OMF V4C26 An Audience with The King

Xiao Li reappeared in another spot in the Hei Dian Sect. He narrowed his eyes while looking at the person that was looking around to find and catch him. With a smile, his body once again disintegrated, moving further and further away from where it had originally been. Finally, far away from the Hei Dian Sect and even outside of the mortal realms, a black cloud of smoke appeared and once again formed the figure of a young man.

Xiao Li was still smiling faintly. He wanted to hurry up the stairs in front of him but the guards lazily glanced at him and extended their weapons to stop him. “Let me through.”

“This is the king’s palace. Not everyone can just come and go as he wants.”

Xiao Li gritted his teeth. “I have important information to deliver to His Majesty.”

“Sure. I also have some important information. Maybe I should go and tell him?” The guard looked at the one stationed on the other side and smirked.

“I wouldn’t try it if I were you. His Majesty doesn’t always have a good temper. Well, it might work if you were handsome. Hahah.”

The guard stopped smirking. “I am handsome.”

“Sure. You’re as handsome as a langur.” The two of them looked at each other.

“That … What’s that supposed to mean?” The first guard frowned and gripped his weapon tighter.

The other guard and Xiao Li both gave him a measuring look. He had tanned skin and a head full of silvery-white hair. Did he really have to ask?

Xiao Li coughed. In any case, the private problems of these guards were none of his business. “So, can I see His Majesty now?”

“Of course not!” The guard looking like a langur snapped at him before turning to the side once more. “What did you mean with that, huh?”

“What are you talking about? I just agreed. You’re handsome. Isn’t that great? And you should leave!” He turned back to Xiao Li to divert the topic.

“I’m a spy from the human realm. I have to tell His Majesty about my findings.”

The guards stopped their dispute even though the guy with the white hair didn’t look happy about it. They both gave Xiao Li a measuring look. “Did His Majesty call for you to report?”

The first guy’s tone was still lazy. He really had enough of these guys trying to curry favor with His Majesty. Who would get in trouble if His Majesty felt disturbed? That was certainly him! He wouldn’t risk that. No matter how amicable their king looked on the outside, everyone knew that he was a devil beneath. Nobody in their right mind would offend him. Otherwise, they might not even know how they died.

“He didn’t but this is about the dragons. He’ll certainly want to know.” Xiao Li lowered his head. “Why don’t you just ask if he’s interested in what I have to say? If he isn’t, I’ll leave at once. And if he is … wouldn’t it also be to your advantage?”

“Hmph.” The second guard snorted. “Do you have any idea how many people already tried to use that on us? And a lot of them were more handsome.”

The white-haired guard furrowed his brow though. He’d think exactly the same, normally, but if this was indeed about the dragons … His Majesty would probably be interested. After all, he hated the dragon king with a passion. Even the smallest chance to make trouble for him would surely fill him with glee.

Thinking of that, the guard smiled at Xiao Li. “Alright. I’ll go and see what His Majesty says. Wait a bit.”

He turned around and entered the palace while the other guard watched him in confusion. He couldn’t help asking himself if he hadn’t thought of something important and thus wasted a chance right now. Well, it was too late to regret it now.

“Your Majesty.” The white-haired guard knelt down in the hall and cupped his fists, glancing at the man on the throne for just a moment before he hastily averted his gaze.

“What is it?”

“There’s a man at the gates claiming to be a spy stationed in the human realm. He said he has information regarding the dragon race. Should we let him in or …?”

“The dragon race?” The demon king raised his brows. Could it be that somebody had found out where that bastard Qiu Ling was at the moment?

“Mn. He said so.”

“Alright. Show him in.” If his guess was true, then this would be quite fun. He couldn’t wait to find out.

“As you wish.” The guard stood up, took another glance, and then bowed before he left the hall. With a smug smile, he waved at Xiao Li as soon as he stepped outside. Even if the king hadn’t said anything, he would probably remember him in the future. “You were better saying the truth or His Majesty will kill you.”

Xiao Li nodded and went inside. Just like the guard, he took one look at the man on the opposite side of the hall before he hurriedly knelt down. He had never before seen the king but he knew that this man wasn’t one he could just blatantly stare at when he wanted to. It really was a pity. There probably wasn’t a person more beautiful in the demon realm.

Jin Ling wasn’t actually bothered by the gaze. If something happened too often, you would get used to it sooner or later. “You said you had information on the dragon race?”

“Yes, Your Majesty. I’m stationed at the human realm’s Hei Dian Sect. Yesterday, they took in a new disciple that turned out to be from the dragon race.”

“Mn. I see.” Jin Ling didn’t seem interested at all. Indeed. What did he care for some dragon? Maybe that guy was taking his stay in the human realm as some kind of vacation. It wasn’t anything he wanted to concern himself with. It seemed he had hoped for too much. “If that is all, then you may go now.”

Xiao Li smiled. He had expected as much. “That person wasn’t just anyone and I think that Your Majesty will be very interested in this person specifically.”

“Oh?” Jin Ling leaned to the side, cupping his cheek with his hand while his eyes narrowed and a splendid smile lit up his features. “Who might that be?”

Xiao Li gulped and stared at the king for a moment, unable to remember what he had wanted to say. It was only when the king prompted him again that he finally lowered his head and explained. “That person is Qiu Ling, the dragon race’s king.”

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