RMN C249 A Waste of Time

The disciples exchanged glances, not quite sure what to make of this. Just what was below their feet? Originally, they had consciously kept off the smooth surface, fearing that they might trigger some kind of trap if they stepped on it. Now, they actually had to find out that no matter what they did, it wouldn’t change anything, because the structure was actually much bigger than they had originally been able to see.

Kui Min and Yi Ju looked at Yuan Lei while Di Huan Bo, Ao Jing, and the others looked at Yang Wu Huang, silently asking just what they were supposed to do now.

Yang Wu Huang looked at the ring they had dug out around this place, but he also couldn’t say what exactly it was that was in front of them. They could probably use their spiritual energy to dig deeper, uncovering the whole thing, but who knew how long that would take? And right now, it was already quite late. If they didn’t leave now, they wouldn’t be able to make it back to the camp in time.

On the other hand, if they went back and reported this, but couldn’t say anything more than that they found some kind of smooth surface that was extending below the ground, he was pretty sure that this would be taken from them. Clearly, Elder Baili was biased. And who knew if Elder Xing would already be back? He didn’t want one of his achievements to go to Mei Chao Bing again.

Thus, he just couldn’t bring himself to tell the others to return. No, since he had made the effort, he should also be the one to receive the prize in the end. “This looks like a very important clue. I think that we should investigate it more thoroughly. There will definitely be ways to make sense of this.”

Yuan Lei hadn’t wanted to argue with him before, but this time, he felt that it was bad enough to say something. “Senior martial brother Yang, if we don’t return now, we won’t make it back in time before it gets dark.”

Yang Wu Huang glanced at him, unwilling to back off. “It’s alright to be worried, junior martial brother Yuan but this is too important to slack off at such an important moment.”

“This isn’t about slacking off. If we are still in the border region away from our camp when it gets dark, we will be in more danger.”

“Then we should make most of the time right now to find out more. The faster you work, the earlier you will be able to go back.”

“And if night falls before that? Then what?”

Yang Wu Huang sighed as if he really didn’t know what to do with Yuan Lei and slightly raised his brows. “If we need longer here, then we will naturally need to hurry up a bit more on the way back. I really don’t know why you’re making it out to be such a problem. The time that you are spending here arguing with me could already be spent investigating this place.”

“If it was just us, I wouldn’t be saying anything. But whether it is junior martial brother Yun, junior martial sister Kui, or junior martial sister Yi, all three of them are not of a high enough level to fly faster. Junior martial brother Yun has even just learned how to fly. Do you really think that they can just hurry up? They won’t be able to keep up with us.”

“Then we’ll take them along. In any case, isn’t that why we are a group?”

Yuan Lei shook his head but did not argue any longer. In any case, Yang Wu Huang didn’t intend to listen to him. No matter what he said, the outcome would still be the same. Thus, instead of arguing, he might indeed just get to work and hope that they would be able to find something that would satisfy Yang Wu Huang’s wish of finding out more so that they could return. Maybe they would indeed be able to make it in time.

Seeing that Yuan Lei had given up, Yang Wu Huang smiled and turned back to the others. “Well, since we finally agreed on that, let’s get to work. For now, it would be best to find out something more about this structure. Considering the different levels of everyone, I want to ask the disciples with a lower level to focus on the places outside of the smooth surface. Just dig down and try to figure out in which direction it goes and if you can discern any kind of clue from it. As for everyone else, we should take a closer look at the ground in the middle. Maybe we will be able to figure out something from that.”

The others nodded and got to work.

Yun Bei Fen furrowed his brows and looked up at the sky, not happy with what he was seeing either. If it was Mei Chao Bing, he definitely wouldn’t have made them do that. Even when they had traveled at the outermost edge of the border region, he had still made sure that they wouldn’t be traveling at night and instead had the safest possible camp side and that there was always somebody patrolling.

Now, Yang Wu Huang was actually saying that they should just continue to stay here. Even though they were in the middle of the border region. If they didn’t find anything soon, would they have to spend the night here? He really was worried about that. Especially since that might mean not seeing Mei Chao Bing when he returned because who knew where he would be by then.

Unfortunately, Yun Bei Fen was in the same situation as Yuan Lei: No matter how unhappy he was, he could only go along with it since Yang Wu Huang was the one who was leading this group. They had agreed to that and considering that Yang Wu Huang had both Ao Jing and Di Huan Bo on his side, as well as those two junior martial brothers, it would be difficult to disagree. Yuan Lei was the only strong disciple on their side.

With an unhappy expression, he put down Xiao Hui and then started to use his spiritual energy to dig. Bit by bit, he was making a hole in the ground, but it seemed that no matter how deep he was digging, he couldn’t find anything. This was really such a waste of time.

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