IRL C43 He Shouldn’t Proclaim It Yet

The five people looked at each other awkwardly, none of them knowing who should speak up first. Ao Jing looked away since he was only an outsider anyway and let them deal with their family problem first.

Seeing that this was his own mansion, Mister Mo finally decided to speak up first, even though the embarrassment could still clearly be heard from his voice. “Young Master Liangqiu, what a surprise! I didn’t know that you were coming by. I’m sorry for not being here sooner and greeting you in such a hurried fashion.” He signaled his wife with his eyes, asking what was going on.

The maid that came over hadn’t told him just what had happened. After all, Madam Mo hadn’t told her what was going on either. She didn’t want to let any suspects go after all. If Even it had been her own maid that had served her for many years, she would also have to face consequences. The marriage of her daughter was too important to let any people get away with trying to sabotage it.

Madam Mo didn’t know how to make all of that clear to her husband without letting Liangqiu Huang see something embarrassing though. Thus she could only give a strained smile before turning back to their guest. “Young Master Liangqiu, this is all my fault. I didn’t notify my husband early enough after I heard that you were coming to visit. I hope you won’t blame me.”

Liangqiu Huang shook his head. “My visit today was quite surprising. It is to be expected that that might cause problems. In fact, it should be me who apologizes for disturbing you like this. If it wasn’t about my brother, I definitely wouldn’t be doing this.” Yes, this matter definitely wasn’t on the Mo’s. And judging from what he had seen so far, the family itself really didn’t know what had happened. That did make him feel slightly better. At least it might not have been their decision regarding his marriage that had led to his end.

Mister Mo was even more startled when he heard his words though. His future nephew-in-law coming by was bad enough. But if this was about his daughter’s future husband, then he was expecting the worst. His heart thumped heavily and the gaze he used to look at his wife with became slightly panicked. “What might have happened?”

Liangqiu Huang glanced at Mo Ju An and then sighed. He really didn’t want to say these things in front of this girl who should have become his sister-in-law soon but … There really was no way around it. “Well, it seems that the painting of my brother was stolen. We only found out because we happened upon it outside.” Hesitated for a moment but finally, he decided to at least give an explanation as to why he was worried. “The person carrying the painting at that time seemed quite suspicious. Furthermore, I wasn’t able to reach my brother since then so I’m slightly worried. I just wanted to come here to inquire if you knew something about what had happened with the painting. Maybe I’m worrying too much but he is my only brother after all.”

The faces of the Mo family members all turned frightened. Especially Mo Ju An panicked immediately when she heard that her fiance hadn’t been reachable and that a suspicious person had somehow gotten their hands on the painting. “How can that be? He wouldn’t be hurt, would he?”

Liangqiu Huang glanced at her and then lowered his gaze. “That is precisely what I’m worried about. I don’t know whether he is hurt or not. I had hoped that you would have some information. But it seems that that is not the case.”

Mister Mo gulped before forcing himself to speak up. “I’m sure that there will be a logical explanation for everything. We should first find out what exactly happened to the painting. After that, we can try to find Second Young Master from there.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure that we will be able to find him. You definitely have the Mo family’s support. He is Xiao An’s fiance after all. Soon enough, she will be a part of your family. Helping you through this troublesome time is naturally our wish as well.”

Liangqiu Huang nodded but couldn’t help but feel a little bad inside. Unfortunately, Mo Ju An wouldn’t become part of his family. After all, his brother was already dead. She just didn’t know yet and he didn’t dare to say the truth. Anyway, even though he knew it, it was indeed as Ao Jing had said: He hadn’t even seen his body. Until he did, he shouldn’t proclaim his brother’s death yet.

Madam Mo used the opportunity to grab her husband’s arm and motioned at the door to the hall. “I’ve had the servants gather. We should probably interrogate them and see if they know something. The guards would have realized if somebody broke in. Since we weren’t notified of that, it could only be that one of the servants stole the painting themselves or helped someone get inside to take it without alerting anyone.”

Mister Mo nodded and then strode over to the door before turning back to Liangqiu Huang. “Young Master Liangqiu, since this also concerns your brother, would you like to come inside with me?” This was actually a matter of his family but considering the situation, he also wouldn’t feel that it was right to just exclude this person. They had already made a bad impression with what was going on. He couldn’t let it get any worse.

Liangqiu Huang shook his head though. “Thank you for the offer but there’s no need. This is your family’s matter. I shouldn’t get involved. I would appreciate being told the results very much though. Maybe it would help with contacting my brother again.”

Mister Mo nodded hurriedly. “But of course!” With that, he hurried inside, angry at whoever had tried to ruin things for his family. If he found out who it was, he definitely wouldn’t let the person get off lightly.

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