SML V3C2 Better Take Care of Mo Fang

Rui Lan’s brows shot up even further. Trap Li Ming in a relationship? What exactly was this about? “Boss Mo, what kind of relationship are we talking about here? Does Li Ming want to quit his job?” That couldn’t be, ah. He hadn’t heard anything about that! “Did you misunderstand something?”

Mister Mo clicked his tongue. “What misunderstood? Isn’t he together with my son? I definitely didn’t just dream about the two of them smooching at work.”

Rui Lan’s brows stayed up whether were as if he had attached them with a stapler. “Li Ming and Mo Fang smooching?” Well, he probably shouldn’t be that surprised. Clearly, Mo Fang had had his eyes on Li Ming for the last week already. “Ah, don’t blame him, Boss Mo. In any case, he definitely wouldn’t have forced your son.”

Mister Mo looked at Rui Lan as if he seriously doubted his intelligence. “If I was worried about anybody being forced, then I would be worried about Li Ming. You don’t need to tell me what you think. Just tell me what to do to make sure that Li Ming stays with him. It is such a rare occurrence that Mo Fang actually has a good boyfriend. I can’t let this just slip away. So what am I supposed to do?”

Rui Lan was still reeling a bit but he started to understand as well. It seemed … Mister Mo wasn’t actually against this? Well, that was good for Li Ming. Well, until he maybe broke up with Mo Fang. But then again, maybe that wouldn’t happen anytime soon. After all, Li Ming wasn’t the type to change boyfriends easily. If he had a crush on somebody, he probably wouldn’t give up before his hopes were completely dashed. So unless Mo Fang just left him and got together with somebody else, nothing would change for Li Ming. The fact that he was already in a relationship with him made that just clearer.

Thinking about that, Rui Lan’s brows finally returned to their original place and he shook his head. “Boss Mo, you really don’t need to worry. Li Ming is the type of guy that will get really attached to somebody. Just think of how long he was pining after Su Yan. If he has decided to get together with Mo Fang, then it’s because he really loves him. Since they are already together, he wouldn’t just leave. If you want to worry, you’d better worry about your son!”

“Aiya! You don’t need to tell me. That’s what I am worried about. But there’s no way to control what Mo Fang does. So I can only work on Li Ming.”

Rui Lan’s lips twitched when he heard that. “Well, if Mo Fang wants to break up, then there’s nothing that Li Ming can do. You also know him. If you got told no, he would definitely back off three steps. Especially after what happened with Su Yan. You really think he would have the guts to continue to pursue Mo Fang in that case?”

Mister Mo tightly furrowed his brows. That was true. Li Ming had never been a pushy person. For him to actually go after Su Yan like that back then, it had needed Zhi Bao Yu to lie quite a bit to him. And he had clearly regretted that immediately after what had happened. After such a thing happening, there was no way he would ever let something like that happen again. Most likely, this was a regret he would always carry with him. Unfortunately, this really didn’t leave Boss Mo with any options.

Mister Mo sighed and patted Rui Lan’s shoulder. “Well, you’d better pray then. I really don’t want to see my son break up with another good person again. It’s about time he found somebody who really cherished him and stayed together with him.”

Rui Lan nodded, feeling a bit sorry for Mister Mo. In any case, it definitely couldn’t be easy to be the father of somebody like Mo Fang. This guy, if he could, he would definitely make trouble. If he couldn’t, he would still surprise you with something. If Mister Mo didn’t die early from a heart attack, that would already be his good blessing from a past life. “Well, I guess I can’t do much but I’ll talk it through with Li Ming if there’s a chance in the future.”

“I knew I could count on you.” Boss Mo patted his shoulder again and then wanted to leave but finally turned back around. “Ah, right, send somebody to the changing rooms in a bit. Somebody spilled some coffee there. We should take care of that before somebody slips. I don’t want one of our employees to have an accident.”

Rui Lan nodded and then went to take care of it while Mister Mo returned to his office.

Sitting down behind the desk, he was still a little worried. Ah, it would be best if he could have a talk with Li Ming himself. But it would be really awkward to just go and speak with him like that. After all, they were still employer and employee. That kind of thing … it was always a bit difficult when it suddenly became intertwined with personal relationships.

Then again, maybe Li Ming also felt awkward. After all, his original reaction of telling him that it wasn’t how it looked was quite telling. He had probably been doubly embarrassed because not only had he been caught by the father of his boyfriend but also by his own boss. And these two were actually the same person. Most likely, Li Ming felt even worse than him.

Thinking of that, a beautiful smile blossomed on Mister Mo’s lips. At the very least, between the three of them, he wasn’t the most uncomfortable. Contrary to the past, this was already very good progress. When he saw that future son-in-law of his, he should probably make some trouble for him first so he would know just who was in charge in this family.

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