IRL C58 Unwilling to Wait

While Shangguan Yu was on the way, Ao Jing did as he had told him and went over to the cafe. Looking into the window, he couldn’t help but smile. That really was a nice place. He could understand the good reviews.

There were only about two dozen tables and quite a few of them for just two people. They were separated by a wall just high enough to cover a person when seated, giving the guests a bit of privacy while still not making the cafe seem crowded or obstructing the light.

Other than that, he mostly noticed the light colors and the plants that were distributed evenly through the whole place. It really was nice. Most likely, Shangguan Yu had spent a lot of time picking this place. It made him feel just how special this day was for him. He definitely felt honored.

With his lips curved into a smile, Shangguan Yu went inside and then had a waitress show him to a table. It was pretty much in the middle of the cafe, quite a bit away from the entrance. While it might be inconvenient for meeting at first, it would mean that they wouldn’t be disturbed by people entering or leaving later on. This really was the perfect spot.

He thanked the waitress and sat down, once again straightening out his clothes to make sure they hadn’t gotten crumpled on the way to the door or when sitting down.

Not far from him, a man holding a giant newspaper slowly lowered it, peering over the edge. Huh. That Ao Jing really was a good-looking guy. And he looked quite nervous as well. Obviously, he looked forward to meeting Shangguan Yu very much.

The phone next to Yu Lan buzzed and he put down the newspaper, looking at the message he had gotten instead. He slightly raised his brows when he saw it. So it turned out that his brother-in-law had finally left the house. Well, it was about time.

He smiled to himself and replied, giving his wife and mother-in-law as many details as he could. Anyway, so far, he hadn’t noticed anything bad about this guy: Appearance was good, manners were also good, now it was only left to see whether his treatment of Shangguan Yu would be just as great. If yes, then they could welcome him into the family immediately.

Mn, Shangguan Yu still had a year and a half until he’d finish university. The last semester at the very least would have to be spent doing an internship. Doing so in just the next city would be great. So if the two of them moved fast after this date, they could even move in with each other. That would be half a year where Shangguan Yu wouldn’t have to pay expensive rent on top of the fee for his room on-campus and instead only had to give half.

In fact, if this guy was decent, he would even make him pay less then fifty percent just based on the fact that he already had a good salary while Shangguan Yu was just a poor student. That could also be used to gauge whether this relationship could work out longterm.

Also, living together for a while first would also let them see if they were actually compatible in many regards. Wasn’t that a thing many couples struggled with? So this was a perfect opportunity that they couldn’t let go of! And then …

While Yu Lan was busy planning Shangguan Yu’s future, Shangguan Yu himself took the fastest route to the cafe. He didn’t want to make Ao Jing wait even a single second longer than he had to. And, to be honest, he also didn’t want to wait any longer.

Half a year. It didn’t sound like much but it had brought them so close together. There had hardly been a day where they didn’t see each other online. He had affectionately called this man husband and even gotten quite close to him physically these last days. If they still didn’t take the next step and met up in real life now, then how long would they wait to do so? What needed to happen for it?

No, it was about high-time this finally happened. Maybe they should have even done it before. So, no, he was not willing to wait even a single second longer.

As soon as the bus stopped at the station closest to the cafe, Shangguan Yu leaped outside. He had made sure to stand as close to the door as possible to make sure that he wouldn’t need to wait for everyone else to get off. Now, he weaved through the crowd outside and then rushed down the street.

His breath already came in short puffs and his cheeks were flushed red from the exertion, not to speak of his hair that was blown into disarray by the wind. He didn’t care though. He only cared about seeing Ao Jing.

Finally, the building with the two small trees on both sides of the door came into view that his sister had shown him on the website before. His heart leaped madly and he broke out in a last jog, finally arriving at the door completely out of breath.

Still, he didn’t wait and just barged right in, his gaze swiftly passing through the room before it stopped on a slightly familiar face.

Ao Jing slowly got to his feet, his gaze zeroing in on Shangguan Yu’s face. “Shangguan Yu.”

“Ao Jing.” Shangguan Yu walked over at a brisk pace before he could even think about what to do and only stopped when he was in front of him, his gaze seeming to sparkle in the light of the lamps.

Their first meeting in real life … it seemed it was off to a good start.

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