SML V3C12 Up To Date On Everyone’s Life

Li Ming and Rui Lan continued to sit together for a while longer, just drinking and chatting a bit. In any case, some time had already passed so Rui Lan didn’t feel like hurrying home would help much. Finally, they bid goodbye and then each went on their own way.

Back in the restaurant, Si Tao was leaning against the bar, giving a drawn-out hum.

Yao Chen glanced at him and raised his brows. “What’s the matter, boss?”

Si Tao tilted his head toward him and then glanced over at the door. Finally, he stepped closer and lowered his voice to make sure that the guests on the other side of the bar wouldn’t hear. “Mo Fang has a new boyfriend. He just came here with a co-worker.”

Yao Chen looked over to where Si Tao had been looking but the table was already empty. “You mean Mo Fang?”

Si Tao shook his head. “No, his boyfriend. Mo Fang was just messaging me, complaining about how his boyfriend ditched him, and then that guy came here with a co-worker of theirs.”

“Another cheater?” Yao Chen himself was straight but he was pretty up to date on what was going on in the lives of those members of the community that lived close enough by to come over regularly. And Mo Fang’s drama was something that he knew pretty much every detail of thanks to the fact that he just loved to talk about it and was also known by enough people to be talked about pretty often. So, naturally, he also knew all about the debacle with Lan Heng.

“No, no, he seems like a decent guy. I was just wondering what he was doing here.” His expression turned pensive. To be honest, he really loved to gossip. That was one of the reasons he loved to spend time at his different establishments. The kind of stories he could hear there … and it was even more interesting if it had to do with people he knew. Not to mention when it was about one of his ex-boyfriends. Ah, he really wanted to know …

Si Tao pursed his lips and scanned the people sitting at the tables close to where Li Ming and Rui Lan had been. Seeing somebody he knew, his eyes lit up. He patted Yao Chen’s shoulder and then went over, casually sitting down among the group.

With a bright smile, he waved over a waiter and had them bring a round for the group before he elbowed the girl next to him. “Hey, did you hear what the two on the table behind you were talking?”

The girl laughed and leaned closer, lowering her voice. “Oh, yes. You’ll love this, Bro Si!”

“Eh … don’t put me on the rack. Just tell me!”

The girl laughed again and then leaned even closer, finally whispering a run-down of the conversation into his ear. Even though she felt it was quite amusing, she also didn’t want to broadcast it to everyone. Just telling Si Tao still felt alright since the restaurant was his but otherwise, she’d keep it to herself.

Si Tao’s brows slowly wandered up while he listened. “So it was like this …” He leaned back and tried to wrap his head around this new information. Just like Rui Lan, he had also never doubted his own performance so he felt that Li Ming really was an oddball. But then again, he’d rather Mo Fang date a guy like that than another Lan Heng. Just looking at Li Ming and then hearing what kind of conversation he’d have with a straight friend, you just knew that this guy was honest to a fault. Mo Fang would be in good hands with him.

The girl couldn’t help but nudge his arm. “Bro Si, why are you so curious about them? You wouldn’t have been interested in one of them, would you? What would your girlfriend say if she knew? Actually, you should tell her. If she needs comforting, just send her over!”

Si Tao gave her a doubtful look. “I’m not letting my girl enter the lion’s den. Anyway, I was just curious. That Li Ming is together with a friend of mine so I was wondering what was up.”

“Your friend with the many partners?” She smirked, feeling that the story got even funnier now that she was getting some more exclusive details from yet another side.

Si Tao wasn’t about to share more though. “Yeah, that one. Anyway, I should go and warn him now. You guys have fun!” He got up, waved, and then hurried away before she could ask more.

He went straight back to his office and picked up his phone that had been bombarded by tenths of unread messages that were all from Mo Fang. Si Tao didn’t bother to read them and just called him to tell him the good news.

Naturally, Mo Fang who had been waiting for a reply for what felt like an eternity picked up immediately. Before he could say anything though, Si Tao already started talking.

“I can tell you why your boyfriend didn’t want to take you home: He’s afraid his performance in bed is lacking. Xiao Fang, you should really dial it back a bit if you want to make any progress. Be a bit more comforting instead of just demanding him to do things all the time. If you need help, I can ask my girlfriend to teach you. You know, she’s the best at this. Since I got together with her, I —”

“Stop!” Mo Fang yelled to get around Si Tao’s unfiltered praises of his girlfriend and get back to the really important point. “What did you say about Li Ming’s performance?” There wouldn’t be something important his boyfriend had forgotten to mention, right?

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