OMF V8C76 Who to Ask for Help?

Jinde gave a faint hum, the idea actually growing on him. It was true that to have a child, it would be easier if they did it in the immortal realms. After all, while the process of creating a child might sound simple on the surface, just one misstep would mean that the child can’t live. So if one of them had to leave for the immortal realms, and too much time passed in the mortal realm before they could return, they would lose the child before they could even meet them.

So the immortal realms would indeed be the best bet for creating this child. They could return with them after they had been born but before that, this really was safer. It was just …

“The idea is good but we will likely be even easier found in the immortal realms. After all, there are enough people there that still know of me. Even some that have at least taken a glance at me before. And that, very unfortunately, includes people of all the immortal races.

“So if we did as you suggest, I’m afraid we will put ourselves at risk of being found sooner, as well as risking Qiu Ling’s relationship with Jing He. After all, it is a bit precarious already with the Heavenly Emperor not being on his side. If I was to return now and would be found … I’m afraid that this matter would become even worse. So I really don’t think we can do this.”

Leng Jin Yu furrowed his brows. This was something that he had come up with on the spur of the moment, but he still felt that it was the best idea to somehow make this work. In any case, the spiritual energy in the immortal realms was much denser than in the mortal realms so even though the time flowed differently, he would be able to advance faster. Also, there would be more people to spar with so he could gain more experience.

“As for the mortal realm … right now, there were only Jinde and Xin Lan. While he could ask Jinde, he was the one who had trained Jin Ling. So if he were to get used to Jinde’s style of fighting, while it would help him anticipate Jin Ling’s fighting style more easily, Jin Ling would also be able to see through him much easier. So that wouldn’t help at all.

As for Xin Lan … That guy might do him the favor for Jinde but considering that he had a fiance of his own right now, he might not be willing to give it a try. After all, his priorities right now were definitely somewhere else. He couldn’t blame him and, to be honest, he was also happier if Xin Lan wasn’t in the picture. Even though he knew that he shouldn’t, some of the previous jealousy still remained. After regaining all of his memories as Chun Yin, that was even more the case. It would take some more time to work that out.

Other than the two of them, there would only be Qiu Ling who they could ask but he had already followed Zhong Jing Yi back to the Nine Heavens. Since that was the case, they really couldn’t expect him to run back here to help them out, could they? No, that also didn’t seem to be a possibility. It seemed that this matter had come to an end just like that.

Leng Jin Yu sighed, not sure what else to do. “I’m afraid I don’t have a better solution then either. Maybe we will really just have to rely on temporarily changing our appearances and depending on luck.”

Looking at his face, Fei Bai Mu finally spoke up. “Your idea was quite good, but might just not be feasible to put into motion in a short amount of time. But I’m sure that you can figure out a way to work on it. Other than that … maybe this would be a good chance to work together with the demon-hunting sects. You can use an item to change appearances, but for the worst case’s sake that you are indeed discovered, they might have some things that would allow you to restrict the movements of a demon. It would at least be worth a try, wouldn’t it?”

Leng Jin Yu looked at her, trying to think it through. Indeed, this didn’t seem like such a bad idea. Maybe they would indeed be able to make this possible somehow. It was just … he was also a bit afraid of exposing himself.

Jinde glanced at him and felt that he could imagine just what it was that Leng Jin Yu was worried about. “Nobody needs to know who you are. In any case, that Elder of the Ye Zhong Order currently thinks that you have been pulled into this matter because of me. Let’s just leave it at that. She doesn’t need to know anything else. In any case, we could also inquire about news from somebody else. At least for that, I think we could also ask the bear child for help.”

Thinking of it, he actually took out his necklace and imbued his spiritual energy. This time, he didn’t use it to contact Xin Lan though but instead used it to give Qiu Ling a call. After all, the one who would have the easiest time gathering some information was definitely the current dragon king who could just casually tell his people to do so. He felt that the fact that he was married to his father should definitely be able to make the bear child help them out a bit. Especially if what he needed to do was such a simple task.

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