RMN C214 He Couldn’t Expose It

After checking the whole cave, the four of them found one more array. The problem was though that there were tunnels leading out of this cave to some unknown place that might hold more of them. But they didn’t know this place and there were only four of them. They might be able to check everything out but that would make things much more dangerous for them. After all, the further they strayed from the array they had used to come here, the more opportunities would the demonic practitioners have to attack them. If they managed to cut off their way back … It would spell doom.

Everyone turned to look at Zhi Guan, waiting for him to make the decision. In any case, he was the one leading them today. Whatever he said would go no matter whether they agreed with it or not.

Zhi Guan furrowed his brows and looked at three people one after the other. He would’ve liked to bring some more information back but he knew that that would put them at risk. “I’m afraid it will be too dangerous.”

Mei Chao Bing looked over his shoulder to one of the tunnels they had found and slightly furrowed his brows. Right now, he slightly regretted not having told anyone his real cultivation level.

Just like him, Zhi Guan was also at the early nascent soul level. With the two of them combined, it probably wouldn’t be that dangerous if they each took one person along and at least had a look at one of the tunnels. After all, in front of a nascent soul cultivator, even core formation cultivators were nothing. The number of people the other side would need to be able to badly wound them was something that he didn’t believe they had.

They would only get into trouble if there was an Elder of the Wu Yun Sect stationed somewhere here. But that … He really didn’t believe that it was likely. Even if this was the place that the demonic practitioners used to get around the border region, it was unlikely that it would be guarded that much considering that the array they had used to get here hadn’t even been finished. Either this place was still being set up or they just didn’t attach as much importance to it. No matter what the case was, it shouldn’t be guarded heavily.

Unfortunately, whether he was right or wrong with these assumptions didn’t change anything. Zhi Guan still wouldn’t decide to stay here as long as he didn’t know that he was already at this level. And right now definitely wasn’t the right moment to reveal it. Even though he was unhappy with the outcome, he would have to live with it.

The other two nodded and Zhi Guan waved for them to return to the array they had come from. Stepping into it, and imbuing their spiritual energy, they were transported out of the cavern.

Looking out at the familiar, dry border region, Mei Chao Bing couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss. He had been so close to maybe finding out what his Master had planned. Just why hadn’t he been able to follow the clues further?

He sighed lightly and then tried not to think of it any longer. In any case, this was more or less his own fault. He hadn’t told the truth about his level before, now he had to live with the consequences. As long as he didn’t want to expose himself, he could only live with the outcome. And while there had been a fleeting moment where he thought of saying it, he had finally decided against it.

He had talked this over with Sect Master Zhang already back when he advanced: It wasn’t good to let anybody know yet. No, it would be much better to wait for a while longer. When people had a different perception of him again, then he could say the truth out loud. By then, people might just congratulate him for his achievement and would be happy that the Teng Yong Sect had another disciple at this stage. Before that, the outcome would be a completely different one and he couldn’t let that happen.

Even if he were to expose his true cultivation level now, he shouldn’t do so in front of the other disciples but only in front of the Elders. Especially with Elder Baili, this shouldn’t be a problem. He was on his side, after all. Yes, maybe he could do that if the situation came up again.

Zhi Guan glanced at the others and then at the array before finally turning to Xi Ju Hai. “The demonic practitioners shouldn’t know that we were there, should they?”

Xi Ju Hai shook her head. “No, they shouldn’t. Since I was the one who finished the array, I am the one who established a link with it. They wouldn’t know.”

Zhi Guan nodded. “In that case, it would be better to return the array to the way it was before just to make sure.”

Xi Ju Hai nodded and immediately crouched down to take care of it. After a few minutes, the array looked precisely as it had before and was once again unable to be used.

Zhi Guan nodded and then motioned back to the town. “In that case, let’s go. We need to report to my master what we found as soon as possible. Let’s hope that the others made it back without trouble.”

The other three nodded and then rushed off. Even though they hadn’t found much and not even explored the whole cave, it had still taken quite a bit of time since they needed to be careful. By now, the others should have long made it back. So Baili Chao should be prepared when they came back and already should’ve thought of a plan on how to go forward.

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