IRL C50 Interrogation

Shangguan Yu facepalmed in his hideout. What was this supposed to be? A striptease for the guards? That was the brilliant idea he had come up with?

Well, even though it was pretty ridiculous, he did have to say that it was working quite well. Never mind the commander and the guy next to him that had been talking to Zhou Ming, even the other guards had all turned to look at this man dressed in vibrant colors who was suddenly starting to take off his clothes. He probably wouldn’t get a better moment to sneak in.

Shangguan Yu sighed to himself, cast a lightening skill that would raise his agility by thirty percent for half a minute and then rushed out of his hiding place, jumping up one of the trees, onto the roof of the building he had been hiding behind and then over to the other side.

There were still twenty seconds left of the skill’s duration and he hurriedly scrambled higher up the roof before lying flat down next to the big carving of a guardian animal.

Just at that moment, the skill ended. Shangguan Yu exhaled and patted his chest in relief. He had managed to make it in time. Now, it would be forty seconds before he could use the skill again. Until then, he had to be careful. An inadvertent movement could already cause him to be discovered. He had to prevent that at all costs.

He first glanced over the roof to make sure that he could still count on Zhou Ming’s diversion. From this place, he couldn’t see too much but it seemed that the show on the path in front of the building was still going on. The guards probably wouldn’t check their surroundings anytime soon.

With that reassurance at the back of his mind, Shangguan Yu put his ear against the roof, trying to listen for any sounds from inside. Right now, he should be above the front hall which would be a good place to conduct whatever investigation was taking place. After all, whether it was receiving guests to discuss with them or just needing enough space for having people gather, this place would be perfect.

After listening for a moment longer, Shangguan Yu was sure that there was indeed something happening in the room below him. Unfortunately, he was too far away to be able to make out what exactly was being said and without seeing things proceed, he couldn’t even tell if Ao Jing was down there.

Thinking for a moment, he started to fiddle with one of the tiles, finally managing to make it come loose. He pulled it out and then peered through the hole down into the hall.

Down there, Mister Mo was interrogating the servants.

Right at this moment, most of them were shivering, afraid that something they had done wrong might come to light while some of the others looked around shiftily as if trying to find a scapegoat for whatever bad deed they knew they had committed. Some of these actions were pretty obvious looking at them from above while they might escape the eyes of the person right in front of them.

It seemed he had really made the right call when coming here. Although … He glanced everywhere but couldn’t see his husband. Where had Ao Jing gone? Wasn’t he here to do the investigation? Or could it be he was too late and they had already left?

He glanced around some more but also couldn’t spot Liangqiu Min’s brother. Huh. How peculiar. He felt that if they had really left, Ao Jing would have told him. He almost wanted to pull out the chat system to text him but then reconsidered.

Anyway, who knew where he had gone if they really weren’t here anymore? He should just take a closer look at this situation first. If he couldn’t find out anything, he could still text Ao Jing afterward. Thus, Shangguan Yu continued to peer through the hole and listen in on the scene below him.

Down in the hall, Mister Mo had tightly furrowed his brows, his anger clearly visible from just a glance at his face. “Is nobody going to talk? Do you honestly want me to believe that nobody in this whole estate saw or heard a thing? Is that what you want?”

Shangguan Yu almost wanted to laugh but he hurriedly held back, even clasping a hand over his mouth. He couldn’t make a single sound. Not if he didn’t want to be found.

Anyway, this guy was ridiculous if he thought that that kind of interrogation would bring about any results. If this was about the whereabouts of the painting of Liangqiu Min, then the one who was responsible for that would face trouble after they were exposed. Naturally, they wouldn’t fess up if they weren’t forced to do so. Who would casually disclose their involvement in this?

Mister Mo also seemed to realize that this wasn’t getting him anywhere. His expression darkened further and he raised the stakes. “If that is the case, then I’m afraid we will have to investigate this more closely. And if I find out that one of you has done anything that does not comply with the rules, you will face the consequences regardless of how small the matter is. Even if I have to throw out every single one of you, I will still do it!”

This time, the reaction he got was bigger. The people who had already been fearful originally turned pale with fright and finally, one of them hurriedly dropped to the ground.

“I have something to report, Master! I can’t say for sure that this is what you want to know about but I saw something suspicious half a week ago.”

Mister Mo nodded with satisfaction. This was much better. “Speak! What did you see?”

With that, the servant launched into her tale.

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