SML V3C21 Something to Ponder Further

The two of them sat down to talk and just spent time together for a while longer before they finally headed off to work. They went to change together before they both headed off to their own shifts, separating for the next few hours.

Li Ming walked by the counter a couple of times, glancing in Mo Fang’s direction and giving him a faint smile. He didn’t dare linger though and instead left pretty much as soon as he had come into the room, not giving anyone the chance to get the feeling that he wasn’t working well enough and had let his performance slip because of his relationship with Mo Fang. He didn’t want to make trouble for him and he also didn’t want to make it seem as if this relationship was a bad influence on either of them. He needed to show Boss Mo that he could be trusted.

With both of them focusing on work, the day was soon over and they met up in front of the changing room again.

Mo Fang immediately rushed to Li Ming’s side, wrapping his arms around his neck and giving him a resounding kiss. “I missed you!” He kissed his lips again, putting as much sadness in his gaze as he could.

Li Ming really had trouble resisting. He hugged him back and gave him a kiss of his own, gently holding him. “I missed you too.”

Mo Fang’s expression morphed into a faint smile and he shifted on the spot. “Well, work is over already. Do you have something else planned today as well? Or do you have a bit of time for your boyfriend?”

Li Ming really didn’t know how to react to that. He had almost forgotten about what had happened the day before. He gave a faint hum, not quite sure what to say. In any case, there was nothing he had to do but … “Are you sure as you want to spend the rest of the evening with me?”

Mo Fang pressed against his body a little closer and nodded. “Don’t ask like this. If I could, I would go home with you and not just spent the evening there but the whole night. Then we could go to work together tomorrow morning. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

To be honest, after this morning, Li Ming was really tempted to say yes. But tomorrow was also the day when they would meet up with Boss Mo for dinner. “Maybe this isn’t really the right time for that. In any case, we’re meeting up with your father tomorrow. Let’s take things slow before that, alright?”

Mo Fang immediately nodded. In any case, he had noticed that Li Ming had just said before that. That had to mean that he was already beginning to consider doing things differently afterward. In that case, in just two days’ time, he might be able to take a step in the right direction. That sure was something he was looking forward to.

Seeing Mo Fang this willing to abandon the idea, Li Ming didn’t know how to feel. He definitely would’ve had trouble getting through another discussion if Mo Fang was unwilling to just accept it but he also felt like there was a faint hint of disappointment that Mo Fang wasn’t like yesterday when he had clung to him until the very last moment, not wanting to let go.

Ah, this whole matter was really difficult for him. He himself didn’t even know anymore what he wanted. He sighed and then just kissed Mo Fang’s cheek before he motioned outside. “In any case, we can still spend a bit of time together.”

Mo Fang smiled and grabbed Li Ming’s arm, pulling him outside. He couldn’t help but glance at him from the side. Clearly, this man was already hooked. Now, it was really only a question of time until things between them would reach the next level.

Naturally, he still wouldn’t just leave things to luck. Right now was a prime opportunity to needle Li Ming a little further. Thus, as soon as they stepped outside, he stopped in his tracks.

Li Ming turned back around and gave him a concerned look. “What’s the matter?”

“That … I hope you don’t mind me clinging to you like this.” He made to let go but Li Ming already reached out and grabbed his hand.

For a moment, both of them froze. Li Ming did so because he was startled by his own action while Mo Fang was just pretending. In any case, this was what he had hoped for.

Mo Fang lowered his head, hiding his smile as well as he could but still showing just a little so Li Ming would realize how much this meant to him. “I’m glad that you don’t mind.” He continued to hold onto him and then motioned down the street. “Let’s go then. I don’t care what exactly we do as long as we spend time together.”

Li Ming nodded in a daze, not sure what to think or feel. This feeling that he had had for the whole day was really getting out of hand. But he also didn’t know how else to deal with it so he just quietly walked down the street with Mo Fang, going for a stroll through the city.

In any case, the atmosphere this late in the evening was quite nice. This matter was something that he would need to spend some more time thinking about though. After all, he couldn’t just keep going and going and not have some kind of destination in mind. While it was nice to do so for a little while like this evening, that wasn’t a way to build a future together. So he should really set aside some time to make things clear to himself. Yes, that was the thing that he needed to do.

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