IRL C47 A Question of Stats

The two of them marched straight into the estate and then hid behind the corner of a building at Shangguan Yu’s request even though Zhou Ming felt that it wasn’t necessary at all. The watched the proceedings in the courtyard for a while, trying to piece together what was actually happening in the Mo family right now.

They hadn’t seen any members of the family and no servants either. There were only a handful of guards that appeared every now and then but even those weren’t there as frequently as they would have expected.

“What do you think happened?” Zhou Ming tilted his head to the side while watching the two guards that had just turned into the courtyard.

Shangguan Yu pondered. “This should be Ao Jing’s doing.”

Zhou Ming looked over. “You mean he knocked everyone out? I wouldn’t have thought your husband was that violent.”

Shangguan Yu frowned, unable to get behind how his friend had come up with that conclusion. “No, it’s probably his investigation. They likely gathered everyone somewhere for interrogation or something.”

Zhou Ming rubbed his chin, pondering for a moment. He had said that they should just take a quick look but they hadn’t actually seen anything. This wasn’t the thrill he was looking for! “How about trying to get a glance at that place?”

Shangguan Yu’s brows twitched, obviously not happy about that suggestion. “Didn’t you —”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Zhou Ming hurriedly confessed before he could get a stern talking-to. “But just think about it: You’re the only one that has experienced the whole thing. Being there is definitely advantageous. You might notice something your husband doesn’t.”

Shangguan Yu fell quiet when he heard that. Even though he was pretty sure that him being close by was a high risk, what Zhou Ming said also made sense. What was that saying? ‘No risk, no gain’? This might actually be such a situation where that was true.

And what was the worst that could happen? They might be thrown into jail once again or — if he breaking out upset Liangqiu Min’s brother — killed on the spot but this was only a game after all. It would hurt at the moment and he’d likely cry over the lost experience points and quest reward but that was nothing he couldn’t take.

Yes, the longer he thought about it, the more he felt that the potential gain made it worth it. Still, after the recent shock of almost killing an innocent person, he didn’t rush into things headfirst and tried to think it through. If they were caught, the reaction of Liangqiu Min’s brother would be one of fury and he might attack before he could get out even a single word. That was the situation he most wanted to prevent.

Shangguan Yu didn’t need to think long to come up with a plan. Since he had re-sorted his inventory several times, he remembered exactly what was in there. Opening it again, he directly took out a pendant and put it around his neck before sitting down and changing his shoes for a pair of leather boots.

Zhou Ming frowned. “What are you doing?”

“Adding stealth.” This was a game after all. Their stats would affect the outcome of situations.

Zhou Ming had put a lot into his luck stat so even in unfavorable situations, he might get through by sheer, dumb luck. Shangguan Yu, on the other hand, didn’t have that privilege. He was playing as a swordmaster and liked actually putting that class to use so he had thought about what he would need for that when setting up his character. Most of his stat points had gone into basic things like agility or strength. Luck … he had always thought that it was too unreliable. Even if he found equipment that added luck, he would just sell it in the marketplace and maybe get some potions or pills in return for when his luck failed him.

Thankfully, he did keep some equipment for special situations. This pair of boots and the pendant were two of them. Their level was actually pretty low so he disliked using them in fights but for sneaking around when investigating things, they were useful. The chance of getting caught was only a few percents less but he was alright with that.

Zhou Ming looked at him silently. He knew that Shangguan Yu was worried so if this made him feel better, he would let him do so. Especially since his luck couldn’t help others. He did have to say that just changing your shoewear in the middle of the estate of the people who wanted to catch you was pretty gutsy.

Shangguan Yu put the other pair of shoes away, dusted off his hands, and got back to his feet. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any other equipment he could swap out to make his chances at succeeding higher so he could only hope that this would be enough. In the future, he should probably get a whole set for these situations. It might not be completely in line with the character he wanted to play at but it was still better in the end.

Having finished the meager preparation he could do, Shangguan Yu nodded at his friend. “Alright, let’s go and see where they have everyone gathered. This kind of family should have lots of servants so my guess would be one of the bigger buildings. Maybe a hall or something.”

Zhou Ming nodded and then nodded upward. “Let’s get on the roof and look from there. You can duck down while I look at the other buildings. It’s unlikely anyone would see me.”

Shangguan Yu’s lips twitched but he still nodded. The two of them pushed off the ground, leaped onto the roof of the building next to them, and did as Zhou Ming had suggested.

As soon as they were up there, Zhou Ming raised his brows. “I think I already found them. Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to position half their guards around that building? Aren’t they afraid people will know what’s going on?”

Shangguan Yu really didn’t know what to say to that. In the end, he just sighed. “Well, let’s just be thankful that it made it easier for us.” Unfortunately, this also meant that it would be more difficult to get close to observe.

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