RMN C247 Why Does It Look Different?

Thus, under Yuan Lei’s surprisingly accommodating words, the others finally did what Yang Wu Huang had said. Kui Min didn’t even fuss about the suggestion that Yang Wu Huang made for splitting up. In the end, Yang Wu Huang and Di Huan Bo stayed together, taking Ran Wu with them, as well as Tan Xin. On the other hand, there were Yuan Lei and Ao Jing, as well as Nian Tao, Yi Ju, and Yun Bei Fen. In any case, while one part of the group might have a person more, Yi Ju and Yun Bei Fen had the lowest level so this was a logical way to split them up.

Yang Wu Huang was a bit regretful that he couldn’t take Yun Bei Fen along right now and brush up on his good feelings, but he also knew why it was necessary. Right now, they needed to investigate the clues. There would be no time to work on the matter with Yun Bei Fen. In any case, allowing him to stay with the others and not forcing the issue might also show Yun Bei Fen just how serious he was about making things up to him. In the end, even if he lost out right now, this would at least have benefits in the future. He was alright with that.

Thus, the two groups moved out separately, investigating the edge of this strangely smooth place.

Yi Ju and Yuan Lei were the ones who were able to provide their part of the group with the best benefits right now. Since they were able to search for traces, they had a certain understanding of what they needed to look for while the others could only randomly try to find out something by using their spiritual sense or looking for other clues that might not be too obvious.

Yu Jin glanced at the group on the other side and then looked at Yuan Lei. “Is it alright that our part has both of us and they don’t have anyone?”

Yuan Lei glanced at her and lowered his voice. “Don’t light yourself on fire to keep others warm. In any case, we probably won’t be able to find out anything too soon. This place is strange but matters usually aren’t that straightforward. And we are currently lacking a more experienced disciple like Mei Chao Bing or Song Mu. I really don’t think we’ll have much luck.”

Yi Ju slightly furrowed her brows but still nodded. She also understood that they were in a bad situation. She just focused on her task again, not caring too much about Yang Wu Huang anymore. In any case, they were investigating one half of the outer edge of this place. If there was something to find here, they should still be able to do so, right? Telling herself so, she just continued.

Meanwhile, Yun Bei Fen tried to use his spiritual sense just like Mei Chao Bing had shown him, but couldn’t figure anything out. The ground on one side was a bit different from the ground on the other side, but there really wasn’t that much of a difference. He didn’t really know about these things too well so he had no idea what exactly this might mean. And there also wasn’t Mei Chao Bing to ask. He could probably ask the others, but he also didn’t quite know how.

At that time, Nian Tao was walking next to him. He looked at the ground to their feet and then swept the surroundings with a glance before looking back. Finally, he looked up at Yun Bei Fen. Even though he knew that Yun Bei Fen was with Mei Chao Bing and couldn’t help but wonder what kind of strange taste he had to just ignore that guy’s past, he still held some good feelings for a cute junior like this. “Junior martial brother Yun, if you need help, you can always say so.”

Yun Bei Fen who had just pondered the question of why the ground was shimmering differently, looked up at Nian Tao, looking a bit puzzled.

Nian Tao felt as if he had figured out what was going on and encouraged him some more. “What’s the matter? Even though I might not be as good as senior martial brother Yuan or senior martial brother Yang, I also have a bit of experience. You can just say it if there’s something you want me to explain.”

Yun Bei Fen figured that if this person was already suggesting it himself, then there really was no reason to hold back. He pondered for a moment how to say it and then looked at him curiously. “Then, senior martial brother Nian, why does the ground look different here compared to over there?”

Nian Tao followed Yun Bei Fen’s gesture with his gaze and then looked back at him, completely baffled. “Isn’t that … Isn’t that what we’re trying to find out?” So how would he now?! This time, Yun Bei Fen had really managed to throw him for a loop. Strangely enough, they were both looking puzzled to about the same degree.

Yuan Lei and Ao Jing who had noticed that something didn’t seem quite right looked back, asking what was up with them.

Nian Tao scratched his head and then motioned at the ground. “It’s nothing. Junior martial brother Yun was asking why the ground looks different.”

Yuan Lei and Ao Jing both looked just as puzzled as Nian Tao when they heard that. Had Yun Bei Fen not understood what exactly they were doing here?

Ao Jing looked at him deeply and slowly figured that maybe this smallest disciple of Elder Baili was a bit of a simpleton. Clearly, there had to be something wrong with his head if he hadn’t understood even the basic matter of what was going on.

Seeing that nobody seemed to understand him, Yun Bei Fen lowered his head and just started to brush through Xiao Hui’s fur, feeling a bit miffed. If senior martial brother Mei was here, this definitely wouldn’t have happened. He would’ve been able to explain to him. It was just that these people didn’t understand him well enough.

The little bunny on his arms started to wriggle around, clearly not quite happy with the way its fur was being treated.

The midnight wolf that had been following behind them shot Yun Bei Fen an annoyed look and then glanced at the ground next to them. Why was it looking different … This question sounded quite innocent when asked by this big little bunny. Since he had spent quite a bit of time with Mei Chao Bing and Yun Bei Fen, Da Hei also somewhat understood how Yun Bei Fen saw things around him. Most likely, what he had perceived was a difference in quality between these two pieces of earth. Speaking of which …

Da Hei reached out and put a paw on the smooth ground next to them. It was harder than the one they were walking on, even though it was not by much. But clearly, it was indeed something that was man-made. As for what it was intended for … that was quite difficult to say but he did have somewhat of a conjecture.

Not quite sure if he was right and not wanting to be discovered by those other disciples either, Da Hei took a measuring look at Yun Bei Fen. Well, it seemed that this time, he could only cause a bit of trouble.

With that, the midnight wolf abruptly turned, hitting Yun Bei Fen square in the back and making him lose his balance. His sword and the little bunny flew into the air and Yun Bei Fen fell. Unfortunately, this time, there was no Mei Chao Bing to react immediately so all three of them landed with a thud, stirring up quite a bit of dust.

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