OMF V8C48 Insist on a Final Struggle

From the bit that he understood right now, all the immortal realms had been created by Tian. The immortal races had also been crafted by him. Even the wisdom that had allowed them to shape their society was given by him. Only over time had things changed based on the races’ own perception of life.

This had also caused some conflict. While originally, the immortal races had gotten along quite well, things started to become more difficult with time going on. When the dragons and demons became their own race, it was already apparent that things would likely not turn out well. And with time, the gods had also been pulled into that conflict, many wars arising over who was supposed to reign over whom.

Thinking about it, this conflict originally hadn’t had anything to do with the gods but had been between the other two races instead. Still, in the end, neither of them could extricate themselves. The gods and dragons had allied together while the demons stood alone on the other side. Despite that, there had never been a clear-cut winner.

It probably wasn’t surprising. After all, the gods were the gods, the dragons were the dragons, but there were actually several different tribes in the demon race. To call them just one race was actually a bit of an oversimplification. They came in all shapes and sizes. Their levels were also different in that to a degree that could not be compared to the difference in strength that differentiated the gods and dragons among each other.

No, this wasn’t simply being a bit more gifted or a bit less. This was a completely different quality. The kind of bloodline that one was born into could change everything for these people. Those who were born in a tribe with low qualifications could never hope to achieve more in their life than what was the norm for their tribe. On the other hand, even those less gifted among a tribe with higher qualifications could still dominate over them just because of who they had been borne from. It was actually a bit infuriating when he thought about it. A person’s individual struggles couldn’t change anything. Clearly, it would make some of them upset.

Jing Yi finally closed the book, sighing to himself. He didn’t quite know what to make of this. The impression that he had of the demons — or any of the other immortal races for that matter — wasn’t strong. He could only believe whatever it was this book said.

To be honest, he was left with more questions than answers though. The thing he was most curious about was Tian. He had heard of him before and he did remember that his previous self had also been quite interested in him. But he didn’t really understand just who this person was other than that he had created different races and realms.

From what Jing Yi understood, even an ascended deity or a strong cultivator could create another realm in the mortal realm. Creating living creatures though … that was something that couldn’t be done as simply as that. No, a special kind of power would be necessary for that. He wasn’t sure if the gods were able to do it. So, was Tian one of them? Was he a god? But that didn’t make sense if he had created them. Just like he likely wasn’t a dragon or demon either. He had to be something completely else. Something even more powerful than all of them combined.

Thinking about it, Jing Yi couldn’t help but be in a bit of a daze. Qiu Ling had said that an ascended deity like him that would be counted as being incredibly powerful in the mortal realm wouldn’t stand a chance against most of the gods in the Nine Heavens. And these gods that were powerful beyond belief to him were nothing in the eyes of Tian. It was quite strange. Depending on which perspective one took, things could change so easily. Who was strong and who wasn’t, who was important and who wasn’t … it all just depended on where you stood.

Thinking back to his own encounter with Tian, Jing Yi actually felt a little puzzled. That man had helped him heal his fractured soul. And the things he had said back then indicated that he knew quite a bit about these things. That definitely fit with somebody who was knowledgeable about all the races and their features.

At the same time, healing a soul seemed to be something that couldn’t just casually be done by people. Also, he had never seen anybody else save for Tian and that person he had met in the demon king’s palace open a portal that could transport you from one realm to the other. This also showed that he was definitely a special kind of person.

How special he was though … Jing Yi had a hard time wrapping his head around that. Creating entire realms, or no, an entire world was already completely inexplicable to him. Creating people … that was even more astonishing. He was pretty sure that no cultivator would ever be able to do it. And while he knew that in the mortal realm, there were a few stories of how humans had come to be which was usually that the gods had had some kind of hand in it, he really didn’t think that this was the truth.

The gods were … quite normal, actually. The bit that he had seen today and what he had gleaned from Jing He’s memory showed as much. He just didn’t think that they would be able to do what Tian did. Or maybe he was just telling himself that because he didn’t want to build Jing He up even more in his mind. After all, it was difficult enough to fall short everywhere else. If Jing He actually had this type of ability, he really wouldn’t know how to deal with it.

Thinking about it for a moment, Jing Yi finally shook his head. This was something that he would either have to ask Qiu Ling about or look up in the Tower of Wisdom. The latter would be much more difficult but he would also be a little embarrassed if he went to ask Qiu Ling these kinds of questions. He really didn’t want to seem that uneducated. But then again, he hardly had another choice. There was only limited time and he had to use every moment.

Thinking of that, Jing Yi finally shook his head, and pulled over the other books, starting to read. No matter what they were about, if he was able to learn even a single thing from them, then it already would’ve helped. Even if this was a fight he was destined to lose, he didn’t want to give up this easily. No, he would insist on this final struggle.

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