IRL C42 A Different Conclusion

A family like the Liangqiu’s that was involved in politics naturally had people that were well-equipped to doing a job like covertly finding out some information. In fact, a man already appeared at the Mo family’s mansion and quietly slipped in before Mister Mo had managed to make it over there after being informed by his wife that something had happened at home.

The man glanced at Ao Jing, feeling a little curious about who this person might be but he didn’t say anything and kept his thoughts to himself. Instead, he cupped his fists at Liangqiu Huang and bowed. “I brought the information you wanted, Master.” He reached into his clothes and took out several parchments of paper that had been rolled into a tube, offering it to Liangqiu Huang with both hands.

Liangqiu Huang nodded and reached out, taking them from him with a serious expression. This person was under his personal command, not somebody that his family had cultivated. Among all the people he could order to do this task, this was the one he trusted the most. He was sure that regardless of what he asked him today, he would always give him accurate information.

He looked through the pages full of densely written characters and his brows furrowed together. The information was quite detailed. While the first page only contained a rough overview of the situation of the Mo family, the following sites were completely different. In fact, from extended family members and what kind of goods they traded with to the production facilities each branch of the family controlled to the people that were employed to all the other merchants that were trading in the town and region, there was everything listed clearly.

This kind of information couldn’t have been inquired just now and then compiled. No, most likely, it had been gathered a long time ago before he even gave the order. He wasn’t quite sure if he should be happy that his subordinate was so far-sighted or feel apprehensive that he would do something like this in the first place without being asked to. Anyway, that was a thought he should shelve for later.

Liangqiu Huang focused on the pages in his hands again. From the surface level information, there was no clue to be had that he was able to see. For a moment, he was almost tempted to ask Ao Jing what he thought of it. But when he looked further, he noticed that there were a few points that he himself could identify as being possible reasons.

For one, there were a few extended family members that were also in the trade but with much less success than the main family. In fact, because of the familial relations they had, there were some expectations on either side that didn’t really help with cultivating good feelings between them.

These kinds of people might indeed have a motive for committing such a crime. After all, Mo Ju An was the only daughter of the Mo family’s main branch. If they pushed the guilt onto her, then maybe the branch family thought that their daughters might have a chance to replace her. After all, the Liangqiu family did have more than one son. If this was the truth, then that really was a despicable plan.

He lowered the papers and looked at Ao Jing. “I suspect it might be one of the branch families.”

Ao Jing looked at him, dumbfounded. Just how in Heaven’s name had he come up with that? He turned to look at the person that was obviously working for the Liangqiu family and wondered just what kind of information he had given Liangqiu Huang.

How come he suddenly came up with a completely different target than the one that was actually responsible for his brother’s death? He just couldn’t understand it. Even though the game was famous for making things difficult for players every now and then, it wasn’t to the point where one task would be booby-trapped at every corner, making you embark on the wrong path without any way to choose the one you knew was right. That happening once was the style of the game developers but twice or even more times … No, he refused to believe that.

Ao Jing didn’t know how to react for quite a while.

With him being silent, Liangqiu Huang couldn’t help but frown. “What’s the matter?”

Ao Jing gave a strained smile. The most troublesome matter about this guy was that he was so highly suspicious. If he said that he didn’t believe this, then he would have to explain why. But how was he supposed to do this? After all, he had pretended not to know anything from the very beginning. If he changed his tune now, then he didn’t even need his little finger to think to realize how this would turn out.

In the end, Ao Jing could only go along with it. “It’s nothing. I was just thinking that this must be a huge surprise to Young Master Liangqiu. If this turns out to be right, you would probably feel horrible about it.”

Liangqiu Huang slightly furrowed his brows. “Whether it was them or somebody else, would it really matter? It doesn’t change the outcome at all.”

“Well, but the closer one is to a person or the better the impression is one has of a person, the more it hurts when you find out that you might have been wrong about them, isn’t that so?”

Liangqiu Huang pondered the question for a moment and finally nodded. “That might very well be. Well, I guess we can only go from here. I would like to hear what the people of the Mo family themselves have to say first.”

Ao Jing nodded. “Then how about we go and inquire? Young Lady Mo has been gone for quite some time. Regardless of what she did, there should be some results by now.”

Liangqiu Huang nodded, waved for his subordinate to leave, and then left the courtyard himself, going towards the front hall to see if he could grab a servant and inquire.

Surprisingly enough, what he found instead were all the servants kneeling in the hall, Madam Mo and Mo Ju An were standing in front of the door, while Mister Mo was just hurrying over. It seemed they had still come too early to get any results here.

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