SML V3C13 Two Options

Si Tao sighed when he heard that question. Honestly, why could he never talk about his girlfriend? Was that really asking too much? He also wanted to brag a bit! Well, anyway, that wasn’t the question right now. “Your boyfriend turned up in my restaurant with a co-worker of yours. They were discussing how he’s worried about disappointing you in bed. I’m saying you should try to be a bit more empathetic toward him instead of trying to drag him into bed all the time. Can’t you go without for a few days?”

On the other side, Mo Fang harrumphed. “What’s with that accusatory tone? If I remember correctly, you were always happy that I didn’t want to. How come you’re suddenly singing a different tune now? You wouldn’t be jealous of Li Ming, would you?”

Si Tao lowered the phone and made a face at the screen. This guy! Why was he even trying to help Mo Fang if he always reacted like this? Was that really worth it? He took a deep breath and then sighed. “Anyway, I thought I should tell you and give you some advice. If you don’t want to take it and ruin your relationship again, just don’t come to me to complain later on. It should be enough that I already told you so.”

This time, Mo Fang stayed quiet for a moment. To be honest, Si Tao’s advice was indeed not bad. He had also warned him not to be taken in by Lan Heng’s abs. He should have listened to him back then!

Thinking of that, Mo Fang became a little more docile. “Well … it’s not that I don’t want to take your advice. But it’s so hard! I already broke things off with Lan Heng last week and Li Ming isn’t making any advances at all. I’m already being made to feel like it’s an achievement to get a lingering kiss or hug. This isn’t enough!”

Si Tao rubbed his head and leaned back on his chair. He knew Mo Fang well enough to realize that he was actually serious about this. He wouldn’t be able to stay in this relationship for long if Li Ming didn’t reconsider soon. He’d get fed up after a bit and then run off. And who knew what kind of guy he’d get hung up on by then? That also wasn’t something he wanted to see. That Li Ming seemed like a good guy. It would be nice if Mo Fang could stay with him for a longer time.

Thinking for a bit, he still tried to advise him once more. “Look, I get it. You don’t want to wait forever. But he’s also a man. Even if he holds back at the beginning, how long can that last? Just give him some time to get over his issues and I’m sure he’ll come around soon. In any case, worrying about your own performance has to be such a downer. Give the poor guy a break!”

Mo Fang just gave another huff. “Don’t tell me you ever were in that situation. I don’t believe it. You always thought you were the best in everything.”

Si Tao hummed in response. “I still think that. I’m sure it’s true as well. My girlfriend —”

“You’re not! Anyway, what do you think I should do about Li Ming? Isn’t there anything I can do to make him get over his issues sooner?” He turned onto his back and stared up at the ceiling. He really wanted things to work with Li Ming and he was willing to wait a while longer but, right now, he had no idea how long that ‘while’ would be. What if it was several weeks or maybe even months? He wouldn’t be able to take that! No, he had to somehow shorten the time. No matter how, he couldn’t let this go on.

Si Tao grumbled when he was interrupted once again but he still sincerely thought about the question. “Well, I think there are two ways: One, you can try to get him into a situation where he just can’t resist and is too busy getting it on to think about his issues. Or two, you try to comfort him and build up his self-esteem in that regard.”

Mo Fang pursed his lips, a sparkle entering his eyes. “I think I have an idea for number one.”

“Actually, I would suggest doing number two …” Si Tao said so but he didn’t expect Mo Fang to actually care. This was always the problem with giving him advice. He just wouldn’t take it. Or maybe he would take it but not follow it through. It was exhausting to watch.

Mo Fang indeed didn’t bother with him any longer. “Well, I know now! Don’t worry about this, Da Tao. I’ll get this done in no time. Anyway, I’ll have to say goodbye now. I need to prepare some things.”

With that, he already ended the call, leaving Si Tao to lower the phone again and look at the screen blankly. Could somebody explain to him just how it always ended up like this? Truth be told, he felt like he would have more luck getting the relationship of the two of them on track if he went to talk to Li Ming instead of to Mo Fang …

Well, not that he was responsible for saving their relationship. Actually, he should just ignore them and focus on his own happiness. Ah, if only he could already go back home to spend time with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, because of this whole issue with Mo Fang, there were still lots of things to do.

Si Tao sighed, put his phone to the side, and then started to get back to work. Hopefully, Mo Fang wouldn’t disturb him again. He really needed to finish this fast.

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