OMF V8C110 The Only Couple of Its Kind?

Xin Lan could see that there was something wrong with Hua Lin Yu’s expression. He raised his brows, silently inquiring.

His lover’s cheeks flushed and he hurriedly looked away, feeling a little dumb. In any case, he had already seen the capital city of the dragon realm. It also didn’t differ that much from the human capital. So why had he expected that a random village in the spiritual beasts’ territory would look any different from a mortal one? But still, he hadn’t been able to shake the feeling that it should have been different. But that was something that he didn’t necessarily want to admit to.

Xin Lan continued to look at him but didn’t press him for an answer. Instead, he just motioned forward. “It seems this place isn’t quite to your liking. In that case, let’s leave and explore a little further inside. There’s no reason to stay somewhere that you don’t like.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded and then followed him out of the village, making their way forward together.

Behind them, the spiritual beasts seemed to relax, apparently relieved that the two hadn’t stayed any longer. They couldn’t help but gather together and discuss though.

“What do you think they wanted here?”

“I don’t know but a dragon and a human … I don’t think that’s a good thing. One of them is bad enough but together … I think this is something we can’t just ignore.”

The others nodded but weren’t quite sure what to do. “Then how to deal with it? Go to the capital and report it? But I don’t think they’d send somebody over that easily. Also, the dragon king sent some people back then and things have calmed down. Maybe we are making too much out of this. In any case, they didn’t attack us.”

There was some mumbling but the spiritual beasts still felt that they shouldn’t take this lightly so finally, they came up with another idea.

“Contacting the king might indeed be too much. But isn’t there still senior Wu Ya? He had contact with the dragons before and he certainly isn’t afraid of either them or the humans. We should just contact him and see what he thinks. If he doesn’t care, then we don’t need to either but if he believes an eye should be kept on the situation, he can surely come up with the best plan to do so.”

This time, all of them were in favor. After a bit more of a discussion, two of them finally rushed out to the mountains where Wu Ya had once again taken up residence after he had returned from the human world back then.

When he heard that a human and a dragon had come to their territory, Wu Ya couldn’t help but think of that couple from the Yun Zou Sect. Chun Yin’s son and some human boy … it was still difficult for him to wrap his head around it even though he had seen it with his own eyes.

Could it be that it was the two of them? That notion actually made him a little excited. Back then, his first meeting with Qiu Ling had gone pretty badly. He hadn’t known who he was and what had happened to his family. He also hadn’t known about Jinde. So the questions he asked Qiu Ling had been pretty insensitive and had certainly hurt him a lot. As a good friend of his father’s, he was ashamed of that. But it wasn’t like he could change it.

Now though, there might be the chance to see him again. Naturally, Wu Ya was quite happy with that. If he could make up for a bit of what had happened, that would be great.

Thinking of that, there was a sparkle in Wu Ya’s eyes and he turned to the two spiritual beasts in front of him, motioning down the path they had just taken up the mountain. “Alright, I’ll take care of it. You show me back to your village and point me in the direction they left in.”

The two spiritual beasts were incredibly excited when they got his help this easily. “Thank you, senior Wu Ya! Please follow us then.” They rushed back the way they had come, Wu Ya directly behind them.

Soon enough, they had reached the village and Wu Ya was shown the way that Xin Lan and Hua Lin Yu had left on. In his mind, he was sure that it had to be Qiu Ling and Zhong Jing Yi. After all, how many dragons could there be with a mortal lover?

His mind was so focused on Qiu Ling’s situation that he didn’t even realize that just at the Yun Zou Sect, there had also been Jinde and Leng Jin Yu who were the same kind of couple. Even though he hadn’t been able to see Jinde’s face thanks to the veiled hat that he had been wearing all the time, he had still been able to tell just which race he belonged to thanks to the connection between the dragons and the spiritual beasts.

So if he thought about it, Wu Ya would’ve realized that this kind of couple certainly wasn’t just limited to only this single one. No, clearly, there were more of them. The likelihood of him being disappointed in not getting the chance to make up with Qiu Ling was actually quite high.

He still happily rushed after the couple, finally spotting their figures in the distance. They had just entered a small grove and with the sun slowly setting on the horizon, Xin Lan’s silvery-white hair wasn’t as eye-catching as in the day. Thus, he continued to rush ahead, still not realizing that something was wrong.

Xin Lan who had naturally realized that somebody was rushing at them turned around and pulled Hua Lin Yu behind him, his claws already completely drawn, ready to tear to pieces whoever dared to attack him and his lover.

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