yet. Give me a few minutes.]

Shangguan Xin got up from the couch again and paced up and down. “What if it’s bad? He wouldn’t …” She clutched the phone to her chest before running outside. “I’ll drive over there!”

“Wait for me!” Her mother rushed after her, hurriedly taking their jackets while on the way. “You should try calling Ah Lan. Maybe he can answer and tell you himself.”

Shangguan Xin stopped in her tracks and raised her phone, hastily calling her husband. She prayed for him to pick up but instead, she had to find out that his phone was switched off. She lowered her own phone and turned to look at her mother. “It’s off. What should we do now? What if it’s really bad?”

“Isn’t Xiao Yu there yet?”

“Let me text him again.”

Her mother shook her head. “What are you messaging for? Just call him already!”

Shangguan Xin closed her eyes and took a deep breath before nodding. Right. She could just call. She really couldn’t think straight right now. Just when she wanted to dial her brother’s number, a familiar car entered the road and finally stopped in front of the house.

Shangguan Xin stared at the person on the driver’s seat, unable to believe her eyes. She raised a hand to her mouth and then rushed over, pulling the car door open before her husband had time to even unfasten his seat belt. She hugged him, her eyes tearing up. “Ah Lan! You’re safe! Thank god!”

Yu Lan stared at his wife in a daze and then mechanically turned his head to look at his brother-in-law who was trying to slink off without being noticed.

Madam Shangguan also hurried over and tried to peer past her daughter. “Ah Lan, thank god you’re safe! We were so worried when Xiao Yu wrote that you had an accident and even needed to go to the hospital. How are you doing? What did the doctors say?”

Yu Lan raised his brows. “Hospital?” He once again looked to the side but that unreliable guy had already left the car and run over to his boyfriend. Yu Lan sighed and patted his wife’s back. “It’s alright. I’m not hurt too much. Let me get off and I’ll tell you everything.”

Shangguan Xin pulled back with tears still clinging to her eyelashes. She looked at her husband’s face, taking note of the chafed skin and the blood that could still be seen here and there even though he had tried to wipe it off.

Yu Lan unfastened the seatbelt and finally got off the car. He first pulled his wife back into his arms, rubbed her back, and then wiped away her tears. “Stop crying, ah! My heart will hurt if you do.”

Shangguan Xin forced herself to smile but she still couldn’t help but look at him with a tormented expression. She had really thought that he was gravely injured. “What happened?”

Yu Lan sighed and glanced over his shoulder. “Actually, it wasn’t that serious. It’s just that your husband isn’t very good as an undercover agent. Those two noticed they were being followed and then Xiao Yu’s boyfriend jumped me from behind, making me lose my balance and fall. This was the result. Honestly, it was just a misunderstanding.”

Shangguan Xin stared at him blankly. “This …”

Her mother was just as confused. “Then what about the hospital?”

“His boyfriend offered to take me there but I don’t think anything is broken so I told them to just go home. I guess someone pranked you because he was a little angry he was being followed.” He smiled wryly, feeling that his wife had gotten it worse than him. She must have been shocked when she got that message.

The culprit in question was looking at the ground after seeing his sister’s reaction. He had just wanted to pay her back for meddling. Who could have thought it’d end like this? He sighed to himself, then tugged at Ao Jing’s sleeve and went over. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I was … just a bit angry so I wanted to mess with you. I really shouldn’t have done that.”

Shangguan Xin wiped at her eyes. She really wanted to scold her brother but seeing how he already looked guilty enough, she finally just sighed. “Never mind. As long as Ah Lan isn’t hurt.” Then, she turned to look at Ao Jing.

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