OMF V4C27 What Do You Know About Him?

“Qiu Ling?” Jin Ling sat up straight and his eyes widened a bit. He had expected as much but hearing his thoughts be confirmed still made him ecstatic. “What exactly is he doing there?”

From what Yin Lin Lin and Tian Na had told him, he should be accompanying the Son of Heaven on his trial but he still hadn’t been able to find out what exactly the situation was. As it turned out, both these women were useless after supplying him with just this much information. If he had known, he never would have bothered to seduce them. Ah, well, maybe he’d have some use for them later on.

Xiao Li put on an apologetic expression. “I came here as soon as I had confirmed it was him so I am unable to say for sure what his intent is with going to that sect. So far, I only know that he apparently had them admit him and a human boy as disciples of the sect.”

Jin Ling’s lips curved up when he heard that. That boy should be the Son of Heaven’s reincarnation. Unless … Qiu Ling had heard that he had managed to pull Yin Lin Lin onto his side and had taken precautions like setting up a decoy. Honestly, he could imagine it. Others might think Qiu Ling was just a vain idiot but he knew very well just what this guy was capable of. He would never underestimate him.

Jin Ling rubbed his fingers against each other and gave Xiao Li an intent look. “What do you know about that boy?”

Xiao Li couldn’t help but smile faintly in response. He had known that his king was looking for information but he hadn’t known exactly how much it was worth to him. Now it seemed like he didn’t need to worry anymore. “I don’t know many details but that boy seemed to be his lover.

“He isn’t very powerful himself, so the Hei Dian Sect’s people didn’t take any interest in him. They are only interested in that Qiu Ling but are treating the boy well to suck up to him. It is obvious at a glance that the dragon king cares about him very much.

“When I went to investigate, the dragon king unfortunately noticed me. He was immediately alarmed and attacked me so he should be very worried about that boy’s safety.”

“Is that so?” Jin Ling smiled. “Then what was that boy’s attitude toward him?” He had never bothered much with the gods but from what Yin Lin Lin and Tai Na had told him, a god that reincarnated for their trial wouldn’t remember their true life. This had to mean that the Son of Heaven currently wasn’t aware of his real relationship with Qiu Ling.

Xiao Li wasn’t quite sure how to answer that question. Just like the people from the Hei Dian Sect, he hadn’t been much interested in Zhong Jing Yi and had only paid attention to Qiu Ling. Now, he regretted it a bit. He tried to think back to the situation when those two had come up the path toward the house and gave a hum. “It is difficult to say from just the bit I witnessed but he seemed quite sweet with him. They were hugging when I found them so I’d say they are both very close to each other.”

Jin Ling nodded. “Alright. You did well. It was the right thing to do to inform me about this.”

Xiao Li bowed even further. “It is my honor, Your Majesty.” His gaze was tinged with satisfaction. You could say what you wanted about the demon king but he didn’t treat those that served him well unkindly. A small wish like his could definitely be fulfilled if the information he provided was worthwhile.

Jin Ling watched Xiao Li with his eyes narrowed. “I have something else to do for you.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“You will go back and find out everything you can about that lover of his. I want to know who he is, where he came from, what kind of strengths and weaknesses he has, what he fears, what he aspires to be, and I want to know every single detail about their relationship. Don’t leave anything out no matter how insignificant it might seem.”

Xiao Li nodded. He hadn’t expected that it would be easy to get back into the court. Getting this kind of outcome was already very good. If he provided the king with all that information, then his dream might be achieved. “I will do my utmost to fulfill your wish.”

“Alright. Go now. I am waiting for your news.”

Xiao Li nodded and got up but didn’t go immediately. “Then about what I was doing before …”

“Focus on this task. Whatever you were doing before, it isn’t as important as this. Here.” He threw over a badge for a mission. “Find someone to take over what you were doing before. If you need further help, you can come back and get it.”

“Yes.” Xiao Li bowed once again and finally left the hall with a grin. This had really gone way better than expected. He had actually underestimated how important this was to his king. Thankfully, he had taken the gamble to come here and report. Now, he only needed to make sure that he figured out the rest.

Inside, Jin Ling stood up and paced up and down in front of his throne. “So it turns out that you are still in the mortal realm with him, accompanying him on his trial as if you two were just on a short outing.” Jin Ling smiled. “Well, I’ll make sure you won’t be happy for long.”

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