OMF V8C79 He Would Still Help Him

Ye Yang knocked on the door with a faint smile and waited for a response. After a moment, there still wasn’t one though. He lightly furrowed his brows, wondering what exactly was up. An Bai wouldn’t have suddenly decided to completely refuse to see him, would he? No, that would be too strange. In any case, he had been coming over regularly already for quite some time now. And so far, An Bai had never refused to see him. He wouldn’t suddenly start doing so.

Unless … Ye Yang furrowed his brows even further, then looked down at the book in his hands. This time, it was a collection of love poems. Clearly one of the more risky things he had brought over. Could it be that this little dragon had fallen in love with somebody else? Was it too late? At the very least, that would be a likely explanation. If it was the truth, he would actually have to give up. Although he had to admit that it was a bit of a pity.

He sighed, then turned around, wondering what he should do now.

Just then, the door on the other side of the corridor opened, and Fu Min stepped out, freezing on the spot when he saw Ye Yang. His expression immediately darkened, and he glared at him. “What are you doing here again?!” He definitely hadn’t forgotten how this person had made use of him to get to An Bai. How dare this guy appear in front of him this often?!

Hearing his husband’s anger, Fu Heng also came rushing over and then joined him in glaring at Ye Yang.

The demon opposite them just smiled faintly. “Greetings. I came to see An Bai again but it seems that he is out at the moment. You wouldn’t know when I could expect him to be back, would you?”

Fu Min crossed his arms in front of his chest and raised his chin. “Even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell you.”

Ye Yang inclined his head, not bothering to ask again. “Fair enough.” In any case, he also knew that he had lied at the beginning. It seemed that this little dragon was still angry at him about that. “Then I will be coming by again later.” He weighed the book in his hands and then just threw it into his spatial ring, not feeling like giving it to somebody else. Who knew if it would really end up in An Bai’s hands otherwise?

He didn’t bother to talk any longer to the other two dragons and just turned away, leaving the corridor. He couldn’t help but wonder where exactly An Bai had gone though. Usually, it was a safe bet to look for him in his study. If he wasn’t there … most likely, he would be on the lookout for something that he needed or he had gotten some kind of task.

While pondering this, Ye Yang left the palace and then stood on the street in front of it, looking in both directions. He should probably go and have a look around. Maybe he would be able to find out something.

Strolling through the streets, Ye Yang tried to find the places where An Bai could be. He even straightforwardly asked about him, but even though quite a few of the people he chose knew of him, they also hadn’t seen him today.

Ye Yang fell into deep thought. He wasn’t in the palace and he also wasn’t in the capital city. Could it be that he had been sent somewhere else for a mission? This really was quite intriguing. Unfortunately, there was no clue at all as to what kind of mission that could be or where he might have gone. And without anybody volunteering that kind of information to him, Ye Yang also wouldn’t be able to find An Bai.

He sighed, and then left the dragon realm, returning to the demon king’s palace.

Having a look around, Ye Yang couldn’t help but feel a little vexed. The atmosphere in here really was tense these days. The conflict between Jin Ling and Yong Hai hadn’t diminished at all. Instead, both sides had made some progress, making it questionable just who would come out on top. While Jin Ling had managed to gain the upper hand, for the time being, it was just by a hair’s breadth. If nothing happened soon to tilt the scales in either direction, he was afraid that this would end in a bloody war among their own people.

Well, this was something he couldn’t do too much about. He might be strong but he was just one person. And while he could talk and try to pull over a few people to their side, there was also a limit to that. It was true that there were quite a few demons who were unhappy with Jin Ling abandoning the quest for merging the dragons with their race again.

Personally, Ye Yang still couldn’t understand. What was so good about ruling over the dragons? Even if they managed to subjugate them for the time being, that would just come back to bite them when they were some strong individuals born in the race later on.

In the end, who could say for sure that it would be the demons ruling the dragons and not the other way around? Especially when looking at the current dragon king, he felt that there was a certain chance of that happening. That guy … he was pretty strong and despite the rumors, he also seemed like a sly one. Jin Ling, for one, definitely couldn’t contend with him in either regard.

But no matter what, he would still help him.

Ye Yang went to Jin Ling’s chambers, entering without bothering to knock, and gave him a faint smile when he saw him reclining in front of the window. He went over and hugged him around the waist, pulling him up against his chest. “What are you thinking about, beautiful?” He leaned down and kissed his chin, feeling contented. No matter how he looked at it, he had never seen a person more beautiful than Jin Ling in his life. Even if there was no love in the demon realm, he still made his heart thump faster.

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