SML V3C22 Too Much?

Even though Li Ming had come to realize that this decision was an important one to make, he also knew that he couldn’t rush anything. At the very least, that dinner with Boss Mo should be done first before he even started thinking about it again.

With that at the back of his mind, he just spent another evening with Mo Fang before the two of them said goodbye when it was already rather late. If not for the fact that they needed to get up early the next day to go to the morning shift, they might’ve stayed up even longer though.

When he came home, Li Ming stood in his living room for a moment, not sure what to do with himself. Every day seemed to be like this now. He just … He missed Mo Fang when he wasn’t at his side but he also knew that things couldn’t be rushed. In any case, there was a lot to prepare for tomorrow.

He went to pick out his clothes and then pulled out his phone, looking for a few tips on what to bring for the first visit to your partner’s parents’ house. After all, he really didn’t want to leave a bad impression as Mo Fang’s boyfriend. There was a good chance that it might stick no matter what had happened at work before.

Come to think of it, Boss Mo had invited him but he hadn’t heard any mention of Madam Mo. Would Mo Fang’s mother also be there? He was actually looking forward to meeting her. So far, he had only seen a photo of her but she seemed to be quite similar to Mo Fang in some regards. And he couldn’t help but be curious about Mo Fang’s family as well. This was definitely a big step in their relationship. To be honest, considering the fact that they hadn’t been together for long, it was a pretty big step.

When he finally went to bed that night, Li Ming couldn’t deny that he was really excited for the next day. He even had some trouble falling asleep but in the end, he still caught a few hours before he needed to get up again.

Since they had the early shift, they had finally made the decision that they wouldn’t meet up in the morning beforehand, even though Mo Fang had been rather reluctant to agree. Clearly, he wanted to spend as much time together as possible.

Just remembering that talk, Li Ming couldn’t help but smile. He got ready and then stood in his kitchen for a moment, feeling a little giddy. God, this relationship was really intense. He had never had anything like this with any of his previous boyfriends.

He shook his head at himself and then started to make breakfast but he just couldn’t help but think of Mo Fang all the time. Yesterday, when they had that kind of cozy morning together where they worked hand-in-hand, had been really nice. It was something he looked forward to doing more in the future. He could hardly wait for it. Imagining a future with Mo Fang was really easy.

After eating, there was still some time and Li Ming glanced at the leftover ingredients. Actually, Mo Fang really liked his food. Maybe … just maybe it would be nice to make him something for later?

He bit his lip, feeling that maybe he was getting ahead of himself here. Yes, they were together, yes, Mo Fang liked his food, and yes, Mo Fang was also somebody who liked getting attention from his partner. It probably was alright but maybe it was too much as well?

He rubbed his neck but finally just went ahead with it. In any case, if Mo Fang didn’t like it he could say it. That was another way to learn more about each other and grow as a couple. And if he was happy with it, well, that would be great.

There wasn’t that much time anymore and since he hadn’t prepared anything, he couldn’t go all out but he still made him a little something. Picking it up, he had trouble keeping the smile off his lips when he carried the bundle down the steps outside his apartment and then went to work.

When Li Ming stepped into the changing room, he was greeted by Mo Fang who had just turned to the door, seemingly having gotten ready for work just now. Li Ming’s lips immediately curved up and he walked over, pulling him into his arms. “Good morning.” His eyes seemed to be rippling with love as he leaned down to kiss Mo Fang and he couldn’t help but remember the previous morning. Yes, this was precisely what he had been looking forward to.

Mo Fang also enjoyed himself quite a bit. He reached up, rubbing Li Ming’s chest and snuggling up to him. “Good morning! I really missed you.”

“I missed you too.” Li Ming was of half a mind to already tell Mo Fang but then reconsidered. “Anyway, I’m afraid there isn’t much time. You should hurry off to your shift. Otherwise, you might get into trouble.”

Mo Fang nodded and brushed past Li Ming, waving at him from the entrance before he went out.

Li Ming continued to look at the door for a bit before he turned away with a shake of his head. He changed his clothes and then brought his surprise to the break room, putting it in the fridge. Now, it was just a matter of time until he would be able to surprise Mo Fang. He was already looking forward to it.

With something like that at the back of his mind, time seemed to fly past. Soon enough, it was already the time for him and Mo Fang to take their break so he rushed over to the break room to make sure that he arrived before Mo Fang.

Thankfully, he made it. Zhi Bao Yu was already sitting at the table eating, but there still wasn’t even a hint of Mo Fang. He heaved a sigh of relief and then set out to prepare. He didn’t want to leave anything up to coincidence.

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