SML V3C24 Too Prejudiced

Mo Fang didn’t have a problem with Zhi Bao Yu but he still didn’t entertain her this time around. In any case, his thoughts were still completely on just how awesome his boyfriend was. How could he have the mind to care about other people’s significant others?

He happily ate the prepared lunch and then cheerfully said goodbye to Li Ming at the end of the break, going back to the service counter together with the others. Ah, it was moments like these when he really hated having a normal job. As a model, while he did have some shootings that he couldn’t just leave, the schedules were completely different and he could still use the opportunity to flirt if he brought his boyfriend along.

Well, whatever, this evening, he would already see him again. And then, their relationship was as good as secured. He didn’t think that Li Ming was somebody who broke up casually. If something was amiss, he would first try to work it out so that left a lot of room to maneuver if worst came to worse. And after getting to know his father in private, Li Ming would definitely feel even closer to him so that room would only increase.

With all three people looking forward to that dinner, the last few hours of work went by as if they were flying. It also made it feel like there wasn’t much time left to prepare though. At the very least, that was how Li Ming felt.

He only met up with Mo Fang for a moment before he had to excuse himself. “I still need a gift for your father. Speaking of which … will your mother be there as well?”

Mo Fang pondered and finally shook his head. “She shouldn’t be. I haven’t seen her for a couple of days. Who knows when she’ll get back?”

Li Ming was a little taken aback. Mo Fang’s mother had … just vanished? And they didn’t know when she would return? Also, nobody was worried about that? While it seemed strange to him, this was also the Mo family’s private matter so he naturally couldn’t pry.

“Well, I guess it can’t hurt to get something just in case.” He nodded to himself and then gave Mo Fang another fleeting kiss before he rushed off. They had set the time for dinner a little later so that not only the two of them but also Mister Mo would have enough time to get off work, go home. and get ready. So he could definitely go and get a few gifts, and then rush home, take a shower, put on his good clothes, and make his way over to the Mo family’s house without trouble. There should be enough time for everything.

Li Ming still didn’t dare to tarry. In any case, being late wouldn’t look good. Especially in a situation like this, it was important to be more humble. To let Mister Mo and Mo Fang wait for their guest, that definitely wouldn’t leave a good impression.

He rushed about, glad that he had already looked up everything yesterday so that he knew exactly where to go and what to grab and didn’t need to search too long. When he arrived at home, there was still more than enough time so he calmed down a little.

Well, inside, he was still anxious to death. He was usually good at calming himself down to make sure that he wouldn’t make a mistake if there was some kind of bad situation at work but when it came to personal matters, it wasn’t as easy. He really wanted to leave Mister Mo — and maybe his wife — with a good impression as Mo Fang’s boyfriend. Well, he could only give his best.

When it was time to go, he took one last look around his apartment, grabbed the bag with the gift, and then left, making his way over to the address that Mo Fang had sent.

The nervousness in his heart hadn’t dissipated at all and was instead getting worse. Meeting each other’s parents … that was a pretty serious step in any relationship. And even though he already knew Mister Mo from work, that couldn’t quite compare. Also, he didn’t want to disappoint Mo Fang. He definitely had high hopes for this as well. So it wouldn’t do if he didn’t do his best.

Soon enough, he reached the station where he needed to get off and then went the rest of the way on foot.

When he reached the street, he couldn’t help but glance around. The neighborhood was pretty good. To be honest, he had been a bit unsure about what to expect.

Clearly, Mister Mo was their boss so he should earn more than them and there was also his wife who was probably working as well. But then again, from everything that Mo Fang had told him, he had felt that they probably weren’t that well-off either. After all, he just felt like Mo Fang’s behavior was a bit … different from what he would expect of this kind of family.

Looking around now though, it turned out that he had been too prejudiced. Clearly, the Mos were really well-off. Now, he couldn’t help but wonder if maybe he was even up to par.

He glanced at the gifts in the bag he was carrying and couldn’t help but give a wry smile. Well, it was late too late to change now. He could only hope for the best.

Telling himself this, he went over to the house and stood in front of the door for a moment. He took a deep breath, slowly exhaled, and finally rang the doorbell. Now, there was no turning back.

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