OMF V8C77 The Perfect Time to Leave

As a result, Jinde just continuously poured spiritual energy into the necklace, but nothing happened. The other side didn’t react at all. Jinde lowered the necklace and then turned to his husband, wondering if he had any idea what was going on.

Leng Jin Yu gave a wry smile. “Zhong Jing Yi just ascended. Most likely, things will be a bit troublesome in the Nine Heavens right now. Qiu Ling probably has his hands full right now so he won’t react no matter what you do.”

Jinde sighed, but it seemed that his husband was right. He probably should’ve expected that. “The difference in time is really vexing.” This was another reminder that it would be better to have their child over in the immortal realms though. He definitely didn’t want this kind of thing to happen at that time. “Well, in any case, it seems that we are back to square one. What are we supposed to do now?”

Leng Jin Yu pondered for a moment and then shook his head. “I would say we shouldn’t worry about it for now. First, let’s take a few days just for ourselves. In any case, we just got married. Jin Ling won’t immediately come here to make trouble. As for everything else … we can slowly start to think about it by then.”

Jinde nodded, even though he was a little angry and also disappointed that things were like this. Spending a few days here was nice and all, but he wanted to leave so badly. He wanted to see the world again, to travel, and just do whatever he wanted. After not getting the chance for so long, it really was something he looked forward to.

Leng Jin Yu saw his expression and got up. “If that isn’t what you want, then let’s go take care of it immediately. We can just take one of those items and hide our appearances first. Then, we’ll leave the Yun Zou Sect and go somewhere that no one knows about. As long as we aren’t seen when we leave, it won’t be a problem.

“Later on, we can find more ways to hide ourselves. A year or so from now, we can contact Qiu Ling again or maybe find somebody else to help me. And you can also take some time to teach me a bit. In any case, learning from somebody else would probably be more beneficial in the long run, but this would also allow me to get more familiar with the way that Jin Ling will probably fight. It isn’t without merit.”

Jinde hesitated for a moment but thinking about it, it still seemed reasonable. In any case, this was what he wanted. The problem of Jin Ling being obsessed with him wouldn’t go away. And he had hidden long enough. Now, it was the perfect time to leave.

If he waited any longer, it might be too late. After all, Jin Ling knew that he had gotten married. Maybe he was going even crazier because of that. If the left, it would be better. After all, with the difference in time, Jin Ling wouldn’t be able to make it over here this fast unless he went immediately. And he didn’t think that he would.

Fei Bai Mu looked from one person to the other and then opened her spatial bag. “There might be something that I can do for you. It’s not much, but these are the official robes of the Jian Yi Sect. Wear these when you leave. You can pretend to be two disciples on a mission or just that you went outside to gain experience. With the name of the Jian Yi Sect, you won’t run into too much trouble and people likely won’t ask too many questions. Grandmaster Leng also knows the sect quite well so you know how to pretend to be real disciples. If somebody asks, you will always be able to pretend to be currently from there as well.”

Leng Jin Yu looked at the all-too-familiar robe and finally took it. “It feels a bit nostalgic.”

Jinde took the other one and gave a hum. He hadn’t seen the Jian Yi Sect so far, so he was quite interested in this. After all, that place had played a huge part in Leng Jin Yu’s life. If he was able to know more about it, that would also make him happy.

Fei Bai Mu also pulled out an identification jade and handed one over to each of them. “I guess I do not need to explain any further. Now, I’d better leave here. The two of you should wait inside for while. I will go and tell Elder Suo of the Ye Zhong Order about how you’ve decided and get the item for you. You can have something better delivered to you by somebody else. For now, it’s only important that you leave the Yun Zou Sect as soon as possible.”

The two of them nodded and then watched her leave before turning to glance at each other.

“Looks like you will finally get the journey that you were so eager to have.”

“A real adventure with my husband … that really sounds tempting. It’s a bit too stimulating though. Actually, I just wanted to peacefully travel around.” His gaze grew distant when he said that and he reached out, taking Leng Jin Yu’s hand. “I can’t help but think about how when we were young, we also came to the mortal realm for a while.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. There were some memories like that from Chun Yin. In hindsight, he was actually surprised that the two of them hadn’t gotten together earlier. Clearly, at that time, the mutual attraction had already been there. And if not for some coincidences along the way, they probably would’ve returned from that journey as a couple already.

Who knew if fate was toying with them that it had still turned out differently? In any case, they were together now. So this time, their travels would indeed be different.

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