OMF V8C67 Do You Know about Formations?

Jing Yi nodded and then sidled up closer to Qiu Ling. “No matter what, we’ll find a way to deal with everything. Now though, how about we stop talking about that? The situation won’t go away and we’ll have to do with it for quite some time. So I think it would be nice to focus on something else when we have the chance.”

Qiu Ling looked a little guilty when Jing Yi brought that up. Right. He was probably talking about this way too much as if it wasn’t on Jing Yi’s mind enough already. He lightly cleared his throat and then pressed his hands up against his chest, giving a faint smile. “What do you want to talk about it?”

Jing Yi gave a hum and pondered, trying to think of something that he really wanted to talk about. By now, there wasn’t much though. The last years had always been spent cultivating and he hadn’t really taken interest in much else. Refining was the sole exception but Qiu Ling really wasn’t the right person to talk about that with. Thus, at most, he could talk about something that was related to cultivation. Continuing to think in that direction, his expression finally lit up. “Do you know about formations?”

Qiu Ling raised his brows and then nodded. “I do. It’s something that most people in the immortal races will learn if they have anything to do with fighting. Formations can be quite valuable in that regard.”

Jing Yi couldn’t help but worry a little when he heard Qiu Ling’s explanation. Qiu Ling had never wanted him to have to do anything with that. So most likely, he wouldn’t be happy about this question. “Well, I was thinking that I would like to learn.” He gave a wry smile, waiting for Qiu Ling’s verdict.

Qiu Ling didn’t seem to mind though and just straightforwardly nodded. “Of course. You didn’t really have the chance to learn much in the mortal realm since we were traveling around the first few years and then you still didn’t get a Master after returning to the Yun Zou Sect. Otherwise, you would’ve had the chance to at least dabble in it a little. It was probably good enough that you were able to learn a bit more about alchemy.” And, to be honest, that wasn’t thanks to anyone in the Yun Zou Sect but to Jinde and that Zheng Yin from the spiritual beast tribe. In the last millennium before Jing Yi’s ascension, the two of them had helped him to learn a little more. Otherwise, he always would’ve just known the basics that he had originally discovered in the Hei Dian Sect.

Jing Yi was honestly surprised when Qiu Ling just agreed. “Are you sure? Is there really nothing else you have to say to that?”

Qiu Ling was a little puzzled at that reaction. “Is there anything else that I should say?” He really didn’t know what Jing Yi meant. In any case, wasn’t it just learning about formations? What was so strange about that?

Jing Yi hesitated but then still explained his reasoning. In any case, it was best to speak up about the things that he was thinking. Otherwise, they would just misunderstand each other. “Well, I remember how you only agreed to teach me how to defend myself before but never agreed to let me find out more about how to attack somebody?”

Qiu Ling tensed up at that but still had to nod. How could he forget about that? Jing Yi had asked him about it not just once and clearly hadn’t been happy each time when he was denied. But no matter how he thought, he just hadn’t been able to bring himself to do this. He didn’t want Jing He to have memories of something like that. Because in his mind, Jing He was still that gentle person who couldn’t hurt anyone. Knowing how to defend himself was good but attacking somebody would be out of the question. In any case, he didn’t think that he needed to know. After all, even if something happened, wouldn’t he be there to protect him? Thus, he had indeed always kept Jing Yi from giving it a try.

Qiu Ling cleared his throat and then explained himself. “This wasn’t quite what I meant. It is not that formations are really there to attack somebody. There are many different kinds and they can be used strategically. So by utilizing formations, you can actually prevent yourself from having to fight. You could say that they are good for defending yourself.

“Also, there are a lot of formations that have nothing to do with fighting but usually, a guard would be knowledgeable about at least a few kinds because they will need them to do their job efficiently. There are other professions that also dabble in formations but, for the most part, everyone will just learn what they need to. It’s mostly those scholars like An Bai who learn more than that just because they want to know.”

Jing Yi gave a hum, feeling that he understood Qiu Ling’s reaction better now. In this case, it was clear why he wouldn’t have a problem with him learning it. Most likely, if he told him, he would leave out anything that he didn’t want Jing He to know about. In fact … “Did Jing He know how to use formations?”

Qiu Ling raised his brows but he wasn’t quite sure how to answer that. “Well, I have never seen him use one but I would guess so, yes. In any case, he is the crown prince and will rule the Nine Heavens one day. He always knew and was being prepared for that. So I think it isn’t wrong to say that he was quite well-versed in most things.”

Jing Yi nodded, trying not to feel inferior. In any case, the difference in their birth status was something that he would never be able to overcome. That was just a fact.

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