LBM C15 A Name Is Born

Author’s Note: I’m slowly doing better so I started writing some Little Bunny episodes in-between editing the rest of my stockpile. Here’s the first one!

Yan Hong Min was carrying the little junior in his arms that they had just gotten a few weeks ago. Zhi Guan was a few steps behind, not looking too thrilled at having been interrupted in his sword practice. His second junior martial brother didn’t care though and just marched on. Meanwhile, the little junior on his arms was curiously looking around, almost contorting his neck when he twisted around to look back at Zhi Guan.

Yan Hong Min lost his step, stumbling forward. Zhi Guan hurriedly stepped forward and pulled the little junior from his arms, making sure that he wouldn’t fall together with that undependable martial brother of theirs.

Yun Bei Fen cutely blinked his eyes at him and then immediately hugged his neck. Clearly, he didn’t mind who was carrying him. In fact, maybe he even liked being carried by his first senior martial brother a little better. He just felt a bit more secure with him.

Yan Hong Min who had fallen to the ground face-first got up in a huff. He wanted to throw Zhi Guan a dark look but reconsidered when he saw his expression. Thus, he just coughed and then motioned forward. “Let’s hurry up. Who knows when those martial sisters decide what to do with it?”

Zhi Guan nodded and followed after him again. Yun Bei Fen was still twisting around, looking everywhere but with his first senior martial brother’s bigger figure and strength, this wasn’t a problem any longer though. Soon enough, the three of them had made their way over to the top of one of the many hills of the Teng Yong Sect where two dozen junior martial brothers and sisters were already gathered, crowding around something on the ground.

Zhi Guan hoisted his little junior higher on his arms and weaved his way through the crowd. Seeing the cute little boy he was carrying, nobody said anything and just happily let him pass.

In the middle of the ring of people were two disciples that he knew quite well: Shen Lei’s junior martial brother Lian Rong and Elder Rong’s first disciple Zhang Yi Fei. He immediately ignored the former and went to Zhang Yi Fei’s side, putting the little junior in his arms down.

Yun Bei Fen didn’t know either of these disciples yet but his gaze was immediately attracted by what Zhang Yi Fei was holding in her lap. He rushed closer, his eyes widening. “What’s that?”

Zhang Yi Fei looked over and couldn’t help but smile when she finally met Zhi Guan’s little junior. “A little rabbit. It seems to have lost its way and somehow ended up in the middle of the sect grounds.”

Yun Bei Fen looked at it with big eyes and couldn’t help but reach out, nudging one of the long ears.

Lian Rong scoffed. “Little rabbit? More like a little bunny. Look how small it is!”

Zhang Yi Fei furrowed her brows. “You’re the little bunny! Better make sure you hobble away fast as soon as I hand this one here over or you’ll get yourself a beating.”

Lian Rong indeed leaped to his feet immediately and rushed off.

Zhang Yi Fei just laughed. She handed the little bunny to Yun Bei Fen and patted his head. “You take it for a bit. It’s cute, isn’t it?” She was actually wondering if she could gift it to that little martial sister from Elder Xu’s peak.

Yun Bei Fen happily held the little animal. Meanwhile, Yan Hong Min was rubbing his chin, lost in thought. As for who the little bunny here was … he felt like he had already found the true answer.

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