SML V3C1 Using Non-Traditional Means

Question: If your boyfriend French-kissed you in front of your boss who also happened to be your boyfriend’s father, what was the right way to react?

Li Ming who was put in the difficult situation of having to decide that in a split second just froze. He completely didn’t know what to do. Kissing him back seemed to be out of the question, considering just who their audience was right now. Pushing him off was also out of the question considering how it would seem to Mo Fang. Doing nothing … while it did not seem quite as bad as the other two options, it also didn’t seem quite right because this would mean that the situation would just go on longer. But without knowing how else to react, what was he supposed to do?

Boss Mo looked at his son who was more or less wrapped around Li Ming and slowly raised his brows. So it turned out … Mo Fang’s new boyfriend that he had spent all his time with was actually one of his employees. So that explained why he wouldn’t have to learn a new name. Mo Fang hadn’t been trying to keep him out of his life, he had just been honest in that it wasn’t a new name at all but one that he already knew.

Ah, this wasn’t bad.

He nodded to himself, looked at the coffee on the ground, and felt that this was the only thing about this that was a pity. He really didn’t understand why his son hadn’t been able to just tell him. Clearly, he wouldn’t have anything against it if his new boyfriend was Li Ming.

In any case, this guy was his employee. Would he really dare to treat his son badly? But even if that hadn’t been the case, he wouldn’t have been worried as long as it was Li Ming. Clearly, this guy was quite good. Save for that small episode with Su Yan which Li Ming had even wanted to take responsibility for by resigning himself, that guy had never done anything wrong in the couple of years that he had been here. Also, he was well-liked by everyone and the customers that interacted with him were also happy all the time. If it was Li Ming, then there really wasn’t any reason to worry.

In a good mood, Mister Mo turned around and then walked off, not even bothering to say goodbye. In any case, the children seemed quite busy. How could he disturb them for something as trivial as his goodbye? No, it was better to let them cultivate some more good feelings between them so they wouldn’t break up as soon as Mo Fang usually did with his boyfriends.

Ah, come to think about it, this was something that still had him a little worried. Usually, while his son’s taste wasn’t the best, there had been a few boyfriends that weren’t bad. They had been courteous and polite enough, had a stable financial situation, clear prospects for their future, and a sense of what was right and wrong.

With these guys, he had always hoped that Mo Fang would finally consider a future together. Unfortunately, his hopes had always been dashed. And after dating somebody responsible for a while, Mo Fang would inevitably go back to picking up some trash from the side of the road, or wherever he was able to find these guys.

Now, he had found somebody good again. But how long would it last?

Mister Mo fretted for a while, feeling that while he had said that he wouldn’t get involved any longer, this was something that he couldn’t just keep out of. No, there was finally such a good opportunity. How could he just ignore it? He definitely had to do something to make sure that these two would stay together!

He nodded to himself, deciding that this was definitely something that had to be done. He didn’t quite know how yet but he would find a way. It couldn’t be that hard to make two people stay together, right?

Ah, right now, he really regretted that he didn’t have a daughter. If there was a child in the mix, a man like Li Ming would definitely never break up. No matter what his stupid child did, he would definitely stay with him then. Unfortunately, there was no way to make that kind of thing happen with Mo Fang. It seemed he would have to go with something less traditional if he wanted to make this work.

While he thought about it, Mister Mo almost ran into another one of his employees.

Rui Lan jumped to the side and raised his hands, giving Mister Mo a strange look. “Boss, what’s the matter? Don’t tell me the railroad station is in trouble!” It definitely looked like it. Otherwise, why would Boss Mo be this absent-minded?

Mister Mo was finally pulled out of his thoughts and looked at Rui Lan with some surprise. “Ah, Ah Lan, how long have you been standing there? Do you really think it’s alright to sneak up on your Boss like this?”

Rui Lan raised his brows even further. This could be called sneaking up? He had been going straight toward him and even greeted him from a distance. In any case, he probably could just ignore that statement. “Anyway, what’s the matter, Boss? Can I help?” If there was a problem at the station, they’d better solve it soon! He didn’t want to lose his job.

Mister Mo already wanted to wave him away but hearing that question, he suddenly reconsidered. If he remembered correctly, then Rui Lan and Li Ming were actually good friends even outside of work. In that case … Mister Mo drew close and grabbed his shoulder, giving him a serious look. “Ah Lan, be serious with me, how would you trap Li Ming in a relationship?”

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