SML V2C67 I’ll Tell Everyone Who Asks!

When the two of them left the store again, quite a lot of time had passed, meaning that it was almost time for them to go to work.

Mo Fang clung to Li Ming’s arm, still letting him carry everything that they had gotten. “Ah, that was fun, wasn’t it?” He peered at Li Ming’s face, trying to figure out if his boyfriend was displeased over the fact that he had just pulled him into the same cubicle. In any case, this had been a good opportunity to get close physically and practice taking off each other’s clothes. How could he just let that pass by? Just thinking of how well everything had worked out, his smile brightened.

Li Ming looked at his eyes that were sparkling with happiness and felt that even if it hadn’t been fun to do in and of itself, he would still say yes just because it felt great seeing this. There really was no better feeling in the world than making the person you liked happy. If it could always be like this, that would be great. Seeing Mo Fang happy made him happy as well.

He leaned over and kissed his cheek, finally giving a nod. “It really was. And I’m happy that we managed to find something you liked. I know you’re quite particular about clothes.”

Mo Fang chuckled and playfully shook Li Ming’s arm. “That makes me sound so vain. But in any case, it’s still nice. What a pity that we weren’t able to wear them directly. It would’ve been so nice to go to work while wearing the same thing, stuffing everybody with dog food.” He stopped in his tracks and wrapped an arm around Li Ming’s neck, pecking his lips. Clearly, he had already imagined it down to the last detail.

Li Ming laughed. “Just because we don’t arrive like that, it doesn’t mean we can’t still do it. How about in the evening, after our shift, we change into one of these and leave together? There will still be enough people around.”

“I think I like that idea. In that case, I guess I don’t need to worry that we’ll have bought those for nothing.”

“It’s not like there aren’t more days coming up. Anyway, we should head over now. It wouldn’t do to be late on our first day as a couple at work. Otherwise, your father might think that I’m a bad influence on you.”

With his father being mentioned, Mo Fang pursed his lips. “What about it? In any case, he shouldn’t have any opinions about it!”

“He is still your father. Naturally, he will be worried about you and your well-being. And you just got out of a relationship that didn’t work out well. That’s probably making him worry even more.”

Mo Fang gave a hum and pulled at Li Ming’s arm, still walking toward the next station. “You’re really able to see the best in people, Bro Li. Honestly, my father just loves being a busybody. It would be so nice if I didn’t always have to deal with this. Well, in any case, I guess he’ll get over it soon. He also stopped harping on how Lan Heng was a bad guy after that relationship went on for a while. So I guess this time, it will be similar. Let’s just not worry about it.” He smiled happily, clearly not wanting to think about it any longer.

Since his boyfriend didn’t want to bother about it, Li Ming naturally wouldn’t force it. He felt that it would be good if Mo Fang and his father had a good relationship and would also be happy with their relationship but this was something he shouldn’t get involved in. In any case, he hadn’t been together with Mo Fang for long and Boss Mo was, well, his boss. How could he just get involved in his family matters? Those things, he should better leave them to Boss Mo and Mo Fang. He would just make sure that he was the best possible boyfriend for Mo Fang. That was the only thing that he needed to think about.

Soon enough, the two of them arrived at their place of work and slowly made their way over to the changing room hand-in-hand. When the door closed behind them, Mo Fang sighed deeply.

Li Ming raised his brows, not quite sure what this was about. “What’s the matter?”

“We actually arrived together, walked the whole way until here, and not a single soul could be seen. This really isn’t how I imagined this to go. We should have met at least one person. And it’d be great if it was Zhi Bao Yu.”

Li Ming’s brows shot up even higher. Zhi Bao Yu was probably the person he wanted to see the least at his place of work. So he wasn’t quite sure why Mo Fang would suddenly mention her. “Why her of all people?”

“Well, it’s because she’s a gossipmonger. If she sees us like this, then in five minutes, everybody will be aware that there’s something going on between us. They might not get the whole story and half of it might be fake but at least everybody would know that there’s something more between us.” He inched closer toward Li Ming, his lips curving up in a faint arc. “Although, to be honest, I wouldn’t mind having everybody slowly find out when they see us together. No matter which way we go about it, it’s good as long as everybody knows we’re a couple in the end.”

Li Ming chuckled and then reached up to cup Mo Fang’s cheeks, kissing him gently. “I know, you can’t wait for everyone to find out. Just give it a bit of time. I’m sure it won’t take long.”

“Well, if somebody asks, I’ll tell them immediately. You’d better do the same!” He smiled brightly and then let go of Li Ming, walking over to his locker. Glancing at it, his smile brightened.

Originally, his whole plan had started with this place. Now, just a week had gone by and the two of them were already a couple. Even though he sometimes felt that things were moving too slowly, he also couldn’t deny that he had actually made quite a bit of progress. Now, there were just a couple of things left to make sure that this would turn out how he wanted it to. But he could slowly work on that over the next few days. By this weekend, he didn’t think that Li Ming would still be able to keep his hands to himself.

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