IRL C45 All the Stat Points

The two of them sneaked toward the exit of the dungeon. The whole way, nothing could be seen from the guards that had originally been patrolling the area, making Shangguan Yu slightly suspicious.

“Where is everyone?”

“Oh, you mean the guards?” Zhou Ming turned around and grinned. “Naturally, I took care of them before coming in!”

Shangguan Yu stared at him without knowing what to say. Something told him that there was something wrong with this but he didn’t know how to proceed. Finally, he could only continue to ask a few questions. “How did you ‘take care’ of them?”

Zhou Ming blinked his eyes in confusion. “Well, of course, I sneak-attacked them. Don’t you know what I play as?” He patted his chest as if that would make it obvious.

Shangguan Yu risked a glance and grimaced. Who knew who had given Zhou Ming the idea originally but he played as what he himself called a ‘flamboyant assassin’. Or in other words: He liked to sneak-attack his targets while being dressed in clothes that hurt everybody’s eyes.

The last time Shangguan Yu had seen him, he had been wearing a bright blue robe with a fancy sword at his side that was wrapped in a sheath studded with gems. This time, his outfit was even more offensive to the optic nerve: He was wearing a red robe with a silver thread woven through the whole fabric, a pair of shiny black boots that had its edge lined with the same silver thread, and a broad belt that had his name spelled out in rubies.

Shangguan Yu facepalmed when he saw him like this. “I don’t know. I don’t dare to know. Can’t you change to something else? You’ll get us caught this way.”

In fact, the likelihood of that happening was indeed quite high. The game did work with a lot of common sense after all. And being spotted in this … Well, it was much more likely than being spotted in less eye-catching clothes.

Zhou Ming didn’t seem to see the issue though. “I’ve never gotten caught before. Anyway, the guards are already taken out. No need for you to worry. Come on now, let’s not stand here or they’re going to come to and really spot us.” He grabbed Shangguan Yu’s wrist and pulled him down the corridor, not bothering about his worries at all.

Shangguan Yu mumbled under his breath but finally just sighed and kept an eye on the ground. Since he wouldn’t be able to make Zhou Ming change, he could only try to limit the possibility of leaving behind any clues.

Surprisingly enough, their luck seemed to be exceptionally good. Zhou Ming didn’t drop anything at all. Instead, it was Shangguan Yu’s character that lost a ring he was wearing for the stats bonus halfway out of the prison. Thankfully, he had been watching the ground so he noticed when it fell down.

Slightly furrowing his brows, he bent down and picked it up, putting it back on his finger. He hurriedly checked whether he was still wearing the rest of his equipment but nothing had been lost. Heaving a sigh of relief, he followed Zhou Ming the rest of the way.

When they stepped out of the dungeon, the light was blinding for a moment. Blinking his eyes, he tried to look around only to notice that there were some guards standing around not too far from them.

Shangguan Yu’s eyes widened and he turned to look at Zhou Ming incredulously. “Didn’t you say you took care of the guards?”

Zhou Ming raised his brows in response. “Yeah. And I did, didn’t I?”

“Then what’s that over there?” He nodded over and Zhou Ming followed his gaze. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem worried at all.

“They’re guards, ah. Don’t worry though. Those are the ones outside. It’s not going to be a problem at all. Let’s just leave.”

Before Shangguan Yu could worry any further, he once again grabbed his arm and just pulled him forward. He really wasn’t worried at all. Anyway, wasn’t it just two or three guards? In the worst case, they could just knock them out.

When they approached the gates, the guards did indeed turn toward them. Zhou Ming didn’t wait for them to say anything and just nodded.

“I’ll bring him over to the Mo family now.”

The two guards exchanged a glance. Uh? This was … Actually, they had never seen this guy before, had they? What was he doing here? And was that next to him a prisoner? Why should he be brought to the Mo family?

Zhou Ming didn’t bother about them and just pulled Shangguan Yu past them and down the street as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

Shangguan Yu stopped walking as soon as they were out of reached and turned to look at his friend incredulously. “How did you do this?” Breaking out of prison was notoriously difficult in this game because they didn’t want to promote any unhealthy values. Just walking out like that …

Zhou Ming turned around and flashed him a smile that was just as bright as his attire. “I put all my stat points into luck!” Somehow, he even seemed to be proud of that as if it was a great achievement.

Shangguan Yu merely turned away, unable to deal with him any longer. He wanted his cool-headed husband back who would make elaborate plans instead of relying on something as unreliable as luck. Ah, who knew how Ao Jing was currently doing? He really wished he could go and see him.

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