RMN C221 A Question Worth Pondering

The Elders could only sigh at that thought. They didn’t dwell on it for too long though and instead just started to discuss how to go about the tasks that lay before them. There were at least two things that needed to be achieved. The problem was that there were only two of the and since one of them needed to talk to the other sects about the arrays while the other one needed to stay in the camp to make sure that things wouldn’t end in a disaster if the demonic practitioners tried to attack, that meant that they could only have talks with one of the sects at a time. Naturally, that was quite inefficient.

“I think it would be best to go to the Zhen Yan Sect first since we both think that our chances to succeed are higher there. Also, having an array there would not only allow us to visit the Zhen Yan Sect a lot faster, but it would also halve the time that we need to go to the Jian Chu Sect. An array at that position would definitely be the smartest.”

Elder Baili nodded at that. “I think so as well. Also, if Elder Fa is open to it, maybe she could go and suggest the idea to the Jian Chu Sect in our stead. That way, it would make it less suspicious to them.”

“That is a good idea. And if she doesn’t mind, maybe we could do the same with the Li Ren Sect and make this out to be the Zhen Yan Sect’s idea. She might even be able to write a letter. I think she might be up for it.”

Baili Chao gave a hum but he still wasn’t completely sure. “I think she has a good relationship with Mei Chao Bing. It probably would be best if you could take him along. I’m just afraid that he would not be too happy about it. I think in his eyes, nothing is more important than to deal with the demonic practitioners. This matter with his Master … is troubling him quite a lot.”

Elder Xing’s expression became complicated at that. “Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. In any case, it would indeed be good if he could come along. But I can see that he really wouldn’t be happy.”

“I’m sure he would listen though. The question is just if we want to do that to him. Mei Chao Bing is probably the one who wants to prove himself the most in the current situation. To take that opportunity from him … I’m not quite sure if it would be such a good thing.” Baili Chao wasn’t able to say what the Sect Master had told him but he didn’t forget to keep it at the back of his head. For Mei Chao Bing, they might need to plan a little differently than for the other disciples. There was just too much at stake not to do so.

“Well, I should probably take a disciple or two with me anyway. Even if it is Elder Fa from the Zhen Yan Sect and she was indeed generally in favor of the idea, she should be shown where the array is.”

Elder Baili nodded slowly. “That’s true as well. Then how about this? You take Mei Chao Bing and one other disciple with you and rush there at the fastest speed tomorrow morning. With your cultivation levels, you won’t take that long. You can have a short talk with Elder Fa, and let Mei Chao Bing reassure her and tell her a few details of what they’ve seen. Then, she can send some disciples with you or even accompany you herself if she wants to and go and take a look at the array to make sure that what we say is true.

“That way, she will also be able to give the Jia Chu Sect the answers to their questions when she has a talk with them. And after you reach the place with the array, you can let Mei Chao Bing and the other disciple join together with the others that are searching the place. That way, they can help out with your task but won’t need to take a step back on uncovering the demonic practitioners’ goal.”

Elder Xing raised his brows. “It does seem like a good idea. We might need a bit longer though. If the others are already there working on things, it could be difficult. To make this work, it could be that we need to set out earlier.”

“I don’t think that’s a problem. I’m pretty sure that you could wake him up in the middle of the night and he would still come with you.”

Elder Xing laughed at that. “He definitely would. The question is do we take another disciple along? Mei Chao Bing’s relationship with Elder Fa might be helpful. As for another disciple, I’m not quite sure if they wouldn’t slow of them.”

Elder Baili tapped the table with his fingers and narrowed his eyes. After a while, he shook his head. “It might not be worth much in terms of convincing her but you shouldn’t have too much of a problem there anyway. She’s a logical person. But I think that in general, when Mei Chao Bing is concerned, it is better to add another person or two. That way, if something were to happen, there would still be others.”

Elder Xing raised his brows. “You think that the demonic practitioners might attack us?”

Elder Baili hesitated for a moment but finally nodded. “You can’t forget that we are in the border region. And they are obviously much better prepared than us. Also, so far, the few hints that we have might point in the direction that they want to discredit us with the other three righteous sects and might also want to make our disciples distrust each other, especially Mei Chao Bing.

“I’m not sure what exactly their plan is either but it could be that they want to pull Mei Chao Bing to their side. Putting some new guilt on his shoulders might be the perfect way to do that. So it could very well be that there will indeed be an attack.

“If you came to harm and maybe wouldn’t even be able to return to our camp for the time being but Mei Chao Bing came back uninjured, then what kind of message would that send? I think that’s a question worth pondering.”

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