SML V2C66 A Couple Couple Clothes

Mo Fang turned around and then raised his brows. “What’s the matter? Don’t you like it?” He tugged at the shoulder of the shirt that he had on and turned in front of the mirror, pursing his lips. “Well, I think it looks good on me. It could be that it’s a little tight for you since your shoulders are wider than mine. Why don’t you just give it a try?” He turned to him, looking a bit confused.

Li Ming gave an embarrassed smile, still not quite sure if this was the right thing to do. In the end, he still started to put on the shirt. “Well, I’m quite surprised to see you actually change clothes like this. You are really fast at it.”

Mo Fang gave a hum first to not embarrass his boyfriend and rubbed his waist. “Well, I said that it’s something I need to know how to do, didn’t I? Now, you’ve also seen it! One of these days, if I get another job lined up, I will definitely take you along. It’s even more amazing if it isn’t just clothes being sold in retail but some actual fashion items for a catalog. On set, everything looks ten times more stunning.”

Li Ming nodded, immediately believing what Mo Fang said. Then, he finally finished putting on the shirt and turned to the mirror. Just as Mo Fang had said, it was a little stretched out at the shoulders, causing a few tiny wrinkles. It was still alright to wear but Mo Fang’s gaze already said that he wasn’t satisfied with that.

“Well, guess it’s not bad but it’s also not really good. Let’s try another one!” He immediately moved to open Li Ming’s shirt, still seeming quite casual about it.

Originally, Li Ming wanted to protest. But then again, seeing how fast Mo Fang was at changing clothes, there probably wasn’t anything to say about it. In any case, he might be quite a bit slower than him even if he focused on the task this time.

Also … disregarding what people outside might say or think, this was actually quite nice. Changing clothes was such a simple task but the focus with which Mo Fang was helping him was really nice to see. If he could, he really would’ve liked to do this at home. It probably would’ve been a much nicer experience if he didn’t have to worry about other things at the side.

Mo Fang finished and then handed him the next shirt already, leaning over while he was at it and gave Li Ming a peck. “You’re looking at me quite adorably right now. Don’t tell me you actually like being served like this?”

Li Ming’s smile immediately turned embarrassed. Well, he definitely couldn’t deny it. Instead of saying anything, he just pulled the shirt off his shoulders, and then changed into the other one. When he finished, Mo Fang had already switched to the other shirt as well.

Giving both of their appearances a scrutinizing look in the mirror, Mo Fang finally showed a smile. “This one is much better. I really like how it’s showing off your frame. And the size works for me as well.”

Li Ming nodded, feeling that Mo Fang really looked exceptionally good in this one. It was of a slightly darker color with a few brighter highlights. It looked classy but not too elegant. Definitely something that they would be able to wear outside without seeming overdressed.

And, well, when they stood together, it really worked quite well as a couple’s outfit. After all, this definitely was a piece that would draw eyes over. This was probably exactly why Mo Fang had come here. He wanted that to happen: to wear the same thing, have people look, and then realize that hey, these two were an item. That was what he wanted people to think.

Realizing this, Li Ming couldn’t help but pull Mo Fang into his arms. The cubicle was barely big enough for the two of them to get dressed without hindering each other so they were originally standing close together already. Just a step was enough to fall into each other’s arms. “I also like it very much. We should take this one.”

Mo Fang gave a faint laugh and wrapped his arms around Li Ming’s neck, nodding. “Yes, I also think so. But in any case, we picked out quite a few others and there’s still time so let’s try them on as well.” Once again, he helped Li Ming with the buttons, making it seem as if this was something he was already quite familiar with.

Li Ming felt like he should say something about Mo Fang’s previous comment but he also couldn’t bring himself to do it. He was a little embarrassed because it was true but also somewhat giddy because Mo Fang was able to see through him with just one glance. This was precisely the type of relationship that he wanted. Thinking about that, his embarrassment actually faded quite a bit. Yes, if things could always be like this, then he definitely wouldn’t mind whatever anyone else was thinking. Wasn’t it much more important that the two of them were happy?

And yes, he definitely was happy. To things that just two days ago, he had still been hesitating over this … If he thought about it now, he really didn’t know what to think. If he hadn’t decided in time, or if he had actually rejected Mo Fang, that would definitely have been a regret. Now, he was sure that he had made the right decision.

Li Ming happily obliged with everything Mo Fang asked of him and finally, the two of them walked out of the cubicle with five different dress shirts draped over Li Ming’s arm. Mo Fang was holding his other hand and swaggered over to the register, paying for everything. In any case, his father had given him some money for their date the other day. And thankfully, he hadn’t been stingy so now, he didn’t have a problem paying for this. This way, he also didn’t seem like he was taking advantage of Li Ming. This really was hitting two birds with one stone.

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