OMF V8C80 An Unattainable Person

Jin Ling looked up, his gaze lazy. This Ye Yang … he was a useful pawn but unfortunately quite sticky. Especially right now that he had heard about Jinde getting married, he wasn’t happy at all. He pulled away, then got to his feet in a swift motion, walking a few steps away, but pretending to be casual about it.

Ye Yang’s gaze followed him, and there was a small smile on the demon’s lips. “You know, I’ll notice if you are avoiding me. What happened to rain on your parade?” He still followed him but didn’t try to touch him again. In any case, he could also see that Jin Ling wasn’t in the mood and he was a guy who would force himself on others. If Jin Ling wanted, he would welcome him with open arms. If not, he wouldn’t bother.

Jin Ling clicked his tongue, still feeling vexed, but he finally turned to look at Ye Yang. “Even if I told you, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to understand.”

Ye Yang raised his brows, a little surprised. “Is that so? Well, you could try me. Maybe I will surprise you.”

Jin Ling laughed and went back to him, wrapping his arms around Ye Yang’s neck. “Have you ever had something taken from you that you desired very much?”

Ye Yang reached out, and grabbed his face, looking into those caramel-colored eyes. “That would probably depend on what kind of thing we’re talking about.”

“Like … a person. Has that ever happened to you?”

Ye Yang’s lips curled up further and he leaned down a little, bringing his face close to Jin Ling’s. “You must be teasing me. Of course, it happened to me.” In any case, hadn’t Jin Ling himself done something like that to him? Back then, when Jin Ling had wanted to take the throne after his predecessor died, he had been there to support him. In exchange, he had wanted Jin Ling. But all he got was a bit of passion for one night. That definitely wasn’t enough for him.

Even after all this time, Ye Yang hadn’t been able to forget about it, causing him to make pretty much the same deal once again. He knew it was idiotic because he would once again be left with nothing but he also couldn’t help himself. He wanted what he wanted. But with the principles he had, there was no way to obtain it without striking some kind of deal.

Hearing Jin Ling say such a thing now made Ye Yang quite curious. “I gather that there was such a person for you too. But you somehow didn’t manage to win their favor?” Ye Yang couldn’t help but feel that this was a little amusing. Jin Ling … He was beautiful beyond belief and he had a charm that could topple nations. Was there really a person that could resist him? If he really tried to ensnare somebody who would be able to do so?

Jin Ling clicked his tongue again, admiring the expression in his eyes. If only Jinde would look at him like this. This kind of admiration … Why couldn’t he get it from him? “Not only did I not get who I want, but he was even taken away by another person, getting married. Now, these two will be in a world of their own. And I … I’m supposed to watch on. That really isn’t something I can take.”

Ye Yang gave a hum, feeling that there was quite a dangerous glint in Jin Ling’s eyes. “And now? What are you going to do about it?”

Jin Ling didn’t answer immediately. He just continued to look at Ye Yang, weighing his options. “I know where that person currently is. I could go there, wait for him, surprise him, kill the person who took him away and have my happily ever after. I think that sounds quite good, wouldn’t you say so?”

Ye Yang gave another hum, feeling a bit uncomfortable. Jin Ling was really willing to do something like this. He probably shouldn’t be surprised considering the position he was currently in. In any case, nobody became the demon king without being willing to sacrifice everything and not adhere to any kind of morals. That just didn’t happen.

On the other hand, there was also a feeling of unhappiness in his heart. He clearly wanted to be with Jin Ling and he felt that he also was a good partner. Whether it was his looks, personality, skills, there wasn’t anything about him that was lacking, right? Why wasn’t that enough? Why go after a person that was unwilling to be with him? Ah, but maybe that was exactly what Jin Ling liked about whoever it was. The unattainability of somebody could really stimulate some demons.

“Unfortunately, if you leave now to go and stalk somebody, you will definitely lose your throne. Is that what you want?”

Jin Ling once again kept quiet, his expression unreadable. Naturally, he wouldn’t mind at all. Who cared about that stupid throne of the demon realm? If he could get Jinde, he didn’t care about anything else. And in any case, after they were together, they might as well rule over the dragon realm together. Nobody needed Qiu Ling there.

It really was such a beautiful idea. Unfortunately, he didn’t know if it could really play out like this. After all, if he lost the throne of the demon realm, then that Yong Hai would become the new demon king and he would definitely attack the dragon realm as soon as he could. He couldn’t let that happen.

“Well … you’re right about that. In that case, I could only send somebody over that I trust.” He moved his hands and gently brushed over Ye Yang’s neck, finally rubbing his throat. “If only there was somebody who would be willing to do me that little favor … I would definitely be forever grateful to them.”

Ye Yang looked at him, fully aware of what was going to happen. In the end, he still nodded. “Well, I guess I should leave immediately then. Where exactly do you want me to go?”

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