OMF V8C59 A Story from Long Ago

Without needing to say a single word, the three of them sat down inside, looking at each other. Hua Lin Yu continued to stay close to Xin Lan, not minding what had happened as much anymore. In any case, while he had been shocked at how random Xin Lan’s outburst of violence had seemed, now that he knew the reason, he wasn’t as worried anymore.

In any case, he had spent most of his life in the Jian Yi Sect. While the sect was pretty famous not only for their overall strength but also for the fact that the relationships between the disciples and Elders were surprisingly good, he had also heard the stories of how things were in other sects. Scheming against each other, harming fellow disciples, even killing somebody was something that happened every now and then. And considering that there was always some tension between the righteous and the demonic cultivators, it also wasn’t strange that encountering death would be a common occurrence in the life of a cultivator. Thus, while he hadn’t seen it himself, he was able to deal with it well.

Xin Lan was quite happy when he realized that his little lover wasn’t throwing a tantrum. Originally, he had only thought of eliminating the harm that Qiguan Cheng Da’s actions might mean to his Master. He hadn’t thought that Hua Lin Yu would just follow him after he had told him to stay where he was. But after Hua Lin Yu saw what he did … he had regretted it somewhat. After all, he was just trying to win him back. If he scared him and gave him the feeling that it wasn’t safe to stay with him, then what would that mean for his plans? He definitely would have regretted it a lot if this one instance of reacting hurriedly completely dashed his hopes of ever getting back together with Hua Lin Yu. Now that he saw that his worry hadn’t come true, he felt a lot better already.

Fei Bai Mu looked from Xin Lan to the arm that he had put around Hua Lin Yu’s shoulders, and her disciple’s face, and finally back again. Clearly, she could see what was going through the two people’s minds. “You were careless.”

Xin Lan inclined his head, not trying to deny it. “Originally, that spot wasn’t easily seen. I was thinking of just getting rid of the evidence.”

Hua Lin Yu raised his head, looking at him dumbfounded. He truly hadn’t expected this and but when he heard Xin Lan say it, he immediately figured out what he meant. “I’m sorry. I forced you to do this, didn’t I?”

Xin Lan glanced at him and raised the hand that was resting on his shoulder, lightly brushing his cheek with his fingertips. “You are thinking too much. Seeing your expression, I just felt that it was a better way to deal with it. It isn’t really forcing me to do anything, just that I don’t want you to be unhappy.”

Hua Lin Yu slightly furrowed his brows. Wasn’t that still the same thing in the end?

On the other side of the table, Fei Bai Mu cleared her throat. “I don’t think this is the right moment to flirt. Rather than that, I want to know more about this matter. Is there any real danger to Grandmaster Leng and his husband?”

Xin Lan shook his head immediately. “This matter could have originally been dangerous but by now, it is only an annoyance. Since Jinde’s soul has been healed, he’s back to his peak strength. The demon king …” He shook his head once again. “He won’t be able to keep up with him. Both for the dragons and demons, a long life usually means more strength. After me, Jinde is probably one of the oldest dragons alive. And he was originally gifted with magic from birth. You can imagine how strong he is by now. His injury might have stilted his growth a little but it doesn’t change the fact that he was originally quite strong before. There was a reason why he was attacked with that weapon back then.” His expression dimmed a little and his gaze became distant, making Hua Lin Yu feel another pang of jealousy.

He knew he shouldn’t feel like this considering that all of this was old news and that it was an important part of Xin Lan’s life but he still couldn’t help himself. He just … he didn’t really want to see this kind of gaze from Xin Lan. It made him feel so distant.

Fei Bai Mu also saw that her disciple’s expression was a little off but right now, that wasn’t what she should care about. “I’m afraid I don’t know the whole story. What exactly happened?”

Xin Lan gave a hum, not quite sure how much he should say. “This has been over for a long time already. And I’m not sure if he would appreciate me talking about it.”

“He has married the Grandmaster of our sect. I don’t think he really minds being open about anything. Also, don’t mention him, but Grandmaster Leng might need some help in the future if the demon king is going to be a problem for them. So it would be best if he knew what we were up against.”

Xin Lan slightly tilted his head, his fingers absentmindedly brushing through Hua Lin Yu’s hair. “What you’re saying makes no sense. You wouldn’t be able to go up against the demon king. Pretty much in the same way that you are completely unable to go against the current dragon king either. Your Grandmaster … he might have a faint chance to at least get a tie but you? I’m afraid you’ll still have to train for a few millennia to make that possible.

“But no matter, since you are curious, I’ll make an exception.” In any case, this woman was his fiance’s Master. He knew that their relationship was quite close so honoring Fei Bai Mu was honoring his fiance. Naturally, that was something that he wanted to do.

“This whole matter … it did not start just with the current generation.”

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