IRL C57 Good Planning on His Side

When Ao Jing reached the outskirts of the town where Shangguan Yu was living, his heart was once again beating madly. He took a deep breath and then turned to stop at the side of the road, turning off the engine and picking up his phone again.

Once again, he checked the address of the place where they were supposed to meet. Shangguan Yu had written in his message that it was a small cafe that had gotten pretty good reviews. It probably shouldn’t be difficult to recognize the place, right?

He took another deep breath and then put the phone down again, driving the rest of the way to his destination. Finding a parking spot not too far away in case they would go somewhere a little further away later on and he needed to drive Shangguan Yu, he finally got out of his car.

As if that was the only thing making him stay on his feet, Ao Jing took another deep breath and then smoothed out his clothes. Now, what? Should he go over and get a table? Or should he wait outside instead?

Clutching his phone in his hand, Ao Jing looked at the entrance of the cafe that was lined by two small trees. He couldn’t help but feel torn. There were still twenty minutes left until the time they were supposed to meet. It was likely that Shangguan Yu wasn’t even here yet.

In that case, waiting for him at the entrance would probably be the right decision. It would show Shangguan Yu that meeting him was the most important to him and that he couldn’t wait even a single moment longer to see him. That should make the best impression, right?

He already wanted to go over when he hesitated again though. On the other hand … If it was a cafe that had gotten very good reviews, then maybe it was also one that was frequented very often. It might very well be that all seats would be taken if they weren’t there early enough. How awkward would that be?

Ao Jing raised his hand and held his forehead. He was really making matters difficult for himself, wasn’t he? He should just decide on something and then let it be. This kind of flip-flopping between options wouldn’t get him anywhere.

To go in or not to go in, that was the question. He rubbed his neck and finally decided that he couldn’t come to decision. Sighing to himself, he picked up his phone, opened WeChat, and then sent Shangguan Yu a message: [I’m there. Should I go in and wait for you or would it be better to stand by the entrance? You probably haven’t reserved a table, have you?]

At this moment, Shangguan Yu was only about to leave the house. He had put on the clothes that they had bought yesterday, made sure that he had his phone and his keys with him and was ready to leave the house but his mother and sister were still reminding him of everything they felt he would need to know for his first date.

“Anyway, if he tries to pressure you into anything, then definitely don’t give in! Only a scumbag would try to do that kind of thing. If he is the right one for you, then he will accept a no without questions.”

Shangguan Yu nodded good-naturedly at his mother, feeling kind of vexed that they would actually keep him for so long even though the date was supposed to start soon while also feeling happy at the same time that they cared about him so much. “I know already, mom. Just let me leave already! If I don’t, then I’ll totally be too late.”

Just when he said so, his phone buzzed. He took it out and saw that it was a message from Ao Jing. Opening it with bated breath, his eyes finally widened when he saw the continent. “Oh my God! Ao Jing is already at the cafe.”

He looked up at his mother and sister, not knowing what to do. There were still twenty minutes so it wasn’t like he was too late but it also wouldn’t be good to let his husband wait for so long, would it? Ah, if only he had already left the house and was on his way there!

Shangguan Xin’s eyes widened. “What? Aren’t there twenty minutes left? Why is he already there?!” Thankfully, she had already sent Yu Lan over. Otherwise, this really might have gotten difficult. Anyway, they still needed to make sure that this Ao Jing wouldn’t have to wait for too long. Otherwise, wouldn’t his first impression of Shangguan Yu be a bad one? “Then you have to hurry up! No, wait. You write him a message first. Tell him that you’re already on the way.”

Shangguan Yu stared at the screen of his phone anxiously. “He asked whether he should go in or wait outside. I should probably tell him to go inside, shouldn’t I?” It seemed like the obvious thing to do but he still couldn’t help but turn to look at his mother and sister.

Anyway, this was his first date. Was there anything bad about waiting inside? But twenty minutes seemed like a lot. It wasn’t that it was cold outside but still, it probably wouldn’t be nice to just stand there. If it was him, he would definitely feel awkward.

The two of them hurriedly nodded and then rushed to look over his shoulder. “Yes, yes. You better hurry up! Don’t let him wait.”

Shangguan Yu nodded and rushed to write back: [I didn’t reserve anything. I think it’d be better to wait inside. I’m just leaving the house. I’ll probably take a few minutes.]

He already hit sent while his mother put her hands over her head. “What have you done?! Why didn’t you tell him that you were already on the way? Now, he’ll think you’re taking your sweet time!”

Shangguan Yu glanced at her. “But I’m not. Anyway, I will take quite a bit of time.”

Shangguan Xin just sighed. “Anyway, he’s twenty minutes early. He really can’t fault Xiao Yu for that.”

Shangguan Yu nodded like pecking rice. “Right! Ao Jing isn’t like that anyway. He wouldn’t blame me. He probably just came here earlier because he was afraid that there would be a traffic jam or something. It’s good planning on his side. I probably should’ve planned a bit better as well.”

Madam Shangguan sighed and then patted his shoulder. “Well, you know him best. Just go over then. We’ll see how things work out. And don’t forget to text us in-between to give us an update.”

Shangguan Yu smiled wryly. “You really think I’d be having time to text you? I’ll be focusing on Ao Jing while I’m out!” He gave her a cheeky grin and then hugged his sister before rushing out of the house. Anyway, he couldn’t wait any longer. He really wanted to see Ao Jing.

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