SML V2C64 A Meaningful Memento

Before Li Ming had even time to figure out what was going on, Mo Fang had already started to make a few poses, conveniently pulling and tugging at Li Ming so he would cooperate. And then, there was already a row of finished photos and he was pulled out of the photo booth again, his boyfriend excitedly hugging his arms.

“Ah, Bro Li, look at this! Aren’t they lovely?”

Li Ming didn’t quite know what to say. He gave Mo Fang a complicated look and then turned to examine the photos. He still didn’t quite know what had happened just now but there definitely wasn’t anything wrong with the photos. In fact, they really look good.

Mo Fang was originally a person that was very beautiful and maybe it was the fact that he had worked as a model for several years but he looked stunning in every single photo even though it had just been taken in a photo booth by themselves and not by a professional photographer in a studio. He probably just knew how to show his most photogenic side. And maybe it was thanks to Mo Fang’s help, but Li Ming felt that he himself was also cutting a good figure. Actually, despite the fact that he had been stunned the whole time while everything was happening, the two of them looked very intimate in these photos. Seeing them really gave him the impression of a young couple madly in love.

Mo Fang’s lips curved up in a beautiful smile when he saw his boyfriend looking at the photos this intently. “How is it? Do you also like them, Bro Li?” He blinked his eyes when Li Ming turned around, adding some more charm to his current gaze.

Li Ming’s heart fluttered in response. No matter what, Mo Fang was just irresistible to him. Whether it was taking photos or doing something else, he would be happy as long as Mo Fang was also happy. Thus, he leaned down and gave him a short peck on the lips. “They are beautiful. As expected of any picture my boyfriend is in.”

Mo Fang lowered his head in a display of shyness but his eyes were clearly sparkling with happiness upon hearing that kind of compliment. “Bro Li … you’re teasing me!”

Li Ming shook his head and took out his phone, putting the pictures in the case so they wouldn’t get wrinkled. “I’m not teasing you. You’re really very photogenic. I’ll keep the photos for now, alright? Later on, we can cut them and each of us can keep some. Or what do you think?”

Mo Fang looked up again but still seemed as if he was a little embarrassed after getting this kind of praise from his boyfriend. “I don’t mind either way. I think it’s also alright if you just keep them. In any case, when we stay together, then in the future, we’d have a place together where we could keep them. Why bother splitting them up?”

Li Ming once again felt that Mo Fang was pretty much taking the second step before the first but he didn’t say anything about it and just nodded. “Well, that’s also true.” It might not be something that was around the corner but it was definitely something that might happen in the future. Even if it was still far away, there wouldn’t be a problem with preparing like that first.

Having decided on that, Li Ming took a glance at the time. Then, his brows slowly raised. Thanks to the fact that Mo Fang had dealt with matters swiftly, not much time had actually passed. Now, there were still several hours until they needed to go to the train station. Which meant that once again, they had to answer the question of what exactly they wanted to do until then.

He gave a wry smile and turned to Mo Fang. “Is there some other kind of memento you would like to have? I guess there would still be more than enough time to get one right now.”

Mo Fang shook his head though. “It’s a bit of a pity we didn’t think of picking up something on the weekend. These photos are to make up for that. But if we just casually decide on other things now, it’ll lose its meaning. It’s not what I want. It’s supposed to be something meaningful. So from now on, I’ll only accept mementos from the actual day of our dates.” He reached out and tugged at Li Ming’s lapel, lightly pursing his lips.

Li Ming gazed at him, feeling that … his boyfriend looked really huggable right now. After a moment, he couldn’t help himself and reached out, wrapping his arm around his waist. “I’ll keep that in mind. But I’m afraid our next date will still be a little while off.”

Mo Fang smiled, seemingly not perturbed. “Well, it’s not that far away. Don’t we have the weekend off again? So just a few more days. And since we’re going to see each other every day anyway, I think that I’m going to be able to deal with it.”

Li Ming gave a hum, not quite sure what else to say. In any case, Mo Fang was probably right. Since they would see each other every day, there was no reason to worry too much. As for right now … He looked around and finally motioned outside. “How about going back to take that stroll?” In any case, they hadn’t exercised. While he wouldn’t mind going to do that after work, he also felt that moving around a bit in the morning wasn’t too bad. In any case, he would have to run around again later on for his job. Moving a bit more before that would feel like he had the opportunity to warm up a bit first. He definitely felt like that was a good thing.

Mo Fang smiled wryly. This boyfriend of his … he was a bit too much into fitness, wasn’t he? But in any case, it was also alright. Since he couldn’t think of anything else him—

Mo Fang suddenly stopped and then pulled Li Ming who had already wanted to go back to the door. When his boyfriend turned around, Mo Fang wrapped around his arm again, acting spoiled. “Bro Li, have you thought about how to tell the others about us? I mean, today will be the first day that we are going to work after we’ve become a couple. That’s worth showing off a little, isn’t it?”

He raised his gaze, making Li Ming pause. Just looking at him, he really didn’t know what to say or even think. He just knew that this kind of gaze really made his heart beat faster.

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