OMF V8C99 A Difficult Question to Answer

Qiu Ling wasn’t one to give up that easily. He finally found something that had motivated Jing Yi a little and made him focus less on Jing He. Naturally, a small setback like not finding the person they had originally been looking for wouldn’t be able to make him stop pursuing this idea.

He just clicked his tongue and shook his head, his thoughts already churning. “Well, isn’t there …” He thought of Leng Jin Yu but didn’t quite know how to say it. ‘Leng Jin Yu’? ‘That ascended deity’? ‘The old geezer’s husband’? ‘My father’s reincarnation’? ‘My father’? He really was stumped for a moment and then just shook his head. “Anyway, I thought of somebody.”

He didn’t elaborate and just took out his transmission stone, trying to contact Jinde and Leng Jin Yu.

The two of them were currently in the mortal realm, taking a break in one of the towns there, quite enjoying themselves. When Jinde noticed that his transmission stone was pulsing, he raised his brows and turned to glance at his husband. There weren’t that many people that even knew that he was alive, so there definitely weren’t that many who would be able to contact him either.

Leng Jin Yu walked over, slightly furrowing his brows while he wrapped his arm around Jinde’s waist.

“My dear, somebody seems to think we’re important enough to be disturbed on our travels.” He imbued some spiritual energy into the stone and raised his brows when Qiu Ling’s face popped up. “Bear child, what’s the matter this time?” To be honest, he had been slightly worried when they hadn’t been able to reach him the last time but he had figured that it wasn’t a wonder considering how things probably were in the Nine Heavens after Zhong Jing Yi had ascended.

Now, with a few weeks having passed in the immortal realms and several years having gone by in the mortal realm, it wasn’t a wonder that Qiu Ling would be in a different situation already. Whether that one would be better worse … it was hard to say.

Qiu Ling noticed that there was some find concern in Jinde’s eyes but he didn’t say anything about that and just got right to the question he had. “Your —” Qiu Ling stopped himself, once again being faced by the same problem he just had when he wanted to explain to Jing Yi who he had thought of. Now, ‘your husband’ seemed to be the easiest way to deal with this but there was a good chance that Leng Jin Yu was right next to Jinde so it might also be hurtful if he addressed him like that. And somehow, that thought was a little uncomfortable.

Jinde just raised his brows. “What’s the matter with me? I’m currently traveling around with my husband. We’re doing very well. But you probably weren’t just checking in with us, were you?” He snuggled up against his husband, giving Qiu Ling a look. The kind of lost expression his stepson currently had was quite novel to him. Usually, he wasn’t easily stumped like this. So he couldn’t help but wonder just what was going on.

Qiu Ling cleared his throat and glanced at Leng Jin Yu before looking back at Jinde. “Well, you know that Jing Yi ascended. We were wondering what ascended deities were usually doing afterward. Like, where do they go? How do they meet other people? What are their tasks?”

Jinde gazed at him, a faint thought forming in his mind. “So you wanted to know what Leng Jin Yu would be able to tell you about that since he was also a newly ascended deity before he was sent back to the mortal realm and met me.” And most likely, asking the question was difficult for him because some of the last memories he had of Leng Jin Yu were of Chun Yin’s return. He had come to that wedding of theirs but they hadn’t interacted much there so most likely, the shadow of that meeting still affected him deeply. And while they had been apart, he hadn’t needed to think about it much but now that he wanted something, he was confronted with the questions surroundings that matter and didn’t know how to act.

Qiu Ling finally nodded, glancing at Leng Jin Yu. Seeing him actually made him feel quite strange. It was this body that his father had used to speak to him the last time. That wasn’t something he would be able to easily forget. It didn’t help that Leng Jin Yu’s gaze also held some complicated emotions.

This pair of father and son was really in a bit of a predicament.

Jinde sighed, feeling that he would probably need to talk with them at length if you wanted to solve this matter. But, well, right now really wasn’t the right time for that. “Jin Yu and I are currently outside and taking a stroll through the town. Wait a moment for us. We will return to the guesthouse and then contact you again. It’s not too convenient to speak about things here.” Even though they had taken on a different appearance with the help of some items and their own spiritual energy, just revealing that Leng Jin Yu was an ascended deity was probably not a smart choice. Even if it didn’t get back to Jin Ling, if somebody else noticed, it would also cause quite some troubles. That much was a given.

Qiu Ling nodded and watched the connection get cut, feeling a sense of loss. That father of his … he had come and left pretty much like this transmission. One moment, he was suddenly there and the next, he had already vanished. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t come back. There was no way to just have a second meeting. Thinking of that still hurt quite a bit.

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