IRL C72 When Do I See You Again?

Shangguan Yu looked at the dishes piled up in front of them with a complicated expression. “Mom … you do remember that Ao Jing and I met up in a cafe, right?”

Madam Shangguan looked at him and furrowed her brows. “Are you saying that you’re not hungry? You just had such a shock! You should eat something.”

Shangguan Yu really didn’t know what to say to that. Even if they had been shocked, that was even more of a reason not to eat something than to stuff himself full again.

Ao Jing faintly smiled and then picked up his chopsticks. “This is probably rude since I’m a guest but this looks really great, auntie. I hope you don’t mind if I won’t stand on ceremony.”

Madam Shangguan beamed at him and waved for him to take some more. “Yes, yes, yes. Just take a bit from everything. There’s still more in the kitchen if you’re still hungry afterward.”

Ao Jing smiled and then started to eat, giving his boyfriend a teasing look.

Shangguan Yu shook his head and then also picked up his chopsticks, not thinking about it any longer. Anyway, even if he couldn’t eat much, he should at least eat a bit so his mother would stop worrying about it. Also, it just was really nice seeing his family accept Ao Jing this easily despite what had just happened. He had actually been a bit worried about that.

The five of them ate harmoniously, the other three people asking Ao Jing questions about his life every now and then.

Ao Jing didn’t keep anything from them. Even if it was something like his relationship with his family that might not paint him in a good light, he still answered honestly. Anyway, this was his boyfriend’s family. If he and Shangguan Yu stayed together, then they would find out about these things sooner or later. So he felt that it was better if they knew they could trust him from the very beginning. Also, he really didn’t want to lie to them.

Both Madam Shangguan and her daughter were a little bit taken aback by his honesty at the beginning but seeing how he didn’t hide anything, they also felt that it was good. Anyway, an honest person made a good spouse. They had both seen that for themselves.

Time flew by and soon enough, it became late. Ao Jing turned to Shangguan Yu, his gaze both happy and sad at the same time. “It’s getting a little late. I’m afraid I’ll have to leave.”

Shangguan Yu nodded and also turned to him, wanting to reach out. But then he remembered that his family was still sitting there, so he forced himself to keep his hands at his side. “Yeah, I guess it’s about time. I’ll bring you to the door then?”

Ao Jing nodded and got up, nodding at the other three. “Thank you for having me today. It was really nice meeting you. I’m glad to see that Shangguan Yu has a family like you.” He especially turned to Yu Lan, his expression a little sheepish. “And sorry again for what I did before. I hope you’ll get better soon.”

Yu Lan just laughed and waved as if it wasn’t a big thing. “It doesn’t matter. Anyway, I’ll just tell everybody that I was defending my family’s honor if they ask. Everybody will think I’m such a cool guy!”

Shangguan Xin gave her husband a warning look and shook her head before she turned to Ao Jing. “You should come again in the future. It was nice having you here.”

Madam Shangguan echoed her daughter and then motioned at the food on the table. “Do you have something to eat at home? Or should I pack you something?”

Ao Jing had no idea how to react. “That …” Actually, he had more than enough food at home. It wasn’t like he had just moved out for University and living on his own for the first time. He had learned years ago to keep his refrigerator stacked and wasn’t lacking anything. But this was his boyfriend’s mother. Telling her no when she asked him like this seemed a little rude. He didn’t want to make her feel like he didn’t appreciate the offer but, on the other hand, it would also be rude to say yes in case she thought he expected it? He … really was lost.

Madam Shangguan looked at him expectantly. “You don’t have to worry. It’s alright.” Seeing that he was still awkwardly hemming and hawing, she waved and got up. “Ah, I’ll just pack something. I’ll be done in a minute.” Without waiting for what he wanted to say, she strode over to the kitchen, starting to bustle around.

Shangguan Xin got up as well, taking her husband’s hand, and pulling him to his feet. “Well, I guess the two of us will go and take a look at my husband’s badges of honor. The two of you can start saying your goodbyes now. Maybe you’ll better walk to the door so mom won’t hear every word though.”

Shangguan Yu’s ears turned red in embarrassment but he still turned to Ao Jing and motioned forward. “Yeah, let’s go to the door first.”

Ao Jing rubbed his neck and then followed him over. The two of them left the house and stood in front of the door, looking at each other.

After a moment, Ao Jing cleared his throat. “When can I see you again?”

Shangguan Yu requited his gaze, feeling a little shy now that they were suddenly alone again after several hours with his family. “Well, you can see me in the game as soon as you get home if you want to.”

Ao Jing nodded and reached out, gently taking his hand. “When can I see my husband again in real life then?”

“I’m at home these days until the semester starts again so … When do you have time?”

“Actually … I’m off tomorrow.”

Shangguan Yu widened his eyes in surprise and couldn’t help but squeeze Ao Jing’s hand. “And you still want to see me tomorrow even after everything that happened today?”

Ao Jing stepped closer, lowering his voice. “I especially want to see you again after everything that happened today. The time in the cafe was lovely, your family is really nice, and I feel like I haven’t spent even remotely enough time with you. So … would you be up for it?”

Shangguan Yu nodded, unable to say a single word. He really could hardly believe it. He was really … too lucky to have met Ao Jing back then.

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